Titans G.M. ready to wheel and deal

Getty Images

Titans General Manager Jon Robinson can’t sit still. Not when he was picking first, and certainly not now that his team is picking a lowly 25th.

Robinson said he was always looking to make a deal during the draft, and the fact they’re picking lower than they have since 2009 makes him more eager to do something.

“We’ll certainly have a lot more time to just kind of sit back and watch, but we’ll be aggressive as well,” Robinson said during a season ticket-holder event, via Jason Wolf of the Tennesseean. “If there is a player that we really, really, maybe we thought he was going to go in the top 10 and for whatever reason he’s slipping down the board, we’ll try and position ourselves to maybe acquire the guy. Or if we get action on our pick at 25, and a team wants to come up to our pick so that we trade back, I think I have proven that I am willing to trade.

“My phone line is always open.”

In his first two years on the job, Robinson has made 10 trades involving picks or players. Trading the first overall pick to the Rams in 2016 was the biggest, but he’s made plenty of others. And with just six picks (one in each round except the seventh), he’s clearly open for business.

He’s also done good business with the picks he’s used. Of the 19 players he’s drafted, 17 remain on the roster. While some of that speaks to the Titans roster he inherited, it’s also clear Robinson has done good work there.

And he can’t wait to do some more.