Andy Reid on Lamar Jackson as an NFL quarterback: I’d give it a whirl

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Chiefs coach Andy Reid made light of Bill Polian’s suggestion that Lamar Jackson move to wide receiver in the NFL.

“I think you probably want to try it there [at quarterback] and see,” Reid said Wednesday at the NFL Scouting Combine. “He’s pretty good. I’d give that a whirl.”

In three seasons, Jackson played 38 games and threw for 9,043 yards with 69 touchdowns and 27 interceptions. He also ran for 4,132 career yards and 50 touchdowns on 655 carries.

Jackson won the Heisman Trophy in 2016 and was ACC Player of the Year in 2016 and ’17. As a quarterback.

“Yeah, I’m not much on that,” Reid said of the possibility of having Jackson try another position in the NFL. “I’d want to bring him in and let’s exhaust that other thing that we know he’s good at. I’m just saying in general. This is a general statement: Let’s get him in and let him wing it a little bit and see how he does and be able to fix some things in there I’m sure.”

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  1. Of course he’s gonna say that……he has his QB of the future (and now) and if Jackson gets picked before the Chiefs pick, it just pushes another potentially good player down the draft board.

  2. If he’s only going to be a prospect at QB, why not work on being better at another position early? The reason for why not, is that teams may not want to give the player the time to learn the new position. If he gets drafted in rounds 1 or 2, he gets paid now. Tebow was stubborn and wouldn’t change positions (and he couldn’t even throw the ball). Jackson has a better arm than Pryor who eventually did convert to WR. I agree with Reid. Jackson won’t be able to dictate to NFL defenses like he did at Louisville.

  3. If he’s paired with the right Quarterback’s Coach, With a little bit of tweaking and a lot of patience, Jackson can become a very good Quarterback at the NFL level. He has a rocket for an arm, with much more accuracy than you would imagine. I’d compare his arm strength to Brett Favre and he’s just as accurate as Favre was in college. He may not be as fast as Mike Vick, but he has the same quickness and reaction time. If he spends a little extra time learning behind a veteran and is not thrown into the fire like a lot of rookie qb’s are, then I can see a bright future ahead of him. A lot of people are quick to judge and do not give him credit where credit is due… 9,000+ yards passing with 69 td’s and just 27 interceptions in three years is pretty damn good… not to mention the 4,000+ yards and 50 td’s on the ground as well. The kid has accomplished a bunch in his three years starting!

  4. This isn’t Andy blowing “draft season” smoke on mirrors.

    Think of the QBS he’s had…McNabb, Vick, and now Mahomes. All mobile and strong-armed. Jackson is nothing if not fleet and he has some serious zip out of a short motion and quick release.

    I’m glad Andy can evaluate talent better than an old codger like Polian…but, then again, we all know that the notion of a Heisman-winning QB moving to receiver is distinctly racist.

    Manziel and Tebow got a shot, even though we all had a clue that their styles wouldn’t translate to the pros long-term, if at all. Terrell Pryor got a shot before his actual conversion to WR.

    Braxton Miller is the only recent guy I can think of who has done this directly upon entering the league, intentionally, prior to the draft…with even a the slightest success, anyways.

    Good luck in the league, Lamar. Some team will get a steal, if they know what they are doing with the talent available…

  5. “Manziel and Tebow got a shot, even though we all had a clue that their styles wouldn’t translate to the pros long-term, if at all.”


    Sorry… (caveat) “ALL”…except Josh McD and the Brownies “brain trust”.

  6. My only concern is how slim he is and how he’ll hold up long term. He can definitely play, but he’s gonna get hit. He is a fantastic talent. I’d grab him if he falls.

  7. “Redskins Draft him!”


    Holy hell…Dan Snyder and Redskins fans everywhere are still having RGIII night terrors. Don’t think they’re keen to draft a doppeleganger, whether the fair or not. Physically, frame-wise and skill set. It exists.

    All that is to say…are you sober or nah?

  8. Yeah, he probably is a little thinner than you’d like at QB right now, but he isn’t much thinner than Brady was when he was first drafted. You probably don’t want to draft him and put him in there right away, especially having him run often, like the Redskins did with RGIII, but if he takes a year to learn and develop physically, he could be a very good NFL QB.

  9. mlhigh says:
    March 1, 2018 at 1:10 am
    The Chiefs are tanking.
    Says the guy whose team didn’t field a legit starting QB for an entire season.

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