Sean McVay on Marcus Peters trade: Rams added a great player

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Rams coach Sean McVay says trading for Marcus Peters made the roster better.

McVay said on PFT Live that while other teams might have shied away from Peters because of off-field concerns, there’s really nothing like adding a talented player to a roster.

“It’s a great player,” McVay said of the Rams’ motivation to make the trade.

McVay said he and G.M. Les Snead worked hard on looking into what kind of player Peters is, although McVay was also cautious about saying too much before the trade becomes official in two weeks.

“You’ve got to be careful what you can talk about because of tampering until that March 14 deadline,” McVay said. “But when you identify a skill set, and Les did a great job of being in good communication with them, and then you have the personnel and coaching staff evaluate it, and you make a decision. Is it conducive for us to take a step in that direction? We felt like that was right.”

So even if other teams thought Peters wasn’t worth the risks, the Rams like what they’re adding.

25 responses to “Sean McVay on Marcus Peters trade: Rams added a great player

  1. They added one of the top 3 cornerbacks in football. None of you know how much he’s worth in the lockerroom because you’ve never shared one with him. Your opinion is null and full.

  2. I can’t argue with that, peters is a Great Player, when his head is right. He is also someone that puts self before team, he is immature and has a terrible attitude. Went after Chiefs coaches at least Twice last year.

  3. Let’s take a pause for a minute and look at who Andy Reid is, put your opinion on his coaching abilities to the side for a moment. He’s a reformer, and has been pretty successful in doing so after the death of his son, Philly fans can attest to that. He’ll give his guys chance after chance because he looks at them as one of his own. He signed a QB straight out of a prison sentence and took him under his wing, put a muzzle on DeSean Jackson, and even LeSean McCoy was a lot quieter in the Reid days than he is now. If you can’t turn things around for yourself under Andy Reid and buy in, I have a hard time believing you’ll achieve a turnaround anywhere else. That said, I am rooting for Peters. There’s a good kid deep down inside there and I see the fiery attitude that will turn him into a great player. It’s just a matter of if he can keep his head on straight when things go south.

  4. All these people always saying teams are going to be in cap hell are crazy and don’t know what they are talking about. The cap is consistently increasing and as long as you have a semi decent GM like most teams have there will be no problems. You can always cut dead weight or restructure deals to make it work. Obviously teams get up there and can’t sign every great player but there isn’t really a cap hell anymore so quit being over dramatic. I would rather a team spend close to the cap and try winning than a team that has a ton of cap room and loses every year.

  5. Plenty of risk but from a cap perspective there is a huge upside: Just for 2018 Trumaine Johnson’s cap hit would have been what Peters will cost then over the next TWO seasons. I do agree with the point above that Andy Reid throwing in the towel on Peters is a GIGANTIC red flag but sometimes a change of scenery will have a positive affect. The Rams certainly better hope so.

  6. The Rams are creating a massive talent surge over the next two years. After that they are going to lose some people, especially when Goff gets his extension. That being said, they are going to be really good in the two years leading up to their stadium opening. That’s not a bad approach considering they want to sell PSLs and tickets which are likely going to be the highest in the NFL.

  7. youngnoizecom says:
    February 28, 2018 at 2:13 pm
    They added one of the top 3 cornerbacks in football. None of you know how much he’s worth in the lockerroom because you’ve never shared one with him. Your opinion is null and full.

    You’re right my opinion doesn’t matter and I’m not in the locker room, but 29 other nfl teams not even giving a thought to adding a top 3 corner is telling. Also, trading a 1st round top 3 corner for a 2nd and 4th is telling enough. Not to mention that KC had to sweeten the deal with a 6th round pick of their own. I just go by facts, but that’s just me. What do I know…

  8. You don’t know much. Guys on the team have said glowing things about Peters and loved his competitive nature. With that being said, people on here are calling a guy who forced the most turnovers in the NFL (24) over the last three years not as good as he thinks he is. How good are you at your job? What have you led your profession in? Also, I think 95 percent of NFL players clash with coaches, that’s not just a Marcus Peters thing. To close this out, dude is a great player whose emotions get the best of him sometimes, don’t lie about his skills or character (he does more community service than 90 percent of players in this league) if you don’t know anything.

  9. Yes you probably did but for how long? There is a reason he had problems in college and in Kansas City, which by the way is one of the best fan bases to play for! Coming from the Marshawn Lynch family tree means you can’t teach and old dog new trick nor will this leopard change it’s spots.

  10. There’s a lot of negative opinions on here considering everyone of you would by excited if he was on your team. I’m a Rams fan, and every time I watched a Chiefs game I wished he was on my team and now he is. I tell you who’s not happy. Russel, Jimmy and whatever QB the Cards are going to trot out.

  11. For someone who doesnt want to talk about the trade for fear of tampering, he sure is talking alot. Damn he is touting himself and the Org up over and over again. Seems a bit like he is trying very very hard to justify taking this cancer

  12. Anicra says:
    February 28, 2018 at 2:15 pm
    I see the Rams in cap hell soon, because the players on D are going to cost tons.


    But if they win the SB before “cap hell soon” all is good.

  13. All I’m gonna say if we believe that Justin Houston and Eric Berry are locker room leaders, then it’s paradoxical that a “locker room cancer” such as Peters would count those same guys as his best friends on the team.

    I mean…right?

  14. The rumor mill is stating that Clark Hunt was behind the trade, so if that’s so then Andy Reid didn’t get rid of him. ANd seeing how Hunt did have an issue with his anthem kneeling, and how they had a meeting not before he was up and traded, there’s a good chance the owner pushed the moved.

  15. Kid’s a ballhawk that doesn’t tackle. He can get you some turnovers. I fear the LA night life and his immaturity will get him in trouble.

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