Mike Mayock: Josh Allen has “biggest arm” since JaMarcus Russell

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Josh Allen is expected to do all the throwing drills at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis and that will give both the teams in attendance and people watching on NFL Network a chance to see how hard he can throw the ball.

According to that network’s lead draft analyst, those throws should have a lot of power. During a conference call on Monday, Mike Mayock compared Allen’s arm to that of a quarterback who once went with the first overall pick. Mayock said that Allen is “biggest arm quarterback I’ve seen since JaMarcus Russell” and believes that should put him in the mix for the Browns, who own the first and fourth picks in April.

“I think when you’re the GM of Cleveland, you’ve got to be thinking about the weather, you’re playing outside, you need a big arm,” Mayock said. “His new offensive coordinator came over from Pittsburgh, and he’s used to Ben Roethlisberger. So, to me, Josh Allen has to be in that conversation at 1 or 4, along with [Sam] Darnold, perhaps [Josh] Rosen and Mason [Rudolph]. But this is my gut. I think Darnold and Allen are the two guys they would consider the most highly.”

Left unsaid is that having a big arm didn’t help Russell carve out a long career as an NFL starter and the big arm isn’t enough for Mayock to rank Allen ahead of Darnold as an overall quarterback. Allen’s arm strength didn’t do much for his accuracy as a passer at the college level, for example, and that is one of the reasons why others might not rank him as highly as Mayock when they set their draft boards.

23 responses to “Mike Mayock: Josh Allen has “biggest arm” since JaMarcus Russell

  1. Thank the Gods Al isn’t in charge of the Raiders drafts any longer! All of these ‘measurables’ never measure guts or heart. Case in point, Brady was a 6th round pick. Rodgers didn’t go until 22. Brees was a 2nd rounder. Yea – go ahead and listen to those draft-niks. Its all a crap shoot in the end.

  2. waynefontesismyfather says:
    February 26, 2018 at 5:20 pm
    Dear Lord! The kiss of death being compared to JaMarcus. Ya gotta pull for the kid even more now just so his career doesn’t head down the tubes!


    Dear Lord! The kiss of death being compared in only one category! that must mean everything else is the same!

  3. Ivory soap…
    99 and 44/100 hype.
    If that’s all it takes, get Randy Johnson out of retirement…I’m certain the big unit could easily throw a football 100 yds

  4. Having a strong arm is only a small piece of the puzzle. Fortunately for him, I also heard that he has the mental toughness of Ryan Leaf along with Michael Vick like durability

  5. We all know how Jamarcus ended up and he completed over 67% of his passes his final year in college. Allen only managed 56% this past year. He may have a big arm, large hands, and look exactly like what Hollywood casting would want for the part of QB. But if he can’t complete passes he won’t be much good to anybody.

  6. Joe Montana left Notre Dame with a national championship under his belt, and the greatest come from behind win in college history. He didn’t have the strongest arm, so he went in the 3rd round. They’re no smarter now than they were back then.

  7. his arm isnt close to as strong as jamarcus russel. russel could throw 80 yards off a crow hop. his arm prolly isnt even as good as flacco or cutlers were at that age.

  8. See, I realize that he probably thinks that’s a positive observation but any kind of comparison to arguably the biggest QB bust in NFL History is anything but positive to me.

  9. No need for the Browns to draft Allen because they’ll drop an 18.5% of the cap, 100% guaranteed, 5-year contract onto Kirk Cousins. In addition, they will “pre-pay” as much extra that they have under the cap this year, to off-set the future cap hits… kind of like a reverse signing bonus since the “savings” will be spread out over future years.

    That will leave them with a bounty of picks to build around Cousins.

    Mic drop.

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