John Elway on quarterback search: Misses don’t bother me

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The Broncos have selected six quarterbacks the past eight drafts, using two first-rounders and a second among the picks. But none panned out as expected, forcing Denver to sign Peyton Manning in 2012 and sending the Broncos back in search of a franchise quarterback this offseason.

“Believe me, I’m not done swinging and missing,” General Manager John Elway said Wednesday at the NFL Scouting Combine, laughing. “Misses don’t bother me. We just have to figure out a way to get it right. That is what we are working on.”

Elway said the Broncos are “not too far away” from returning to the postseason, but concedes that “obviously we have to get better at that [quarterback] position.” The Hall of Fame quarterback insists the Broncos have not decided on the route to find their next franchise signal caller, but the team has options.

They could join the bidding for Kirk Cousins. Nick Foles could hit the trade block. The quarterback choices in the draft include Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen, who the Broncos coached in the Senior Bowl.

“I think we’re going to explore all options in free agency and see where that goes,” Elway said. “Obviously, we’ve got the fifth pick in the draft, too. That will all play into it. We’ll continue to look at all of the options out there when it comes to quarterback.”

The Broncos enticed Manning with a five-year, $96 million deal in 2012, with Denver getting a Super Bowl title out of it. Elway was asked if this offseason reminds him of that one six years ago.

“We have to see where it is,” Elway said. “Even with Peyton, we weren’t a for sure thing with Peyton. That was always fluid, too, but he was our target.”

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  1. This Bronco fan gets his point. To a great extent the draft is a crap shoot. Some great players have been overlooked until late in the draft, like Brady and Romo, while other can’t miss players have fallen short, such as Ryan Leaf and Johnnie Football. All sorts of experts failed to see these people for who they really were. I say Johnnie’s got the right idea. Keep swinging until you hit one. Its a lot cheaper to get them out of the draft than free agency.

  2. Wow… that’s awesome.

    All of the AFC is VERY happy to hear that misses are no big deal to the Bronco’s.

    Misses on QBs… Head Coaches… OC’s…. WHY WORRY about it, right?

  3. Horse face lucked out with Manning that is all.. and even Manning was a shelf of himself that whole season thanks to a D that played out of their minds.

  4. Lol how it is when you win so much that you are condemned coming back to Earth. You know how many GMs hit and miss every year, all the time? ALL OF THEM. There have been LOUSY picks, no doubt but two Super Bowl Appearances since he’s arrived in that capacity, people. I watched him talk to the media today and when asked about Lynch, he nearly froze up. If body language is any indicator, Lynch is even a bigger bust than what fans accuse him of. Bet he wishes he could have that one, along with Ball and a host of others back. But I’m not giving up on last year’s draft yet. Both Hendersons could be players, Jake Butt could be the real deal,Bolles is gonna be money and Chad Kelly is the X factor. Plus Walker moved back inside and this could have been a great draft, less that dropsies kick returner.

  5. If more organizations would adopt Elway’s viewpoint (looking at you Miami), they might not be stuck in the same rut year after year … refusing to admit a miss (the 18 QBs since Marino) and continue swinging again (first or second round) until you get it right.

    And then keep swinging to develop QBs each year as NE has demonstrated time and time again with Brissett, Garappolo, etc. despite having a cemented starter.

  6. I would certainly have liked Elway to strike gold with one of his QB pick, but obviously, that has not happened. Also, they usually pick llate where it’s much harder to hit on a franchise QB. The one time he had a top 5 pick he picked Von Miller. Pretty good choice I’d say
    That said, as a player, the man went to 5 Superbowls and won 2 (back to back). I’ll take that ANY DAY.
    Every GM in this in the NFL probably misses more than they hit. That doesn’t mean you quit drafting.

  7. They say great players make lousy coaches. Perhaps great QB’s can’t pick QB’s. Most GMs don’t get to pick six QB’s.

  8. Clowns on this page hate on John Elway like the Broncos have been horrible under him. In 7 years: 5 AFC West crowns, 2 AFC Championship Victories (both over the Patriots) 2 Super Bowl appearances and 1 Super Bowl Victory. IN 7 YEARS. When we got blown out in SB 48 with the greatest offense of all time, we came back 2 years later with one of the greatest defenses of all time. If you think Elway hasn’t earned respect or patience it’s obvious where you are coming from.

  9. You would think he is a good seeing talent in qb’s but the more i think about it he is cluelesss/ Paxton Lynch? big bust got rid of Tebow but thats a push and the last several years has been brutal in denver in the qb position. In past history of all the great football players and baseball players when they got in management be it a manager in baseball or a coach or gm in football the results are far below average. The good coaches managers etc are the ones who were bench warmers role players and the like that became great coaches managers gm’s in their field.

  10. it is surprising. since he is himself a quarterback, and a great one, one would expect him to be good at evaluating players in that position. OTOH, he can only take what is available in the draft.

  11. No way Elway drafts another QB, that would be putting his neck on the line.

    He’ll overpay for a veteran QB and then send bags of cash to him to circumvent the salary cap.

    That’s just how the Donkeys roll.

  12. Meanwhile, the fastest scoring first time starting QB in NFL history in their first 16 games of playing time is playing baseball.
    Tim Tebow scored 34 times in his first 549 touches in his first 15.5 games and 13 plays in 2010/2011 and took Elway’s 1-4 team to the playoffs.
    In 2017, 34 scores would rank 2nd in the NFL for scores by a QB.
    Elway’s ego is the reason Elway signed Sanchez instead of Tebow in 2016. Both were available.

  13. If Elway would of signed either Shanahan as head coach he’d have Jimmy G or Cousins and a running game to go with the QB and defense. Is Elway’s ego that big? Look at what Elway did without Shanahan as a QB. Assistant as well as head coach. Why wouldn’t they work together?does anyone know?

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