Michael Schofield back in U.S. after watching fiancée win gold in hockey

Getty Images

Tackle Michael Schofield started and won a Super Bowl while he was a member of the Broncos, so he knows something about reaching the pinnacle of your chosen athletic pursuit.

That’s now something he shares with his fiancée. Schofield is engaged to Kendall Coyne, who won a gold medal in hockey when the United States women’s team beat the Canadian side in a shootout last week. Schofield was in PyeongChang for the big moment and described the experience to Peter King of SI.com.

“The Super Bowl is obviously the biggest game we play, but it happens every year,” Schofield said. “Kendall represented the United States, her country, and just imagine — she trained every day, basically, for four years to prepare for this one game. I mean, you prepare for the Olympics, and that’s more than one game. But everyone knows it’s going to come down to the U.S. and Canada for the gold medal. Since 1998, we’re the only two countries to win gold at the Olympics. So it’s huge to begin with. But then, the way the game went — tying it late in the third period, going through a full overtime where any one shot could decide gold, then going to a shootout … the pressure, it was just so heavy. So stressful.”

Schofield is now back in the U.S. and turning his attention to the March 14 start of free agency. He landed with the Chargers after being cut by the Broncos last September, making five starts in his 15 appearances, and is without a contract for the 2018 season.