Cowboys, Saints opt out of NFL’s deal with Ticketmaster

Getty Images

Ticketmaster has a standing deal to sell tickets for NFL teams, but the Cowboys and Saints are taking their business elsewhere.

The Cowboys have recently opted out of the Ticketmaster deal and agreed to a deal to have SeatGeek serve as the team’s main ticket seller, Darren Rovell of ESPN reports. That report was portrayed in some circles as another sign of an ongoing feud between Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell, but the Saints previously made a similar deal with SeatGeek.

The other 30 NFL teams will be with Ticketmaster in 2018 after the Lions, who had previously opted out, returned to Ticketmaster this year.

Tickets are a lucrative business for the Cowboys, who led the NFL with a total home attendance of 741,775 last season, tops in the NFL by more than 100,000. AT&T Stadium is by far the biggest stadium in the NFL.