Can Wade Phillips handle Marcus Peters?

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It’s still unclear why the Chiefs chose to trade cornerback Marcus Peters. From the things already known (last year’s team-imposed one-game suspension) to the things that eventually may be known to the things that may never be known, the Chiefs decided that they didn’t want to commit to Peters over the long haul, so they picked the ideal time to make a deal. (Some have suggested that his refusal to stand for the anthem in 2017 was a factor in the decision, a fact that the Chiefs will surely deny.)

Regardless of why the Chiefs did it, the deal will become official on March 14 (unless it unexpectedly craters), and the Rams will have to figure out how to get the most out of Peters. Under defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, they undoubtedly will.

Phillips presided over a collection of strong personalities in Denver, keeping talkative and potentially disruptive players on the same page and pointed in the right direction, most of the time. Put simply, if Peters won’t submit to Phillips coaching, he’ll submit to no one’s.

As noted by Bucky Brooks of NFL Media, a veteran defensive backs coach explained when Peters entered the draft that a “strong-willed coach” will be needed to get the most out of Peters. “It takes a wolf to coach a wolf,” the defensive backs coach told Brooks at the time.

Phillips, a wolf in sheepdog’s clothing, has been around every shape, size, and type of player during a lifetime of coaching. He’s seen, and handled, plenty of guys like Marcus Peters, and Phillips will know exactly what to say and do to get Peters to perform the way that the Rams will need him to perform.

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  1. even if the Chiefs get a 3rd this year, and a 2nd and 3rd next year, it was certainly worth it.
    Look, the Chiefs want to get younger, so they do not want to fill the locker room with young kids watching and listening to Marcus Peters. Seeing Peters throw flags into the stands, quit on his team and leave the field, cuss out Chiefs fans at home, disrespect and fight with coaches, and defy the owners wishes. You can NOT let a Cancer like that(no matter how talented he is) act like that. You have to cut that cancer out before it spreads to other impressionable young teammates. Peters in 2 years will be asking to be the highest paid CB in the game, and you just can not give that kind of money to a player who is selfish, disrespectful to owners , coaches and fans. He is a damn good player, but character, class, and being a team player are more important.

  2. I think Marcus Peters has all the leverage in the world and the deal will not happen without a big new contract.On Sirius yesterday Pat Kirwan was saying how smart it was that they didn’t have to pay him big money for a couple of years. I suppose that’s why he’s on the radio and no longer a GM.

  3. Andy Reid didnt want that clown anyway. John Dorsey chose him. And since that time, peters has disrespected the organization from the top to the bottom, AND the fans. Plus, the Kansas City region has a large Military presence. Huge military family population in the surrounding areas. Peters has ticked off a large portion of this military fan base, and when Clark Hunt privately tried to get Peters to act a little more professional, and not be defiant during the anthem on the field, Peters defied the owner. So enough was enough, Dorsey got fired, and Peters was basically fired(traded). I applaud Clark Hunt for taking a stand to players like Peters and showing them the door, and not putting winning above all else. The Chiefs will be just fine without Peters. In fact, i predict they will be even better.. one last thing, Peters is the cousin of Marshawn Lynch. That is reason enough to get him outta town and back closer to his upbringing

  4. If KC took anything less than a 1st, this was about just getting rid of him. That’s how little they thought of him. And with that much talent, that says a lot.

    With that said Bob Sutton is a horrible defensive coordinator. I’m fine with going younger and getting rid of your best defensive player because he’s not a team player. But Bob should’ve been forced to retire. That defense was atrocious last year.

  5. Patrick Mahomes said peters had to go. So by bye Peters. This is the Mahomes show now. Either players fall in line, or they will be gone. A future HOFer is not gonna let a clown like Peters create division in HIS clubhouse

  6. NFL players just need to play the game. They can protest all they want outside of the NFL.
    If they did not like who they work for, NFL players should just state that. This protest “thing/not standing of the national anthem” during NFL games is dumb. Anyone who wears a uniform form any company and protested while wearing such uniform would most likely get terminated. I’m all for the Chiefs on getting rid of a “me” player.


  7. The Broncos also had a lot of older, experienced vets on that Day too, the next year when some of those guys were gone things fell apart.

    Peters can ball… Period. But if a guy like Reid can’t get the best out of him in KC then LA is going to be interesting to say the least.

  8. If Wade Phillips can’t make Peters fall in line, then forget it. It’s utterly hopeless!

    Truth be known, when the Chiefs picked Peters in the first round, I was stunned. Not because the guy isn’t talented. That he is, but he is also a walking red flag. He was suspended for one game in 2014 for throwing a tantrum on the sidelines and he was eventually kicked out of the Washington program for repatedly clashing with his coaches. If that doesn’t scream trouble, I don’t know what does.

    So the Chiefs finally figured out Peters his wasn’t Worth the drama and cut bait. I wish the Rame good luck with this headcase.

  9. I don’t believe this trade has anything to do with Peter’s on or off field disciplinary issues. The bottom line is his inability, or lack of desire, to hit. He can’t, or won’t, tackle. Period. He is one dimensional.

    Too many times we (and Andy Reid) have seen Peters go for the strip or the interception – get neither – and give up a huge play.

    We love interceptions. They can turn games. Unfortunately giving up big plays also turns games. Peters just does not have the self discipline to become a complete player. In short he is not coach-able and that’s why KC is giving him away.

    Now if they would just trade Bob Sutton……

  10. kcflake says:

    February 24, 2018 at 10:59 am

    Peters has been 100% uncontrollable since joining the nfl


    Dude, he was already 100% uncontrollable, and immature in college. Small wonder Chris Petersen booted him out of the program and he sure as hell wasn’t going to grow up in the pros and/or get rid of that sense of entitlement he had.

    Another $10 million talent with a 10¢ brain.

  11. Peters is a malcontent pure and simple. When asked why he protesting he was elusive and vague. When given the platform to bring attention to what was/is boggling him he refused to say. So he is just being a jerk to be a jerk. Anyhow, it’s a distraction and as many great plays as he made in the field, his soured attitude was too much of a hindrance and the team didn’t want to deal with it. All levels of sports the best player gets special rules and a longer rope but teammates soon become agitated at the behavior of the player who feels they are superior And the coaching staff who condones the behavior by coddeling the talented player. One of two things then Happens, said players attitude must fall in line or the rest of the team tunes out coaching staffs message and then they are replaced. Peters gave the Chiefs no choice.

  12. He’s a head case…when you’re kicked out of college, then basically kicked off the team via a trade after your second season, you as a player have issues. The talent is there, however, the brains are not.

  13. I have read and read and read about this trade and people throwing out facts not backed by facts. Here are a couple facts, follows by a little opinion.

    Everyone likes to talk about how Peters has so many interceptions, but the facts are he has gone down every year:
    8 in 2015
    6 in 2016
    5 in 2017

    5 in 2017 puts him in a 6 way tie for 5th most in the NFL. That means that 10 players in the NFL have as many or more interceptions as he did last year. Very good, excellent even, but by far not the best in the NFL everyone makes him out to be.

    The fact that his numbers have gone down every year in either a sign that teams have adapted to him, or that they do not throw at him as much. Personally I think it was the latter at first but as time passed it become more of the first, because there is a real upside to throwing to Peter’s side, but I will get there in a second.

    However, there are two other stats that matter to a Defensive player that no one seems to be looking at. Tackles and Passes Defended.

    So let us start off with passes defended, this is simply the number of passes that a player keeps from being completed. That is Interceptions and just keeping the ball from being caught.

    Peters, who was among the top 10 in interceptions, is 62nd in passes defended (he was 2nd in his rookie season). Meaning he picks the ball off a lot, but if he does not intercept the ball, then there in a better chance that it will be completed than against a lot of other DB’s

    Finally, tackles. Peters was ranked 129th among DB’s in tackles, and 179th against all defensive players.

    If you watch film on Peters, you will see why this is. The man has literally dodged an on coming player…several times. Let me make this clear, multiple times Peters is in position to tackle someone and instead makes an effort to get out of the way.

    So now we get to why Peters has started to become a target for QB’s and will continue to be unless he someone sets his head straight. He got all the attention his rookie season for the interceptions, and now that is all he plays for. Meaning that he goes for the interception all the time as opposed to making sure the receiver does not catch the ball, so if he does not get the interception he gets burnt…..bad, because he is out position and the catch is behind him. And if he does happen to be in the postion to make the tackle, he sometimes avoids it.

    So what you are left with is a high risk-high reward scenario. Yes throwing to his side has an increase chance of interception, but if there is no interception than there is a high chance that it is going to be a really big play.

    Now throw in that he is a numb skull on the field and is a risk to get personal fouls every game and he is a cancer in the locker room and you will see the upside of 5 interceptions a season is not work all the big plays he gives up, or the 15 years he gives the opposing teams, or the headaches he causes the coaches.
    All the proof I need is this. How many teams tried to get Peters? One, maybe two. It would appear through todays articles that the Niners did not really try to get him. That means 30 to 31 teams looked at their film and said, not worth it. And that includes the man who drafted him and saw him day in and day out for two years. Do you think that if Dorsey would pass on a player unless he saw something from him in the last two years that scared him off.

    I wish Phillips and the Rams luck at getting Peters play like a team player, because I have respect for Phillips, but I do not think it will happen because Peters is not a good person and has proved that time and again on the field and off the field.

  14. I keep checking therams and chiefs dot com websites, still no mention or whisper of a possible trade. Only the analysts are barking about this, causing turmoil and thousands of clicks on websites around the nfl and fansites.

    Lemme know when Aaron Donald is on board with this trade.

  15. Phillips will know exactly what to say and do to get Peters to perform…

    Getting Peters to perform has not been a problem. Getting him to make a tackle and just act like a normal person when things aren’t going his way is the problem. If Wade can improve either or both of those he will have done something.

    Additionally Peters just seems like another one of those guys that once he gets the big FA contract he will stop performing or do something really stupid off the field that will get him suspended.

  16. Clearly a win/win for both organizations. Slice of humble pie will help refocus and motivate Peters, and KCs recent harvest of draft picks will help prepare them for their 2023 playoff run.

  17. I like Peters but you have to look at who Andy Reid is, put aside your opinion on his coaching abilities, and it kind of gives you a pause. Andy Reid has always been known to reform guys due to the death of his son, he’ll give you chance after chance, Philly fans can attest to that, he even signed a QB straight out of a prison sentence and treated him like one of his own. He put a muzzle on Desean Jackson too. If you can’t change with Andy Reid and buy in for him I have a hard time believing you’ll change for someone else.

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