Preston Brown open to idea of being next Bills player to join Patriots

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Stephon Gilmore, Mike Gillislee and Chris Hogan have all become integral parts of the New England Patriots in recent seasons after previously playing for the Buffalo Bills.

Linebacker Preston Brown is set to be an unrestricted free agent in the coming weeks and he could envision himself making a similar move within the division if the opportunity presents itself.

“It’s a little weird,” Brown said of his former Buffalo teammates in New England, via Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald. “I’m not going to sit here and lie like, ‘Oh well.’ You’re happy for them, but you’re also like, all right, every time somebody goes to the Patriots, they’re going to the Pro Bowl or the Super Bowl. It’s something you feel.

“But the Patriots, they definitely seem to get the best out of the Buffalo Bills.”

Brown has said he believes the Bills want to keep him around after he tied for the league lead in tackles last season. He’s also hasn’t missed a game in four years and has eclipsed 100 tackles in each of his four seasons.

The Patriots defense was horrendous for the first month of the season last year. The team managed to paste over the flaws of the unit to perform adequately the second half of the year as the team made it to the Super Bowl for an eighth time in the last 17 seasons. However, the defense was shredded again by the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl as the flaws resurfaced on the biggest stage.

Brown would provide a capable defender at the linebacker position to complement Kyle Van Noy, Elandon Roberts and Dont'a Hightower. However, the Bills could be just as keen to keep Brown in Buffalo instead of watching another player depart for their chief division rival.

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  1. It is a stretch to say Gillislee was integral last year, but Gilmore played very well after a slow start and Hogan has been integral. The Pats certainly need linebacker help so if they can sign Brown…great.

  2. Preston – Would you like to play for the elite team that every NFL player looks up to as the best? Would you like to play for Bill Belichick, GOAT Head Coach? Would you like to play on the same team with Tom Brady, GOAT? Would you like 100% total certainty your team will make the playoffs every year and probably win a Super Bowl?
    Gee that wasn’t so hard to evaluate, was it?

  3. It’s great that the Buffalo fans have 2 teams to cheer for— their own team and the team that employs the ex-Bills and a certain Buffalo native. It’s a win-win for the fans.

  4. I would want Brown back as he is consistent and almost never misses time or a play.

    However he is not a premier MLB and our run defense suffered because our LBs were not fast enough to make tackles. Thank goodness we had two amazing safeties but it seemed like we always gave up an extra few yards per rush and needed safety help.

    Brown is a good player and great guy but I would not want a bidding war and to overpay. That being said we have one LB who was a rookie last year who looks to be a starter and we need two more and depth. Brown is a starter but I would love to spend a 1st or 2nd round pick on a MLB who has more lateral speed and can read the offense better.

  5. Sounds like one way to get around the expectation of a “hometown discount”.
    Just mention being intrigued by the possibility of playing for your most hated rival…

  6. Wait I thought the crybabies said no one outside of NE respects the Patriots

    But players openly admit they want to play in NE

    what a shocker the crybabies are wrong , again!

  7. Going from a perennial loser to a perennial winner has to be intriguing at the very least.

    Getting out of the ugliest town on this side of the Atlantic to Boston is massive.

  8. Mediocre talent. Slow footed LB who makes tackles down the field because he lacks aggressiveness.
    Exactly NOT what the Patriots need. We already have hard hitting but slow Elandon Roberts and we just kicked old man Harris to the curb.
    Speed..Sped..Speed on Defense is what Patriots need on MLB and OLB.

  9. I actually very much appreciate the patriots signing away Stephon “PI” Gilmore. He is so ridiculously overrated and overpaid. You can have him. Too bad for Gillislee, he would have actually played and probably contributed in Buffalo last year and still owned the same amount of Super Bowl rings. Hogan stings, but of course he is super productive in NE, is any receiver not? NE if you want to pay top $ for Preston go ahead, we will fill the gaps.

  10. I’m ok with Preston staying or leaving. He does not miss games and he makes the tackle when in the area. However, he is not fast and he does not plug running holes at the line of scrimmage – rather he wraps them up as they run at him and by him. If NE wants to back up the Brinks truck like they did with Gilmore, I am ok with letting him go.

  11. Perhaps every one forgets that Gillislee and Hogan were Dolphins before they were Bills and honestly neither was critical to the Patriots success. My point is neither would be starters on any team if it were not for injuries. Not saying they suck, but they are journeymen on any team. Edelman comes back from injury and Amendola resigns and Buh-Bye 7-11. Gillisleee is a dime a dozen RB.

  12. “But the Patriots, they definitely seem to get the best out of the Buffalo Bills.”

    Ok that’s hilarious.

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