Cardinals evaluating how Tyrann Mathieu fits

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If safety Tyrann Mathieu is on the Cardinals roster three days into the new league year, he will get a $5 million roster bonus to go with $13.75 million in guaranteed salary for the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim wasn’t saying what the team plans to do on Wednesday. Keim said that an evaluation process involving Mathieu’s fit with a new coaching staff as well as the salary cap is underway and that any decision will wait until that’s done.

“It’s what we are doing right now with the coaching staff, looking not only at Tyrann but every player, and see how they fit,” Keim said, via “How they fit what we are asking them to do schematically, and how they fit from a salary standpoint, all those things moving forward. And there are a lot of moving parts. What we are potentially doing in free agency, how it affects the cap, and I feel we have a pretty good grasp on that.”

Head coach Steve Wilks said he likes Mathieu’s skill set and that the safety “fits right into that mold” of what he’s done on defense in the past, which would seem to take care of some of the football evaluation.

The team suggested after the end of the regular season that they might look at revising Mathieu’s contract ahead of all that money becoming guaranteed. Whether that’s something Mathieu would do is unknown, although a tweet on Wednesday made it clear that he’s well aware that this is a time for teams and players to make business decisions.

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  1. As a long suffering Cards fan, I am tired of having the suits making decisions about the roster, judging talent, and deciding what the team needs, writing bad contracts then
    “balancing the books” by sacrificing our best assets. I’m a big fan of the Patriot system where the HC and GM are the same person and there is not the big disconnect between management and the professionals responsible for the actual work of winning games.
    Keim gave Tyrann this new contract two years ago (five year deal) when he was just coming off his second knee surgery and now is ready to make him a Cap casualty so the Cards can fix the areas that have been ignored for the past two years! Earlier this week, HC Steve Wilks was singing the praises of the Honey Badger and talking about how excited he was to have him as a player, that he was the kind of physical player he was used to having in Carolina!
    So, who’s making the big decisions here, the foootball guys or the wantabee football guy and the trust fund baby? Perhaps this is why the Cardinals are the oldest franchise without a Lombardi!

  2. kamthechancellor says:
    March 1, 2018 at 8:44 am

    The Bidwells and Keim will return AZ to the glory years of 4-12 seasons again.

    As long as that is 2 wins above the crashing Seahawks, fine with me.

  3. Are there really that many different “fits” of defensive backs? Not exactly like he’s a quarterback or you’re trying to decide if 3-4 guy can function in the 4-3 you’re going to be installing.

  4. .
    The Cardinals have only 20 million in available cap space. They may need to make some salary alterations if they wish to pursue a free agent QB.

  5. And by “how he fits” they mean how much less money can they try to pay him…you gave him a 5 year deal 2 years ago and now are wondering if he’s worth the money that you agreed to pay him?

  6. There should be teams lining up to sign the Honey Badger if the Cards are stupid enough to decide to cut ties. He doesn’t fit a conventional mold, but playing for a coach that is actually willing to think outside of the traditional defensive sets/positions (surprisingly few) Mathieu would thrive.

  7. The contract was a great contract for the Cardinals. Badger had never proved he could stay healthy so being at this point was smart. If he was fully healed (he appears to be) AND stayed as productive (he has not) then you retain him. He is a shell of his former self. Too slow to cover wide outs and not big enough to cover TE’s. Love the man and all he has overcome and would love to have him on the team but only if he restructures. If not, more power to him and I will him well on his next stop.

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