Lions use franchise tag on Ziggy Ansah

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The second franchise tag of the 2018 offseason is in place.

The Lions announced on Tuesday that they will use their franchise tag on defensive end Ziggy Ansah. The Dolphins became the first team to use the tag when they placed it on wide receiver Jarvis Landry.

Ansah was the fifth overall pick of the 2013 draft and has been a piece of the Lions pass rush since his arrival in Detroit. He rebounded from a two-sack season in 2016 with 12 sacks during the 2017 season and has 44 sacks over the course of his NFL career. The team is short on other players with that kind of impact in the passing game, which likely made it an easy choice to designate Ansah as their franchise player.

The value for the tag will be north of $17 million and the two sides will have until July 16 — July 15 is a Sunday, which pushes the typical deadline back a day — to work on a longer deal before a one-year pact will be Ansah’s only option for the 2018 season.

24 responses to “Lions use franchise tag on Ziggy Ansah

  1. Not sure about a long term deal for him…dont care what age he said he was coming out of college…I think he was already 30…so that makes him around 35 now.

  2. Smart move. Multiple teams would have been interested in Ziggy. When healthy he is a top 5 DE. When hurt but playing he is still above average. Lions D-line is atrocious, especially after Ngata went down. Ziggy received double teams on almost every play. Good locker room guy, great in the community (donated 94,000 cases of water to Flint), good player. His motor never stops and makes plays 30 yards down the field.

  3. Bob Quinn,

    A better move would have been to pick up Suh in FA and draft a DE in the first and 3rd to go with what you have now. Putting an awful lot of faith in a guy who hasn’t been able to stay healthy. You’ve made your bed now!

  4. Shows how much Josh Alper knows. 9 of those 12 sacks came in 3 games against inferior tackles. Do the math, and you’ll find it was a VERY difficult decision to tag him. Admittedly, even though he has been a lousy pass rusher the past 2 years, he does set the edge consistently.

  5. There are not many NFL edge rushers available in free agency, and obviously college players are a crap shoot. This was a practical decision. Didn’t realize he was almost 29.

  6. “this will not sit well with the horrible Packers left tackle.” Fun to see the jealousy of a 4th round LT who might be the best in the league. As a matter of fact, google left tackle rankings and guess who shows up? David Bakhtiari. Despite having to pass protect while Rodgers and Hundley dance around extending plays. Whatever you say about Ted Thompson, this was a truly great draft pick, and they found him the year the #1 and #2 draft picks were LTs who basically flopped.

  7. ““this will not sit well with the horrible Packers left tackle.” Fun to see the jealousy of a 4th round LT who might be the best in the league. As a matter of fact, google left tackle rankings and guess who shows up? David Bakhtiari.”


    I am a Lions fan, and I don’t disagree. And I do think $17M is a bit much for a guy who only managed 3 sacks in 11 of his 14 games last year.

    But Ziggy did have three 3-sack games, including the season finale. Against Bakhtiari, who played every snap.

  8. Good. I’m a Vikings fan so I love to see division opponents overspend for average players. The guy is always hurt and questionable to play every week.

  9. Tis the going rate…

    I mean, only 7 players had more sacks than he did last season. It’s a passing game/league and getting after and bringing down the QB is paramount.

    At least it’s not a long term deal with lots of guaranteed dough.

    Mediocre QB’s get paid and guys who bring down QB’s get their money too…

  10. The NFL is rigged. Go back and look at the direction of the ball on field goals last year. You can see the ball slightly being jerked in the direction that the league wants it to go. Go back and watch the big plays in the super bowls. The ball seems to levitate in the air to create the opportunity for a big play. Big plays sell! Watch the David Tyree catch in the super bowl. Watch the Edelman catch in the super bowl.

  11. Watch that Norwood field goal attempt, watch that run by Marcus Allen, Watch the immaculate reception, watch that Colts/Cowboys (SB IV or V maybe) double deflection TD catch, watch that Bart Starr QB sneak!

    Big plays have been happening for decades, how did they ever happen without this crazy remote control ball.

    Watch that Heat 3 pointer off the miss, Watch Gibson’s home run…. Sheesh.

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