Tarik Cohen feels he can do same kinds of things as Tyreek Hill

Getty Images

The Bears hired Matt Nagy as their head coach off of what he accomplished as the offensive coordinator of the Chiefs for the past two seasons.

Wide receiver Tyreek Hill had a hand in those accomplishments and a member of Nagy’s new team believes he can make the same kind of impact in Chicago’s offense that the versatile Hill has had in Kansas City.

“When I was at the combine, coaches would always ask me who I would compare myself to in the league,” running back Tarik Cohen said on WSCR-670 AM, via the Chicago Tribune. “And I would always tell them Tyreek Hill. I feel that I can do the same kinds of things he does in the Kansas City offense. … And now since we have their coach now I feel like I have to live up to that. And I definitely look forward to being the same kind of playmaker.”

Cohen and Hill play different positions so it isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison, but Cohen certainly looks the part when it comes to making contributions in a variety of ways. He ran 87 times, caught 53 passes, returned kicks and even threw a couple of passes during his rookie season in Chicago.

Whether he hits the same level as Hill or not, Nagy’s history in Kansas City suggests Cohen will continue to be a jack of all trades as the Bears try to spark a turnaround in 2018..