Rams gave a fourth and a 2019 second for Marcus Peters

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The Chiefs are going to have to wait a year for the most meaningful part of their compensation for cornerback Marcus Peters.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Chiefs will get the Rams’ fourth-round pick this year (124th overall), and their 2019 second-rounder in exchange for the star cornerback.

That’s a startlingly low price for such a talented player, but it’s clear the Chiefs didn’t want to pay Peters in the future, and didn’t think he was worth the headache the next two years while he was under his affordable rookie deal.

The fact it took so long for the terms to be known is a bit of a shock, but it’s certainly not that much better of a look for the Chiefs now.

The Rams didn’t have a second-rounder this year (from the Sammy Watkins deal), and now have just two of the first 159 picks, their own first-rounder (23rd) and their third (87th) before they pick again in the fifth (160th).

UPDATE 1:42 p.m. ET: It keeps getting better. The Chiefs are also sending this year’s sixth-rounder to the Rams in the deal, per Adam Schefter of ESPN.

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  1. Character issues or not Peters was the very definition of a ballhawk. A player who can force turn overs the way he can is a true game changer. This looks like a pretty crummy deal for the Chiefs, especially since the 4th & 2nd will be late as well.

  2. Marcus peters let it be known he wanted out of KC and therefore KC knew it had no real chance to resign him after this year add that to the fact that he’s a Headcase which brings us to this point

  3. The second I heard about the trade on NFLN first thing I thought, and I’m not 100% sure why I did, was “the chiefs are tanking this coming seas”, and I still think it!

  4. Don’t forget that the Chiefs are also getting a 2018 3rd rounder and CB Kendell Fuller from the Redskins in the Alex Smith deal. They’re in a pretty good spot and there seems to be plenty of decent CBs in the draft this year.

  5. .
    ” (The Rams) have just two of the first 159 picks, their own first-rounder (23rd) and their third (87th) before they pick again in the fifth (160th)”


    The chances of the Rams trading pick #23 for additional choices to balance their draft board are greater than 99%.

  6. This is the dumbest crap ever! I couldn’t stand the guy because of his Anthem protests and NEVER tackling anyone. Way too many first downs because he wouldn’t tackle and only grab at the ball but this is beyond stupid. As a 35 year plus Chief fan this is so bad it makes benching Gannon for Grbach years ago look brilliant! If this is all they got, they should have kept him the next 2 years at his rookie contract and let him walk for nothing or see if his attitude changed, what a joke!

  7. Pretty weak compensation for a top 3 corner in the league. He has issues, a lot of them, but I would expect my chiefs GM to get more than that for Peters.

  8. Something must have really STUNK with this guy. It is well known that Peters has a violent temper and terrible attitude (not to mention he’s a kneeler). Things behind the scenes must have been so horrible for Andy Reid to give up on this guy for so little in return.

  9. Must be something about Peters that hasn’t yet come out
    that caused the Chiefs to unload him even before the combine
    begins, and for so little in return.

    We shall see how it all works out in a couple of years.
    For now, it looks like the Rams brought in a starter at
    a premium position, and giving up less than expected.
    Very good value on the face of it. But may be more to this story.

  10. The question is if Marcus can behave himself in L.A. If he can, it’s a steal. If not, then KC came out well.

  11. As a Chiefs fan, i have no issue with this trade. I get it ppl he gets ints and forces a few fumbles here and there, but he also allowed more yards missed more tackles and allowed more touchdowns than 75% of the CB’s in the NFL. On top of that, he has a very poor attitude and just acts like a child. When 30 other teams did not even make an offer or express interest, well that tells you all you need to know.

  12. There are second rounders that never see the field. This guy is a top 5 CB making an average of $5 million per year over the next 2 years. Even if he only plays the 2 years and he walks, or is a headcase this is a steal.

  13. Personally, to send a message I would’ve kept him and benched him. Of course then he’s just a locker room problem.

    The good news is these two team meet in Mexico this year. I wonder if Peters will be in jail by then…

  14. Only 1 out of 31 NFL teams really had any interest in the amazing deal for the amazing Marcus Peters….what does that tell you? 2 current general managers who had part in drafting Peters wanted nothing to do with the amazing deal….for the amazing player. CAVEAT EMPTOR! Marcus Peters was an experiment for the Chiefs….one that failed. The Chiefs have one of the best coaching staffs in the league and a stable locker room and that wasn’t enough to tame Marcus Peters and his attitude and mindset. Takes wise men to recognize, admit and accept defeat and that is what the Chiefs did and now they are moving on. Let the talking heads on TV and in the media rant and rave how great of a deal it is for the Rams and how bad it is for the Chiefs….talk is cheap! The fact that only one team was wiling to take a chance talks enough for me…good luck Marcus Peters, good luck LA Rams…My Chiefs will be just fine…plenty of talented, mature cornerbacks out there that would love to play in Kansas City!

  15. Peters must have really been a cancer in the locker room. I’ve wondered to myself if the Chiefs’ midseason swoon may have at least in part due to Peters bad atitiude and protesting and the loss of Berry, who was probably a counterweight to the negative energy of Peters.

  16. 6 head coaches or GM’s in the league have first hand experience with Peters.
    Reid, Veach, Peterson, Ballard, Dorsey, and Nagey.

    Two of them traded Peters for the equivalent of a 6 pack of beer, the other 4 were not willing to give the aforementioned 6 pack to get Peters.

    That is all you really need to know.

  17. Like all trades it can’t be judged on the surface. You have to wait a couple of years. If he continues he current on-field trajectory, he is a HoFer in the making and the Rams stole him. If the LA night life gets to him and he ends up suspended for who-knows-what, it won’t look nearly as good for the Rams and the Chiefs will look like they did the right thing.

    Only one thing is for certain at this point…it appears the Chiefs didn’t get enough back in trade.

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