John Elway has meeting with agent who has a client they can’t talk about yet

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When Broncos boss John Elway gets to Indianapolis this week, he’ll have plenty of meetings with players as well as agents.

So the fact that he’s meeting with the agent for one of his own quarterbacks might not necessarily be a big deal — as long as he doesn’t do something so blatantly illegal as tampering.

According to Mike Klis of KUSA, Elway has a meeting scheduled with agent Mike McCartney.

McCartney represents Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian, who appears be on the trade block. McCartney also represents Richmond quarterback and Senior Bowl MVP Kyle Lauletta, who the Broncos staff got a close look at already this offseason.

McCartney also represents some guy named Kirk Cousins, who Broncos players have already started lobbying, even though Elway can’t until the legal tampering period begins in two weeks.

Of course, gambling is illegal at Bushwood, and I never slice. Oh wait, Smails was the judge Elway didn’t endorse, where were we?

Oh, yes, we were at the ridiculousness of the notion that teams wait until March 12 to make their intentions clear to pending free agents. Of course, Elway and McCartney could conceivably have an appetizer and a salad and a dessert but no steak, so there’s no reason to think that the status of Cousins might come up during their conversation.

It’s probably totally about Lauletta and we’re just missing the obvious.

And unless Elway or McCartney want to fess up (spoiler alert, they won’t), it’s also impossible for the league to enforce this rule. Which makes it like a lot of the rest of their rules, which are trotted out and enforced from time to time.