Danny Amendola doesn’t want to leave New England

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Tight end Rob Gronkowski has yet to confirm his plans for the 2018 season, but another one of Tom Brady‘s targets in the passing game has made his intentions clear.

Wide receiver Danny Amendola had a speaking engagement at Bryant University on Tuesday and the topic of his playing future came up for discussion. Amendola is set to become a free agent in a couple of weeks and told the crowd that his choice would be to stay right where he’s been since 2013.

“I’m a free agent this year, so let’s say — the unknown. We’ll see what happens. I definitely want to be here. To tell you the truth, I don’t want to leave. But it’s a business. I’ve learned that,” Amendola said, via Mike Reiss of ESPN.com.

One way Amendola’s learned the business side of the game has been by taking reduced salaries to remain with the Patriots in each of the last three seasons. His willingness to do that makes it unsurprising that he’d like to stay put and his 26 catches for 348 yards in the playoffs makes a good case for his continued usefulness in the offense.

Whether that would be the case with Julian Edelman returning to the lineup is one of the questions the Patriots will likely ponder how Amendola fits into their plans for the 2018 season.

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  1. DA has come up really big in some important games. He gets a raw deal because he was ” brought in to take Welkers spot ” …Hes one of Bradys trusted weapons and has taken a pay cut for the team each of the last three seasons. I say re sign him but with BB its like Forrest Gump…YOU NEVER KNOW WHATS U GONNA GET

  2. Why wouldn’t other teams offer more than the 1.7 million the Pats are paying him?

    He’s a good return man and can also play slot receiver.
    Is 3 million too much?

  3. Edelman’s return shouldn’t have any particular effect on Amendola’s prospects with the Patriots. They’ve both been on the team and played together in many, many games. Just think of Super Bowl 51. Edelman had his flashy catch, but Danny had several less eye-popping plays that were critical building blocks to the Patriots’ comeback.

    Gronk calls him Danny Playoffs for a reason and that’s not lost on the Patriots’ personnel group. I’m not going to sweat this one. The team and Danny will make this work.

  4. the familiarity forged with tb12 not to mention his consistent ability for clutch plays when he’s on the field warrants what i’m sure will be a reasonable contract for him to stay.

  5. .
    Amendola is always near or at the top of the list for fewest drops. Brady likes reliability and Amendola is Mr Reliable.

  6. With 152 yards in the Super Bowl, he definitely saved Brady from should have been a humiliating embarrassment. But again, those were mostly garbage time yards because the Patriots never had a chance against the Superior Eagles. Sure, they led by one point for about 30 seconds but we all knew the Eagles would come back to crush No. 12 as he ran for his life.

  7. An amazing man as well as a player. He doesn’t play games, he’s up front and honest, a true Patriot.
    Know this – New England always uses all the cap room, they try to distribute the money fairly among the players.
    When you know the team is treating you and the other players fair, sometimes it a little easier to take a little less so the other guy who is at the bottom of the pay scale can get a little more

  8. Tom Brady: Base salary $14m, (13% of the cap
    Elandon Roberts: $630,000, (less than 1/2 of of 1% of the cap)
    Both started in the Super Bowl
    That’s some “fair” distribution there.

  9. terripet says:
    February 28, 2018 at 8:17 am
    Go to Green Bay play with the best quarterback

    Actually Im pretty sure Green Bay is sticking with Rodgers despite the price tag.

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