Josh McDaniels will skip combine

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Josh McDaniels might find things awkward in Indianapolis. That is if the Patriots offensive coordinator was going to the Scouting Combine.

McDaniels and the Patriots will not attend the combine, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports. Bill Belichick and some of the team’s defensive staff will go.

Rapoport said that follows the Patriots’ “standard plan” when New England goes deep into the postseason.

McDaniels, of course, left the Colts at the altar after agreeing to the job and then rescinding to remain in New England.

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  1. Anyone who has ever been to Indy knows that it’s not a place you want to go to any more than you absolutely have to.

  2. No hard feelings from this Colts fan! He ended up doing us a favor.

    (Yup – that traitorous, two-faced coward did us a favor. But, like I said…)

  3. No show, no questions. But if you’re going to be the HC of the NEP someday, don’t you have to be able to take and answer questions? Or does Belichick need to “open his world” to him about that?

  4. They’ll hang the ceremonial “Holding a grudge” banner this week, from what I hear.

    It will go next to the “Rival of better teams” banner.

  5. I am sure he is afraid he would show up in Indy and his drink server would have to say to him “No Josh, that really is Apple Juice”……….Hehe.

  6. patriots management recalled the unfortunate incident when josh was in control of a draft. You remember when he selected T. Tebow in the first round.

  7. McDaniels has already made enough money in his career to retire very comfortably on. Maybe he decided whatever happens within New England is enough for him….then he can spend his time coaching his kids and being available to them 12 months a year soon.

  8. terripet says:
    February 26, 2018 at 6:40 pm

    Of course he will this guy has no character. He knows he can’t make it as a leader in the nfl

    But you can always count on your Colts to have participation banners (and piped in crowd noise). Good for you.

  9. The Colts mislead everyone on Luck’s status, pressured McDaniels by hiring coaches, while he was, actually busy coaching, and announced his new job before he’d even signed a contract. All of which just confirmed their snowjob, and yet they’re the victims. Stop.

  10. Left at the alter? How about calling it what it is? He lied to Indianapolis. He went back on his word. He can’t be trusted. He cheated.

  11. “He cheated”

    If you want to play that ridiculous card about the situation, how about Indy “cheated” by announcing him as coach before they ever had a signature on the contract?


  12. Mass-hats stop with the defense of McDaniels. He verbally agreed to be the HC of the Colts. McDaniels is simply a weasel, not a man of honor.

  13. “He verbally agreed to be the HC of the Colts. McDaniels is simply a weasel, not a man of honor.”

    And what exactly does “honor” have to do with business? All NFL teams and thousands of corporations make similar “honorless” verbal agreements every day they don’t follow through with.

    And if you really believe that, what exactly is “honorable” about Jim Irsay? Whose team has repeatedly cheated, who is a drug addled drunken fool? Who had a woman OD in his home and die from prescription drugs he gave her and only the fact that he’s a billionaire NFL owner let it get swept under the rug?

    Please explain the honor in that.

  14. “All NFL teams and thousands of corporations make similar “honorless” verbal agreements every day they don’t follow through with.”

    Going with the “everyone is doing it” argument that is a logical fallacy??? If you make a promise, you should follow through with it. Period. It’s called character.

    If McDaniels had reservations about Irsay and the Colts, why even agree to an interview? And why accept the position if you intend not to honor it. McDaniels past is prologue. He was considered a turd in Denver and has continued to demonstrate his “turditude”
    throughout his career. NFL owners have long memories.

  15. Hmmm, decisions decisions. Stay in NE and take over the greatest dynasty the league has ever seen for Belichick in a year or two or go to the train-wreck Indy? That’s a tough one. Think of all those participation banners he would be missing!

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