Browns searching high and low to find right quarterback fit

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If the Browns draft a quarterback No. 1 overall — as most expect them to do — Hue Jackson hopes Cleveland doesn’t have to play him immediately.

“Would be have to? I would hope not,” Jackson said Wednesday from the NFL Scouting Combine. “I would hope there’s other things. There’s going to be other opportunities, as we all know. We have free agency right upon us as well. We also have opportunities with the quarterbacks that are on our football team right now. Again, we’ve just got to see how it all fits as we move forward.”

The Browns have another opportunity to get veteran AJ McCarron after botching a trade with the Bengals for the quarterback at the trade deadline. McCarron, who becomes a free agent March 14, has ties to Jackson, having gone 2-1 as the starter in 2015 with Jackson as his offensive coordinator.

Jackson declined comment on McCarron specifically but was asked about projecting quarterbacks with a small sample size. McCarron played in only 11 games and made only three starts — plus one postseason game — in four seasons.

“I think you look where they come from, who did they play for,” Jackson said. “I think there are a lot of other different variables you can look at, and then it’s obviously projecting. Can a guy come in and play for you and do the things you need him to do to help you win? I think you have to go through all those different scenarios and play them all out to see what fits for you.”

The Browns are evaluating the top quarterbacks in the draft and will get a chance to watch them and talk to them even more this week.

“I’ve seen them all,” Jackson said. “Obviously, this is another opportunity starting now to get a chance to talk to them, to get a feel for them a little bit more. I think it’s too early in the process to really talk about where they are, where they rank or anything like that. But I think obviously this is really the start of it, and you’ll work through the combine, work through the pro days, the private workouts and all those things, and we’ll get to know them more as we go through the process.”

28 responses to “Browns searching high and low to find right quarterback fit

  1. Searching high and low lol give me a break
    They’ve had a franchise QB literally sitting right in their laps 2 YEARS IN A ROW and were too blind to see it.

    “Nah we don’t need this big mobile intelligent QB custom built to play in the AFC North, let’s go sign a washed up Bob the 3rd instead.”

    “Nah we don’t need this proven winner who’s elevated everyone around him everywhere he’s been and gone to National Championships, let’s take this raw project who got benched repeatedly for making dumb mistakes in every big game he’s ever played in.”

    There’s your “offensive mastermind QB guru” HC at work. Oh but NOW they’re gonna search high and low lol sure Hue. Whatever you say.

  2. The Browns finally have a football scout working for them. I’d be curious to see how he had DeShone Kiser rated. Otherwise, they’ll just have to trust the new football guy to draft the right QB. They’re certainly in a good position. Just have to have the right scout. Let’s hope they do. McCarron has never impressed me.

  3. Why would anybody sign with the Browns? Money? How much money is enough for you to hate your job? An extra mil a year enough to lose game after game after game? Besides, whatever their research says, they’ll do the opposite. It’s not even funny anymore. In all of sports I’ve never seen a team botch so many things for so many years.

  4. how can anybody possibly care about what a 1-31 coach has to say about anything?

    apparently, in addition to having two new teams–the New England Lions and Green Bay Browns–the NFL will feature another first…a team coached by its GM, since up in cleveland neither the head coach or owner can do it, not that both haven’t tried, and comically so;

    the fans in cleveland deserve better than this, watching another generation of potential stars be wasted by rank incompetence up and down the entire administrative change of command;

  5. Why would anyone listen to this man? He is a terrible head coach and it’s amazing he still has a job. He talks like he’s this QB guru… Kizer on a yo yo come to mind?

  6. The Browns have 5 picks in the first two rounds. They should draft a QB (Rosen is my choice), they should also pick up up in FA and then draft a another developmental QB. This team is not far – it doesn’t help when your current QB (Kizer) throws 22! INTs in 15 games and fumbles the ball 9 times (losing 6). That’s almost 2 a game to the other team and don’t get me started about missed passes. The Browns can be good soon with the right QB AND Hue Jackson playing to that QB’s strengths. Jackson did not do that with Kizer.

  7. logast says:
    February 28, 2018 at 12:39 pm
    Kind of unbelievable that one franchise can get it wrong with such consistency.
    It’s the curse of terrible ownership. Since ’99 our idiot owners (first the Lerner family, and now Haslam) have basically started over every two years, if not less. There’s simply no way to build anything, any kind of organizational consistency, or institutional memory, with such frequent turnover.

    And Haslam (who made them draft Manziel “to generate excitement and sell jerseys”) simply will not allow the football people to run the team as they see fit. If they draft a QB at 1, he’ll be pressuring them right away to play the kid. I have zero confidence that he’ll keep his nose out of it.

    It’s so frustrating. I wish the NFL would step in and make Haslam sell the team. He is a complete fool and has done nothing but continue to run this franchise into the ground at top speed. We need an owner who will get out of the way and let the football people do their jobs.

  8. Maybe McCarron is a bridge or better but I will be encouraged if they do not even attempt to sign him. If so, I’ll take it as a signal that all the poor personnel evaluators have either left the building or are being ignored.

  9. They simply are not in a position to draft someone they are not going to play… Get a FA QB, draft Barkley at one and Fitzpatrick at 4 and best availables the rest of the way.
    You have the opportunity to get two starters immediately, and you’re going to draft a QB you plan to sit? What a waste.

  10. maybe they should fire hue to start with. i would and then get some good scouts to go with a better coach.

  11. You wanna win 10 or more games, draft Baker Mayfield. You want a QB who looks the part, but will falter, leaving you just where you started, then take Rosen, Allen, Darnold, whoever, whatever.

  12. I have an idea.
    Rather than drafting a QB in round 1, trade away your picks for more picks.
    Then draft another bust at QB, and next year after you go 0-16 you will again have the top pick.
    Just repeat until infinity.

    The Patriots excel at winning Super Bowls.
    The Browns excel at amassing draft picks.

  13. Kizer was not a bad pick at all and would have been way better had he gone to another team that wasn’t forced to start him because their other QB’s were a water boy and the mascot. Jackson is literally talking about not wanting to go through again what the Browns put him through last season. He just called out his own team and no one picked up on it.

  14. He has ties to Hue Jackson! I don’t think I want to put my career in the hands of Hue. And just as important you’re really looking at McCarron as a starting QB? Because he’s available is not a reason to choose a QB. You have 2 top 5 picks. Find someone who’s history has not yet been written!

  15. Pony up the cash and sign Kirk Cousins. He can start immediately. Grab starting talent to put around him. In a late round, grab a QB to develop. Then trade said drafted QB for a higher pick in two – three years like the Packers used to do. The rookie salary scale will help off-set Cousin’s mega deal for the average of the position.

    Browns need to drop some cash to lure in a veteran QB anyway. Might as well drop it all on the best FA available (even better than Brees, because Cousins will have a longer tenure).

  16. For those of you blaming Hue Jackson for not drafting Carson Wentz or Deshaun Watson…..Hue wasn’t the guy making the picks. The guy who was responsible for the draft was fired and replaced by John Dorsey. Hue Jackson is just playing with the hand that was dealt to him. Take it easy on Hue.

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