Josh McCown hopeful things work out with Jets

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Quarterback Josh McCown feels he played the best football of his NFL career in 2017 and he’d like a chance to keep things going with the same team.

McCown completed over 67 percent of his passes and threw 18 touchdowns in 13 starts with the Jets to help the team outperform the meager expectations that accompanied them into the season. He broke his hand to bring his year to an early end, but said on SiriusXM NFL Radio on Monday that he’s all healed and his “body feels great” with free agency kicking off in just over two weeks.

Those may be selling points on the open market, but the 38-year-old journeyman doesn’t want to find a new address. He said he left things with the Jets on a “high note” and hopes to pick up where they left off.

“Hopefully we can continue working together,” McCown said. “We’ll see how the rest of that plays out in the coming weeks.” 

The Jets have the sixth pick in the draft and there’s no shortage of people predicting they’ll take a quarterback if they don’t sign Kirk Cousins or another attempted long-term fix for the position. McCown said he’s fine serving as a bridge quarterback while mentoring a younger player, something he may get the chance to do if the stars align for another year with the Jets.

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  1. I’ve been saying since the end of the season, I would much rather save the 30 million a year on Cousins, re-sign McCown to a two or three year contract, and draft a QB. I think McCown has great leadership qualities, spent a year already with Jeremy Bates, and would be a great mentor to a young QB while they sit for a season to learn the offense. Then McCown can transition to a backup role for the remainder of his contract and we can spend the money we save on other positions we need, like offensive line, CB, and OLB

  2. Paying Kirk Cousins 30 million is a lot different than Cousins being worth 30 million. I can’t wait to see which franchise takes that suicide pill, with guys like McCown, Bradford… etc being good stop gaps for a rookie to learn under.

  3. I would like to see Josh McCoown back in Cleveland, he is a Pro’s, Pro a Team Player, and a Team Leader

  4. I would like to see Josh McCoown back in Cleveland, he is a Pro’s, Pro a Team Player, and a Team Leader, on the field, and off the field

  5. The reason I can see the Jets signing McCown is the GM has drafted poorly during his first 3 years. If he drafts a QB who has to sit a year, and the team goes 5-11, then he may be fired, unless he has a tremendous draft in rounds 2-7.

    Its safer for the Jets GM to sign COusins, and go 9-7 and flirt with the playoffs for a few years.
    It at least keeps him employed longer.

    The problem is the Jets long term interests and the GM are not properly aligned.
    The Jets signed a below average GM and are experiencing the effects.

  6. The Jets would be stupid not re-sign McCown. He’s like a coach already, plus he can still play at a high level. Then draft whichever QB at #6.

    McCown should get two years at 15 mil per, which is a complete bargain. Jets shouldn’t get too cute because this guy is perfect for quite a few teams.

  7. McCown/Rosen would be ideal. But, if the Jets go with McCown/Mayfield the Jets would look like they’re on to something. Mayfield could learn a lot from McCown and how to conduct himself in the pro’s, and I think the kid does want to succeed, unlike Johnny Football.

  8. Hope McCown is back with the Jets regardless of who comes in at QB. Great teammate and had a very good year. Remember folks college QBs have a 50% bust rate. Go back and look at the years 3-4 or 5 QBs went in the first round. Not many years that more than two or three at the very most pan out.

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