Report: Dolphins to meet with Jarvis Landry’s agent on Wednesday

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The Dolphins became the first team to use the franchise tag this offseason when they placed it on wide receiver Jarvis Landry last week, but the use of the tag doesn’t necessarily mean that Landry will be back in Miami for the 2018 season.

There’s been talk since the tag, which sets Landry up to make $16.2 million for the 2018 season, was put in place that the Dolphins would like to trade Landry rather than keep him in their offense. There may be some more clarity about those plans in the coming days.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Dolphins are scheduled to meet with Landry’s agent on Wednesday while both sides are in Indianapolis during the Scouting Combine. No trade can happen unless Landry signs the tender and a team trading for him seems unlikely to do so without the chance of signing the wideout to a longer deal, so he has the ability to exert control over where the Dolphins send him.

No trade could become official until March 14, so Wednesday’s meeting won’t draw things to a close even if everybody’s on board with what Miami has in mind.

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    The Dolphins have been picking in the teens for the last decade or so. Their results have been mediocre at best. They need to roll the dice and make something happen. Perhaps they could package Landry and their own first rounder (#11) to move up and take a young QB?

  2. If Landrys agent hasn’t already advised him to sign the franchise tag right away his agent should be fired. No matter how good a team thinks Landry is their not going to give him a contract averaging 16.2 or more. He should sign the tag and enter free agency next season for a long term deal.

  3. The dolphins need to stop messing around and start keeping their own talent. You don’t let top players walk or get traded. Say what you want about his athleticism, but he’s the heart and soul of the offense and only has the most catches in his first 4 years of any WR in NFL history! Last year finally started scoring some TD’s to go along with all those catches…

    He needs to be kept. He’s an essential part of the Dolphins offense. You have a known, proven top commodity. How NFL teams trade those for 1st or 2nd rd picks that flop half the time is beyond me.

  4. The speed with which Miami slapped the franchise tag on Jarvis looks like a tag and trade may happen. Don’t be surprised if the Dolphins do a deal with Cleveland. The Browns would get a top proven NFL receiver with sure hands and the Dolphins maybe move up in the Draft after a player they covet.

  5. If Landrys agent hasn’t already advised him to sign the franchise tag right away his agent should be fired. No matter how good a team thinks Landry is their not going to give him a contract averaging 16.2 or more. He should sign the tag and enter free agency next season for a long term deal.

    I disagree. What if his agent feels he can get $14m/yr with a $35-$38m guarantee? That sounds much better than $16.2m. With that said I’m no cap expert, but injuries happen every season.

  6. One can only guess what the Dolphins have in mind for Landry in the form of a trade. I know a lot of fans like Landry but it seems clear that Miami wants to trade him and they’re not dealing in a very strong position. Like any divorce when two people decide not to be together it just happens. Many posting state a deal with Cleveland and that makes sense. However Cleveland is so pathetic Jarvis should play with the Dolphins one year then broker his own deal. I think Miami will broker a deal with a team other than Cleveland because Jarvis most likely will not go there long term.

  7. I should think Jarvis would stay in Miami, no matter what, if he had to go to Cleveland.
    What a place to go to after Miami, that would be awful for him.

  8. I’d like to see the Dolphins keep him. They need his fire 🔥 Get rid of Suh and draft a stud.

  9. Why would Landry sign the tender? He can’t be traded until he does and loses all leverage once he signs it. He’ll wait for an attractive long term deal (including at least $30-35MM guaranteed) with a team he likes, or he’ll play 2018 in Miami for a cool $16MM. If Miami rescinds the tag, Landry immediately becomes an unrestricted free agent (which is a great outcome for him) and the market for his services explode (teams don’t have to compensate Miami anymore via trade; they can simply sign Landry to a new deal).

    Carolina rescinded Josh Norman’s tag mid-summer in 2016 and he still ended up with a very lucrative contract.

    Landry can’t lose as long as he doesn’t sign the tender before July 16th.

  10. wakaflacaflacco- Who is he getting your hypothetical offer from? The Dolphins? If so by signing the tag he forces them to raise their starting point to 16.2 a year. Is he getting it from another team? Well it stands to reason they would give him more if they didn’t also have to give up something to trade for him. And another way to look is do you feel that contract offer you described would drop or not be there next yr? By signing the tag for 16.2 and then signing a long term deal next yr you’d get the same contract your describing except your adding an extra yr for 16.2. As for your number of 14 per year and 35 to 38 guaranteed I can’t even imagine how many years would be tacked on to that contract for cap purposes unless your talking short term 4 yr where its nearly all guaranteed and again I say why would you take 38 guaranteed over 4 years with an average of 14 per yr when you can take 16.2 this year and only need to make 40 over the following 3 years to make at least what you initially proposed.

  11. It’s to bad that Jarvis Landry is not an elite receiver like Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham or Brandin Cooks. Those guys take a discount for the team unlike Landry. Moreover they are true elite receivers with separation speed unlike Landry. The Dolphins want to move this guy big time so I believe it will happen with the Dolphins accepting less in a trade.

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