Bill O’Brien: I’d never bet against J.J. Watt

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J.J. Watt has played only eight games the past two seasons combined, making only 1.5 sacks after having 74.5 his first five seasons. He has undergone three surgeries in two years, including two on his back.

Questions abound about whether the three-time defensive player of the year ever returns to what he once was.

“About his stats, people ask me that all the time, and let me tell you, I’d never bet against J.J. Watt,” Texans coach Bill O’Brien told John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “He’s one of the best players to play this game. He’s working hard to get back to that level.”

Watt ranked as one of the favorites for the league’s comeback player of the year after he missed 13 games in 2016 because of a second back surgery. He fractured the tibial plateau in his left leg in the fifth game last season.

“J.J. is ahead of schedule in his rehab as far as what he’s able to do,” O’Brien said. “I go by what J.J. tells me, and what I see. He’s very excited. He can’t wait to get back. He can’t wait to get into the training room every day to rehab. He’s one of those guys that can’t wait to get into the locker room every day.

“Him coming back to the defense is big. Him coming back to the team is a big deal. He’s one of the leaders of our team. Being in the locker room, the meeting rooms and on the practice field is such a big deal. He’s great for the younger players. They watch his work ethic. We’re all excited for him to be back in the lineup.”

9 responses to “Bill O’Brien: I’d never bet against J.J. Watt

  1. Id bet against you Bill Obrien, youre the worst coach in the NFL. You start Tom Savage and throw the ball 40+ times even though the game is tight and you have a pretty good oline, and one of the highest paid Tailbacks.
    Also Watt is probably done. Too much weightlifting on a long frame. Cameron Jordan for the saints has the same frame but hes healthy cuz hes never overbuilt his body and put strain on his frame.

  2. I didnt read the article, but if injuries were to end J.J. Watts career; I def think he is HOF worthy.. maybe even first ballot. He was a beast out of a position not meant for that kinda production. Signed, Ravens fan.

  3. Texans good O-Line? You have no idea what you are talking about.

    We get it, people don’t like JJ’s perceived self-promotion, but he’s a hell of a football player.
    He’ll be back.

  4. Watt was one of the most dominant players I can remember. It seems like his body is starting to break down which is always a possibility when big guys push themselves that much, but if Houston would make him available, I imagine 31 teams would have interest.

  5. Overrated discussion. This is like Adrian Peterson making a comeback in 2018. Move on. Great player 3 years ago, but this is how players careers come and go

  6. For some odd reason, people have been duped into thinking the Texans have been some kind of powerhouse for a decade. I’m pretty sure no one outside of Houston or the AFC South even thinks about them during the season.

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