Kevin Colbert confirms Ryan Shazier won’t play in 2018

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Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier has made progress since having spinal surgery in the wake of the injury he suffered against the Bengals during the regular season, but there’s been no sign that he’ll be able to resume his playing career in 2018.

On Wednesday, Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert confirmed that isn’t going to change. Colbert said in Indianapolis that Shazier will not play at all next season.

Shazier’s $8.7 million salary for the upcoming season is guaranteed against injury under the terms of the fifth-year option that the team exercised before last season. Colbert said that Shazier will remain with the organization as he continues his rehab and will have some off-field role with the team during that process.

Shazier said recently that he still plans on returning to the field, although he has yet to progress to walking on his own and that’s one of several milestones he’d have to hit before there’s a chance of that happening.

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  1. God Bless Ryan & his road to recovery, BUT the only reason he is still in the news is because his contract is “fully guaranteed” thru 2018 & it’s good press for the stillers org.

    He will never suit up again, he can’t even walk without assistance as is right now. I hope he makes a full recovery, but to think he really will play in the NFL again is just mind numbingly stupid.

  2. This isn’t surprising. Even if for some reason he could be cleared to play, he hasn’t been maintaining his muscle strength. Right now, all of his energy is focused on just rehabing so he can walk. That means nothing is going to keeping his legs maintained for actually playing the game at an NFL level. The level of atrophy in his legs (and the rest of him) must be staggering given the level of athlete he was/is.

    I hope he decides that it isn’t worth it and moves on to his next stage in life.

  3. Should Ryan Shazier make a full functional recovery from his devastating injury….and then decides he wants to risk it again on the field?

    I would strongly recommend he have is head examined as well.

  4. He was a force on the field for them and the D wasnt the same once he was gone. I hope his desire to play again leads him to resuming a normal life but I do hope for his own health he does not play again. A spinal injury isnt something to play around with and its great his option was excercised before the injury. Glad he will get paid this year as he rehabs, wish him the best.

  5. Did anybody really think he would have?…I hope he has a full recovery but this isn’t exactly news…the NFL suppressed his initial injury like a 60’s assignation. This guy isn’t playing football again, be realistic, his getting paid and the GM talking about his status is all a game…This injury isn’t productive to the leagues bottom line.. 8.7 million are peanuts to these guys.

  6. Hope Ryan goes on the USA Youth Football and visits every youth program discussing the proper ways not to tackle…Best thing could happen after a horrible tackle gone bad.

  7. jgo304 says:
    February 28, 2018 at 11:44 am
    BUT the only reason he is still in the news is because his contract is “fully guaranteed” thru 2018


    I don’t think so. I think he is “in the news” because he played in the NFL, was injured in the NFL and many NFL fans from the Steelers and other teams are very interested in him and his recovery. Shazier was a great player and even though he was on the Steelers this Pats’ fan admires and respects his accomplishments. I believe all true NFL fans see it this way.

  8. “I hope he makes a full recovery, but to think he really will play in the NFL again is just mind numbingly stupid.”

    You know the human body and the willpower of the human mind can do amazing things. While the odds are against him ever playing again, never say never. For a lot of people you’re right, it would be nothing more than a fantasy.

    But there are strong willed individuals who overcome this sort of thing and its not outright impossible. I wish the best for him and if nothing else, the drive to get back on the field will drive him to work as hard as possible at his rehab.

  9. Of course he wants to play again, he’s an NFL star… good to know that they are taking the high road… he’ll have a lot of time to consider his real future

  10. I wish him the best in his recovery, but I can’t imagine he’ll play again. If that ever even comes into the discussion I hope he has a long talk with his family before making a decision.

    As someone said above, this should open up (again) the discussion about poor tackling in the NFL. Fewer and fewer guys are keeping their head up and wrapping with their arms – they either shoulder-bump or lower their head and just dive at the ball carrier. It’s bad form and it’s dangerous for everyone involved in the play.

    My pet peeve the last few years is defenders who dive in at the end of a play, after the ball carrier is already stopped. Too many helmet-to-helmet hits on guys who are vulnerable from these situations – and sometimes it’s guys on their own team to pay the price.

    I hope Shazier makes a full recovery, and I hope we don’t see someone die on an NFL field.

  11. I hope the guy gets healthy enough and he is cleared to play football again. He is a tough SOB on the field and it would be awesome to see him make a full recovery back to the field.

  12. Steelers defense was nowhere near as stout without Shazier.
    His absence was felt in a big way, and he’ll be hard to replace.
    Wishing Ryan well on his recovery. He was fun to watch.

  13. I hope he makes a full recovery. I also can fully understand his desire to want to play again and disagree with everyone calling him moron or stupid for feeling that way. Having that fire and instinct in him is what was making him such a great player.

    But while I might understand his feelings and why he had them, I sincerely hope he never does.

    He can coach maybe? He certainly understands the game well enough.

  14. jgo304 says:
    God Bless Ryan & his road to recovery, BUT the only reason he is still in the news is because his contract is “fully guaranteed” thru 2018 & it’s good press for the stillers org.

    Maybe you should consider facts before arriving at your misinformed conclusions. The “stillers org” stick with Sean Spence for 2 years while recovering from his devastating career-ending knee injury. And, guess what, he’s playing today.

  15. Playing should be secondary to his recovery. I just want him to get well. That was a fundamentally life changing injury he just suffered. I’m glad he is doing as well as he is. Who cares about getting on the field.

  16. I’ll say it – I hope he has a full recovery and gets back out on the field, changing the way he tackles. Dude was born to be an ILB, that’s who he is.

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