Blake Bortles already throwing four weeks after wrist surgery

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Blake Bortles underwent surgery on his right wrist four weeks ago. He had no problem signing his name to the dotted line Saturday, so it appears to be healing just fine.

In fact, the Jaguars quarterback said he already has started throwing.

“It has been a day over four weeks,” Bortles said, via quotes distributed by the team. “I had a partially torn ligament on the outside, which he repaired and then on the inside or right on top was inflamed and he cleaned up. It was a scope or more of a cleanup type of procedure and four-to-six weeks is what he said [for the rehab]. It has been four weeks now. I threw Monday, Wednesday and Friday of last week in a limited capacity, and I will continue that program through the six-week mark, and then I should be good to go and 100 percent.”

Bortles has battled the wrist issue since December 2016, appearing on the injury report every week in 2017. Bortles, though, never appeared on the team’s status report and played 97.96 of the offensive snaps.

“I think I got three cortisone shots and a PRP [platelet rich plasma] shot,” Bortles said. “The PRP shot didn’t do anything at all and by the third cortisone shot they were starting to last less and less, so by the end of it they didn’t want to do anymore cortisone shots. Let’s make it through the season and get it fixed and get it right after the year.”

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