Competition Committee meets on catch rule, targeting and more

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At his press conference during Super Bowl week, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that the league would take another look at the eternal question of what constitutes a catch this offseason and that process got underway on Monday.

NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent said that the NFL’s Competition Committee met in Indianapolis on Monday to discuss a variety of issues including the catch rule. Vincent didn’t offer any details about the discussion, but it is sure to be something discussed more leading up to any proposed rule changes at the upcoming league meetings.

Vincent said the group also discussed targeting penalties, non-football actions on the field and protections for quarterbacks. He included a video shown to the committee highlighting examples from all three categories.

NFL officiating head Al Riveron said the group also discussed fumbles through the end zone by a team trying to score a touchdown. The current rules call for such fumbles to result in turnovers that give the other team the ball on their own 20-yard-line.

11 responses to “Competition Committee meets on catch rule, targeting and more

  1. after watching the superbowl and the end zone catch where the receiver did not have full control of the ball prior to stepping out

  2. Josh, I totally understand why you call it the eternal question of what a catch is and I know this will come across as nitpicking but I think calling it the eternal question is doing a disservice in describing how the NFL has created it’s own worst nightmare… There was no catch rule issues 10+ years ago. They’ve dug their own grave.

    it’s a shame the commissioner has the influence he has over the media because there’s a lot of questionable and dubious passes the media gives Roger Goodell.

  3. Go back to whatever the catch rule was when there was never a question of what a catch was. Simple.

  4. Michael E says:
    February 26, 2018 at 6:43 pm

    Go back to whatever the catch rule was when there was never a question of what a catch was. Simple.


    It’s not the rules that have made catches complicated, it’s hi-def instant replay. The place you want to “go back to” is the place before replay was so precise that it forced the rules to become this detailed.

    Only if the TV audience is willing to let go of hyper-perfect replay-based accuracy on every play will the rules become simple again.

  5. Competition Committee meets on the catch rule, but the ball appeared to move and was ruled incomplete.

  6. Perhaps the competition committee should sit around in New York during game days so they can make the decisions on all catches, possible catches etc since they make these insane rules that no body but them understand.

  7. put polian back on the committee, he has all the answers. the first consideration has always been: how can we end belichick’s domination.

  8. One way to make the games more interesting is to eliminate all pass interference calls and to allow any player to go after a ball and to do anything to do it – trip – push – tackle – whatever. If both offense and defense can act in a way to catch a ball or to prevent it, the strongest players will win and the weakest will need to get up with that princess on the New York Nightmara family crime syndicate on how to bleach his hair like that princess.

    I want the defense to mug the receivers and let the receivers smash the defenders.

    And while we are at it, eliminate the illegally downfield calls and stop allowing offenses to get a free play on a defensive pre-snap penalty. Call the play dead, assess the penalty yards, and stop giving the Green Bay Cheese Cheaters free yards they can’t earn the real way.

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