Marcus Peters stumps for Alex Smith, expects turnovers from Patrick Mahomes against Rams

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New Los Angeles Rams cornerback Marcus Peters said he felt Alex Smith never got the respect he deserved as quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs.

He also said he expects Smith’s replacement, Patrick Mahomes, to have some issues with turnovers. At least when they play the Rams next season in Mexico City that is.

Speaking about his own trade to the Rams this week and Smith’s trade to Washington earlier this month (both deals can’t become official until March 14, however), Peters threw his support behind Smith for the way he played in Kansas City.

“Alex don’t get enough respect,” Peters said on the NFL Network. “And they need to start putting some respect on that man’s name. Because I’ve seen that man get thrown under the bus too many times and he took it as a man. And he never complained about it. He don’t turn over the ball. And he know how to win.”

For a quarterback nearly written off early in his career as a bust amid difficult circumstances in San Francisco, Smith became a reliable veteran performer during his time in Kansas City. Smith led the league with a 104.7 quarterback rating and threw for a career-high 4,042 yards and 26 touchdowns last year for the Chiefs. Nevertheless, the Chiefs elected to trade Smith to Washington due to Mahomes, a 2017 first-round pick, waiting in the wings.

Peters also said any blame thrown Smith’s way for the Chiefs collapsing in the second half of the team’s loss to the Tennessee Titans in the playoffs is misplaced.

That was our fault for messing up the playoffs,” Peters said of the defensive performance. “That was our fault.”

As far as Mahomes is concerned, Peters is expecting to have a chance to intercept Mahomes when the two teams meet next season.

“I’m expecting turnovers and I’m expecting a win. He knows how to give me the ball,” Peters said.

Regardless of Peters’ thoughts, both he and Smith will no longer be with the Chiefs moving forward. Both players will now have the opportunity to show the Chiefs they made a mistake in their decisions to ship them out beginning this fall.

17 responses to “Marcus Peters stumps for Alex Smith, expects turnovers from Patrick Mahomes against Rams

  1. The Chiefs won’t argue. Brett Favre has the most interceptions in NFL history. He also has a super bowl ring, and is number 6 on the all time playoff wins list for a QB. Alex Smith has 2 career playoff wins in 13 seasons. So playing it safe and quickly exiting the playoffs every year is something the Chiefs are trying to change. Mahomes is a Brett Favre clone.

  2. Very articulate individual. Tell me more about how he passed college courses…

    Alex Smith was 1-4 in the playoffs, the win came from a Texans team without a QB and their 3 top defensive players injured. The Redskins can take is 104 QB rating and see where that gets them. As Kurt Warner said Alex doesn’t throw balls to win he throws them to be safe. Pittsburgh and New England knew that better than anyone, but maybe the NFC coaches have the same educational background as Marcus Peters and won’t figure that out…

  3. I do think Peters is right about the respect thing. Leading the league in rating, and some good career highs in statistically important categories is nothing to sneeze at – yet the guy isn’t as exciting a name as Brady, Brees or Rodgers. Trading a guy like that to test a rook – I get it but I am not sure they won’t regret it early on.

  4. I agree with the Alex Smith respect part. The media forms a narrative and can’t get out of their own way when they see changes. They stay stuck on whatever their PERCEPTION is of a QB. And it is most often WRONG. Alex Smith was with a coach who knew how to bring the best out of him and he will also do with Mahomes as has been Reids history. He is smart when it comes to getting success out of his QB’s. But there is such a thing as better skill sets than others and Mahomes should eventually do quite fine launching that thing down the field if the media stays out of his head. But the salary cap was the final killer for Smith. Sorry, but a cheap rookie for FOUR, count them 4 to 5 years vs what Smith has brought and his salary for the same 4 to 5 years says the Chiefs can bring in the needed players to finish the job. He had no choice for those who think a team can just pay a QB what the “market” says and still win a SB. HOGWASH!!! It hasn’t happened in the new rookie contract overpriced QB market.

  5. Can’t wait for the Chiefs to play the Rams. Hey Marcus get ready for a steady diet of sweeps with Karen Hunt running to your side of the field. It will be fun to watch you running out of bounds on every play to avoid getting steamrolled. #PETERSDONTTACKLE

  6. He is right about Smith. Alex truley was undeservedly critized. He is a very good quarterback and will be missed.

    As for Peters, yes he might intercept Mahomes. But he will make up for that by either getting burnt on a Hugh play or two because he is out of position (attempting to get the int), or getting a personal foul to save a KC drive, or by running away from making the tackle when the Chiefs rush to his side. Or all of the above.

    I almost guarantee a career day for Hunt. The Chiefs are going run the ball non-stop to Peters side.

  7. Funny that people think it’s a cornerbacks job to tackle when NFL coaches don’t even believe that. That’s why teams run 3-4 defenses, so the outside linebackers can make tackles and cornerbacks can be fresh.

  8. Who is this guy? Does Peters have a body double? I’m gonna have to give props to Peters and his publicist for saying the right things. He comes off as an angel, which we all know isn’t the case.
    If Peters was the guy on TV, the Chiefs wouldn’t have been turned down by 31 teams. If he was that guy, the Chiefs would have given him a huge contract, instead of trying to trade him. He is a top tier CB and any team would have been in the sweepstakes for his services. Watch out, Rams. If Andy Reid can’t handle him, I doubt if Wade Phillips can either. They are both “a players coach. I wish he was still a Chief(especially after the lack of compensation KC got for him), but Andy just doesn’t throw in the towel for players, except for TO and Peters.

  9. klutch14u says:
    February 27, 2018 at 6:56 pm
    Gotta give props to Peters. He could have easily whined and complained or talked trash but didn’t, at all.
    He saves that for when he is on the field.

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