Jordan Howard guarantees the Bears are going to the playoffs

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Former Bears head coach John Fox said he believes Chicago is closer to contention than people might think after going 19-45 over the last four seasons and at least one of his former players agrees with him.

Running back Jordan Howard was a guest on NFL Network Monday and he set the bar high for himself and his teammates as they come off a 5-11 season with new coach Matt Nagy taking over for Fox on the sideline.

“The Bears are definitely going to have a winning season,” Howard said. “We’re going to get to the playoffs. So I guarantee we get to the playoffs.”

It’s not the first big guarantee we’ve heard from a Bears offensive player in the last two years. Alshon Jeffery predicted a Super Bowl title a little more than a year ago, although he wound up leaving for the Eagles in free agency and his guarantee traveled with him to his new home.

Howard is unlikely to be playing anywhere but Chicago in 2018, so the Bears will need to make a big jump in the standings if he’s going to join Jeffery as a certified seer of football’s future.

29 responses to “Jordan Howard guarantees the Bears are going to the playoffs

  1. Its just a silly thing to say. How about this less-douchey way of saying it: “This team is good enough to be in the Playoffs. If we play to our potential and avoid mistakes, we’ll be a Playoff team.”

  2. He’s a good running back, but no one ever accused him of being smart. Learn a lesson from Sweetness. Shut up in February and prove it on the field this fall.

  3. I still don’t understand why the media sets these players up with these questions. Of course they’re going to answer, “Yes we can make the playoffs”. With that said, I can’t wait to see the day a player answers with, “Nah bro lol. We kinda suck”.

  4. @xlivsaints says:

    Not with him. He’s kind of a bust.
    Howard is a bust? No sir buddy, you’re a bust.

  5. .
    The Vikings are the defending NFC North champs. The Packers should rebound with the return of Aaron Rogers. And, I would expect improvement in Detroit with Patricia replacing Caldwell. The Bears should be improved but that’s a lot of teams to leapfrog on your way to the playoffs.

  6. xlivsaints says:
    February 26, 2018 at 11:03 am

    Not with him. He’s kind of a bust.


    So a bust is a top RB in the NFL now? He’s the best RB in the division and one of the best in the NFC. You should probably think before writing nonsense:

    2017 RB’s:

    1 David Johnson
    2 LeVeon Bell
    3 Ezekiel Elliott
    4 LeSean McCoy
    5 Melvin Gordon
    6 Jay Ajayi
    7 Jordan Howard
    8 Todd Gurley
    9 Devonta Freeman
    10 DeMarco Murray

    Don’t see the Saints RB’s on here….

  7. Figure out how to win at home and in your division (especially against Aaron Rogers) before you go spouting off things like that.

  8. I agree with an earlier poster about Sweetness. Not only did he not make guarantees, he sucked up his SB snub with grace and dignity – which is why they have a Man of the Year award named after him. If these guys stopped talking and started playing the ratings might not be down….

  9. I love his confidence, but maybe he should wait to see what upgrades Pace makes to the roster. The current one ain’t getting them anywhere.

  10. I believe the Bears will surprise a lot of people this year. The running game is legit with Howard and Cohen. Trubisky looks to be progressing, although he sure needs something to throw to. Kevin White, perhaps, if he can stay healthy. They seem to have a few nice pieces on defense as well.

    Right now it’s Minnesota’s crown to take. They’re the reigning champs until someone takes it away from them. With all the upheaval on all three of the other NFCN teams Minnesota should be able to retain the crown… but will they? Only time will tell.

  11. It will be interesting to see how the Bears do next year as they’ve jettisoned some pretty significant contributors this off-season..

  12. salary caps going up
    its stands to reason, teams profits are going up
    teams value increasing accordingly
    not a bad time to be an owner of NFL team

  13. I’d say 4th place in the NFC North sounds more accurate.

    So, unless All four teams in that division make the playoffs… then… they’re not going.

    Packers, Vikes, Lions are all more talented than the Bears at this point.

  14. xlivsaints says:
    February 26, 2018 at 11:03 am

    Not with him. He’s kind of a bust.


    I love when people that don’t know football try to sound smart

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