Colts confirm they won’t re-sign Frank Gore

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As expected, the Colts are moving on from Frank Gore. General Manager Chris Ballard confirmed Wednesday that Indianapolis won’t re-sign Gore, who becomes a free agent next month.

“We had a discussion; we did multiple times during the season,” Ballard said. “Frank knows we’re at a point we need to get younger and look, I want to give Frank a chance to go see what’s our there and see if he finishes in a place he wants to finish it. He’s a Hall of Famer player in my mind, without question a first-ballot Hall of Fame player.

“He’s very honest. He likes it when you’re honest with him, and we had a nice discussion.”

Gore, 34, led the Colts in rushing all three of his seasons in Indianapolis. He gained 2,953 of his 14,026 career rushing yards in Indianapolis.

“Even just in three years — most of his career was in San Francisco — his three years left an impact on the locker room and people like I don’t know if I’ve seen another player do,” Ballard said.

The Colts are left with Marlon Mack, Robert Turbin, Josh Ferguson and Matt Jones at the position. Some mock drafts have Indianapolis selecting Saquon Barkley with the third overall choice.

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  1. I saw the game in college when his knee exploded and I just felt so bad for him that his NFL career was over before it had even begun. Wouldn’t count him out yet.

  2. Better would have kept Frank. Good Luck Getting Saquon at #3. He is gone at #1 or #2….both teams need a running back and the Browns even have a #4 in their pocket to get a QB. Giants have Eli, and imagine how much more dangerous he becomes if they get him a running game. I would rather he not go to either, but he is the gem of this draft class, and everybody knows it.

  3. Guy scared the heck out of me every time Seahawks met 49r’s a few years back. What a great, strong RB. Hope he enjoys his retirement when it finally happens. I suspect that if he wants to play as a role player/backup/mentor for another year or two, some team will bring him in. Good luck to him.

  4. Colts need so much help on defense, is Bradley Chubb the right pick at #3 rather than Barkley? Is there any chance Mack can carry the load at RB? I really don’t know. Just wonder if that’s the direction they’ll go.

  5. Ehhh he’s more of a Curtis Martin type of RB that compiled alot of stats due to just sticking around a long time.

    Hall of fame should be for stand out game changing players. It shouldn’t be the hall of very long average career.

    If you put in guys with careers like this then Vinny Testaverde should be in, he’s got big numbers from playing a long time, but just an average qb.

  6. He may catch on with another team, but probably as a backup. His lead back days are pretty much over. Father Time always wins.

  7. All of these comments about how Gore shouldn’t be in the HOF?

    He’s top 5 in all time rushing, and it’s not only because of longevity. The guy was well over or right at 1000 yards rushing in all but many two seasons. Yards from scrimmage even higher.

    Not sure what else you could ask for.

  8. jason9696 says:
    February 28, 2018 at 9:51 pm
    Helluva a running back but probably not worthy of the Hall Of Fame.
    supra23 says:
    March 1, 2018 at 12:06 am
    ..RB that compiled alot of stats due to just sticking around a long time.
    Look guys, I’m no the Colts’ fan, but in his 13yrs, quite often on struggling teams (not just Colts but also his earlier 9ers years), he’s put up impressive combined yds – just last year 961yds run & 245yds rec = 1,206yds combined, and 17,698 career combined = 1,361yds/yr. And as for amassing numbers simply from a long career, Walter Payton played 13yrs and Emmitt Smith 15yrs – both on teams that were top-teir most of the time. Do we discount them for playing more than 10yrs? In combined yds Gore is only 492 behind Barry Sanders’ 18,190, which he should surpass mid-2018. A top-3 all-time is just good enough for HoF, even for me who thinks jackets are handed out like candy these days – and Gore might play 2 or 3 more yrs like Emmitt did and even vertake him too for 2nd all time behind Payton. Respect is due.

  9. Stu Bidaciou says:
    March 1, 2018 at 12:36 am
    Come to the pats and be our goal line runner, we’ll get you that super bowl ring.
    Unless you’re playing a back up QB or the Giants.

  10. Frank Gore is a hall of famer. I can’t believe somebody compared him to
    Vinny Testraverde TOTAL TOOL.

    I’d rather have him in SF than Hyde.

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