Will Jaguars sign Blake Bortles to a long-term deal?

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The Jaguars, as explained on Friday, are currently exploring their quarterback options in free agency. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be jettisoning Blake Bortles, who is under contract for one more year at $19 million.

The Jaguars, in theory, could decide after exploring the various available veteran quarterbacks (and learning what it would cost to sign them) to try to parlay Bortles’ fifth-year option into a multi-year extension.

The question then becomes what the Jaguars would pay Bortles, and what Bortles would want. With the top of the market currently at $27.5 million and the bar destined to be nudged considerably higher than that soon, what if Bortles were to take something like $20 million per year on a five-year deal?

Even at $20 million per year, Bortles would trail Kirk Cousins, Jimmy Garoppolo, Matthew Stafford, Derek Carr, Andrew Luck, Drew Brees, Joe Flacco, Alex Smith, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Ben Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Case Keenum (likely), and A.J. McCarron (possibly, but not likely). That puts Bortles in the bottom half of the league, above only Ryan Tannehill, Andy Dalton, Tom Brady (who averages a paltry $15 million per year), and the various young quarterbacks who have yet to get a second contract.

If the Jaguars were to go that route, it would represent a calculated effort to continue to entrust the job to Bortles while holding back enough money for the various other star players who will eventually be getting new contracts, like cornerback Jalen Ramsey, linebacker Myles Jack, defensive end Yannick Ngakoue, and running back Leonard Fournette.

From Bortles’ perspective, the prospect of the Jaguars finding a new quarterback and cutting him before his $19 million salary for 2018 become fully guaranteed should be a sobering one. If he were to be dumped onto a open market that has more free agents than ever before (and a glut of quality rookies), what would another team offer him?

Probably not $20 million per year.

However it plays out, the Jaguars have a team that came within a whisker of getting to the Super Bowl. They could hold the team together and continue to ride with Bortles, who is still only 25.

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  1. If they are serious about winning a SB, they better reconsider giving him a long term deal. The Jags are a serious SB contending team with someone like Dalton or Tannehill on that team and that defense. Bortles is no where near as good as those two.

  2. Teams need to look at what other QB’s are paid and NOT just make the next dude up the next highest player. It is the only way they are going to win anything and bring about a more sensible approach to paying free agent QB’s!!! Something needs to happen to correct this nonsense. It used to be that rookie contracts made rookies the highest paid players in the league and at their position-AND THAT WAS WRONG! And now making the next QB up the highest paid person in the league and IN THE POSITION is even MORE dreadful. I should be insulting for Jimmy G to double Tom Brady’s salary all before even competing in a single playoff game. I get why they did it IN this situation. But those other floating free agents- NOT A one of them should be the top paid player in the league, not a one! And that team is going to pay who does that.

  3. 20MM/year fro Bortles?

    I’d rather go with a cheap QB and draft one.
    He will have a hard time getting anywhere near that.
    A 1 year 14MM contract, maybe, but not a 1 year 18MM contract.

    Let him walk

  4. Bortles will be a far better QB under Coughlin, and Marrone … They would be stupid to waste good money on another QB when the Jags Quarterback problems were more of a past coaching failure. Or, I should say more of a failure of holding Bortles accountable. Not going to happen with this Jags administration.

  5. Carson Wentz makes a lot less than many of these quarterbacks. He will only cash in on his fifth year. Nick Foles also makes about 1/3 of what Alex Smith makes. Teams often do not get what they pay for.

  6. I posted on another article on here about Jaguars QB situation. Basically said no on Sam Bradford aka porcelain man. Though I did mention Cousins and MaCarron as intriguing. However, IF Bortles from playoffs is the new norm I’d say let’s go all in! However I’m just a little concerned that he can’t keep it up for a entire season.. I hope he can and that he’s really figured it out. Unfortunately no one knows and even Jaguars front office is still unsure as they’re sniffing around possible replacements. As they should, just to cover due diligence.
    I did say before season started that I thought Marrone and Hackett were garbage and I thought they were horrible choices but, I admit that I was wrong and I give them a ton a credit as they did a incredible job with this team. I do believe in what they’ve done and continue to do.
    I just am worried that with this defense we have in place and as they continue to build on and get better, it’d be a awful shame to waste the opportunity because of a offense w QB inconsistencies to hamper them and the team. ( yes I know Cousins is a little inconsistent as well) he may not be the answer either but if he’s a upgrade is debatable..The windows are short in the NFL with free agency these days so when you get as close as Jaguars got you have to stay aggressive and be 💯 sure of your plan. So if they believe in Bortles without a doubt then let’s roll, if not then let’s get the best fit that is “that guy” and get after it! The time is now.

  7. Whenever the conversation of who is getting paid next comes up I always look at whether the team so and so player was on succeeded or failed because of or in spite of said player’s performance. This might be an unpopular opinion but I’d argue that the Jags won a lot of games last year in spite of Bortles performance.

  8. I’m on the fence regarding Bortles. To be fair though, he wasn’t the reason they didn’t win the AFC Championship game. They were so conservative on offense in the second half that they didn’t give Bortles the chance to win (or lose) the game. Why not open up the offense a little more this year and see if he can take this team over the edge. If he can’t, then look for someone else. If he hits the open market who knows what someone will pay for him. I don’t envy the Jags in their position.

    If they do agree to a long-term deal, I can’t believe it would average $20M unless they put in a bunch of incentive clauses. Those can be problematic too but they could at least include some workout bonuses to get him to spend more time in the offseason (and during the season) at the team facilities instead of the bars at the beach.

  9. “I’m on the fence regarding Bortles. To be fair though, he wasn’t the reason they didn’t win the AFC Championship game. They were so conservative on offense in the second half that they didn’t give Bortles the chance to win (or lose) the game. Why not open up the offense a little more this year and see if he can take this team over the edge”

    Thats the problem with Bortles though. They have to go conservative because they don’t trust him not to make huge mistakes. That was my point from an article from yesterday. You’re in a position to go for the SuperBowl right now. This is your window. If you have to have Bortles take a knee with a minute left instead of trying to get into field goal range because you’re afraid of him blowing it then he’s not a championship caliber QB. End of story.

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