Pat Shurmur says Odell Beckham “making great progress” in his rehab

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Odell Beckham is making “great progress” in his rehab, but new Giants coach Pat Shurmur said it’s too early to know when the wide receiver will be able to practice.

“He’s been through [the building], and to my knowledge, he’s making great progress,” Shurmur said. “I don’t know about the [training] camp part of it yet.”

Beckham sprained his left ankle in the preseason and fractured it in the regular season. He ended up playing only four games.

Beckham recently tweeted he wants to play zero snaps in the preseason but later backtracked, saying “people take things a little too serious sometimes.”

“We haven’t really been able to discuss football and certainly we wouldn’t have talked about any participation in training camp [or the preseason],” Shurmur said when asked about Beckham’s tweet. “We communicate just kind of on the surface like we have to with all our players. But we’ve developed a relationship that’s pretty sound.”

6 responses to “Pat Shurmur says Odell Beckham “making great progress” in his rehab

  1. Still rehabbing? “He’s been through the building”? How long ago did this injury take place? What’s he been doing all this time? Oh, I know, filming TV commercials. He sure looked healthy dancing with Eli!

    What a joke this guy is. The rest of the league continues to pray: PLEASE, Giants – give Beckham that big $$$, long-term deal he wants, so you can bury your franchise for the next 10 years.

  2. He hurt his hammy to start off his career and missed about 4 games, and then suffered the broken ankle in his 4th season. Between those two injuries, production wise, he was basically on pace to be the most prolific receiver in NFL history. Thats not me talking, those are the stats he put up. there’s no reason to believe that he wont be just as good once he’s fully healthy.

  3. Wow, the injury must be a lot worse than I realized. I fractured a leg and was only 6 weeks in a cast. Certainly not the same situation but if he is not healed 6 months later it was pretty bad. Wish him the best, even with the prima donna act he is good for the game.

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