Hue Jackson expects Joe Thomas’ decision on left tackle’s future “fairly soon”

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Hue Jackson doesn’t have a sense of what Joe Thomas will decide, but the Browns coach expects his left tackle to make a decision soon. Thomas has said he would let the Browns know by March 14 — the start of free agency — whether he was retiring.

“I’ve talked to Joe Thomas several times, and I think Joe is going to make a decision here hopefully fairly soon,” Jackson said at the NFL Scouting Combine. “But again, it’s on his time. Joe has been a tremendous Cleveland Brown, and he’s done everything and anything we’ve asked of him, so I think it’s only right that we give him an opportunity to work through this and make the best decision for him.”

Jackson was asked if he was alarmed by Thomas’ recent weight loss, a signal that Thomas might be leaning toward calling it a career after 11 seasons.

“Am I alarmed by it? No. I’ve seen him putting it back on here recently,” Jackson said. “He’s Joe. He knows how to get himself ready to play if he decides to play. For us as an organization, we’re going to do everything we can to be prepared whether he plays or he doesn’t play. I think that’s what our responsibility is.”

13 responses to “Hue Jackson expects Joe Thomas’ decision on left tackle’s future “fairly soon”

  1. Disagree. He needs to take his time and make his decision, as anyone who is one of the best of all time should have a right to do – all players should have a right to do so.

  2. No, he needs to ask for a release so he can go play play for a ring. He deserves it after putting up with the dysfunction that has been the Browns while putting together a HoF resume’.

  3. off the subject, but did Hue ever jump into Lake Erie, as he promised to do if the 2017 Browns didn’t have a better won-lost record than the 2016 Browns. Inquiring minds want to know…and, he could make the same bet as he did last year…probably has a better chance of being right for a change…

  4. He lost a lot of weight and it was just 4 months of winter and he rehabbed? Seems like a retiring direction.

    I still think he will play his last year of his contract.

    Maybe they should front load a contract so he plays two more years. The Browns will probably just be competitive at that point. Give him 32 million. He’ll stay. You got the money, pay the guy for being the 2nd best player in team history.

  5. “…as he promised to do if the 2017 Browns didn’t have a better won-lost record than the 2016 Browns…

    He promised to jump in “if (they) went 1-15 again.” It was a rather specific commitment.

    To my knowledge, he later said (but did not promise) that 0-16 would also be recognized as matching the intent of the statement and that he would indeed jump in the lake as part of a fundraiser. To my knowledge that fundraiser has not happened yet.

  6. Agree with Hue ” …has been a good cleveland ….” I bet Mr. Dorsey is planning for the future…..

  7. Joe’s waiting to see if Haslam is actually going to spend the money to build a winner or keep it like in the past. I just wish he would come out and say it.

  8. Why get beat up again for a handful of wins?


    Only Jason Pierre-Paul would get a handful of wins on the Browns.

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