Falcons to hire consultant to address fan egress issues at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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The first season of events of Mercedes-Benz Stadium uncovered some areas of concern for the facility that needed to be addressed prior to the facility hosting Super Bowl LIII next February.

In addition to issues with the roof, the concourses and gate areas of the stadium were prone to heavy congestion, which resulted in complaints from attendees. According to Tim Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Atlanta Falcons are planning to hire a consultant to determine the best course of action to address the egress issues at the stadium.

The stadium has already added three additional sets of double doors and an overhead rolling door since the end of the season. The intention to hire a consultant was brought up at a board meeting for the Georgia World Congress Center Authority, which oversees the stadium.

Additionally, issues with the audio systems in the stadium are also under examination.

The growing pains of a new facility are why the NFL doesn’t want to stage a Super Bowl at a stadium in its first year of operation. The league moved the 2021 Super Bowl from Los Angeles to Tampa earlier due to delays in construction of the new Rams/Chargers stadium in Inglewood, Calif. Los Angeles will now host the event in 2022.

13 responses to “Falcons to hire consultant to address fan egress issues at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

  1. It’s astonishing things like this can happen. People have been building huge stadiums for decades now all over the world, there are thousands and thousands of examples of what works well and what doesn’t. How hard can it be to only apply the things that work well?

  2. You would think a team named after a bird of prey
    would know how to handle issues associated with baby eagles.

  3. “Additionally, issues with the audio systems in the stadium are also under examination.”
    The system was only pumping in 50% of the fake fan noise they were expecting it to be able to handle

  4. So they built a huge new stadium and there were problems entering & exiting so they added more doors and it’s still a problem?

    That sounds like a horrible design. They must have hired the same genius that designed the PATH station/Occulus on Wall Street that I have to go through every day.

  5. “building huge stadiums for decades”?

    People have built huge stadiums for 2000 yrs. The Romans built a stadium that had a retractable roof and moved people in an out better and more efficiently than any today. And it held more people than many NFL stadiums.

    How about we give them some credit and maybe learn a thing or two from them?

  6. Architecture seems preoccupied with how a building looks on the outside as a scale model on a desk rather than how a design functions for the people inside the real building every day.

  7. same thing with the minesotta stadium. when you build a new stadium its got a lot of bugs. by the time you work em out the fatcats are charging you taxpayers to build a new one.
    meanwhile the playgrounds in your city are in disrepair. robbin from the children

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