Andy Reid: No mandate from owner to trade Marcus Peters

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Chiefs head coach Andy Reid faced questions about the impending trade of cornerback Marcus Peters to the Rams on Wednesday, but there was only one of them he was willing to talk about ahead of the deal becoming official on March 14.

Reid responded to a report that the trade came as a result of an order from owner Clark Hunt to get Peters off the roster by calling it off base.

“There are things out there, things being said, that I strongly believe against, one of which, I think, is important that you know,” Reid said, via the Kansas City Star. “Our owner gives [General Manager] Brett Veach and I every opportunity to do what we want to do with the roster and any other situation. He does not interfere with that. Obviously, we keep him abreast, but there is not pressure coming from our owner. That’s not how he operates — at all. And so those things that are being said out there, as I know most of you have heard, are way, way, way out of line.”

We’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to see if Reid has anything more to say about the reasons behind the Chiefs’ decision to trade Peters and a 2018 sixth-round pick for a 2018 fourth-round pick and 2019 second-round pick.

11 responses to “Andy Reid: No mandate from owner to trade Marcus Peters

  1. What’s he going to say, that MP was a locker room cancer, that he was to much to be coached? No he won’t say anything other then it was best for MP and the KC organization, that’s it, nothing more nothing less.

  2. The reason, despite being a highly talented corner, is if you’re a jerk and act like a fool you lose your job. Also, 29 other teams didn’t want him. So you can’t blame the owner or the coach. But is anyone surprised that a team in California accepted the 1% guy?

  3. The fact that Andy felt he had to say it wasn’t an owner mandate…makes me think it was an owner mandate.

    But the Marcus Peters show seems to wear thin after 24-36 months. KC isn’t the first place this has happened.

    If Marcus can stay out of trouble off the field, the Rams made a great trade. I fear that being that close to home means he will start running with some of the old crowd and we all know how that works out.

  4. It’s been fascinating to read everything on this Peters trade. You’d think KC traded Deion or Revis in their prime. He’s a pretty good corner, not a great one, and if you add in the obvious personality quirks, would you pay $15 mil a year or something crazy for that for 3 or 4 more years, considering that’s probably his window before he hits the wall? Furthermore, would you have traded that much for him when you took all of this into consideration, something else that has been characterized about how KC got fleeced. They are obviously planning to do a hard reset, and that means the expensive guys mostly need to go. Rams get a stop gap to replace the older Johnson who is about to get paid what Peters probably will next year.

    At least Reid and their front office are getting out in front of this before they’re like Seattle with all of these bloated contracts with diminishing returns. This is how it is. You have a very short window in todays’ NFL.

  5. I believe Andy grew up in Los Angeles. He cares more about his players than most coaches. He knows that Marcus Peters will be better off in L.A., than in Kansas City. Peters grew up in Oakland. He’s going to be a lot more comfortable, and hence, a lot more happy in L.A.

  6. I still want to know why rush to make the trade? They could of waited and see if other teams might give them a better offer. Or at least wait till you can officially trade players. Oh well.

  7. Also, everything isn’t in between the lines or PR people. Of any owners in the league who wouldn’t be trying to get rid of a player for PR purposes, Clark Hunt and his father before him would be at the top of my list. Everyone isn’t Jerry Jones or something. The Hunts are about as far away from those kinds of owners as you get. Not to mention that it’s not like it matters to the locals. KC has fans who show up for that team through the best of times and worst, not to mention that the KC metro area just like the St. Louis area before the Rams left wouldn’t exactly be the conservative parts of the state that care about stuff like that as a whole. Sometimes I wonder where people get the time to come up with these conspiracy theories.

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