Giants expected to pursue kicker Graham Gano

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The Panthers want to hang onto kicker Graham Gano, but they’re going to have some competition.

According to Dan Duggan of, the Giants are expected to pursue Gano if he reaches the free agent market.

The 30-year-old Gano went to the Pro Bowl last year, and only missed one field goal all season. He’s also strong on kickoffs, among the tops in the league in touchback percentage.

Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman has background with him, signing Gano to a four-year, $12.4 million extension in 2014 when he was in Carolina. He’s probably not the only Panthers free agent Gettleman will have interest in either.

The Panthers have described keeping Gano as a “priority,” and there’s a possibility they’d consider using the franchise tag if they can’t reach a long-term deal.

10 responses to “Giants expected to pursue kicker Graham Gano

  1. When on earth has gano become an elite kicker?….he had one good season and thats ONLY because a fire was put under his tail when they drafted Harrison Bulkner. The Panthers drafted agreat young kicker who will play in this league for 15 plus years and kept the 30 year old…..just dumb.

  2. He became an elite kicker when you notice that the Monday morning tape typically shows the Robert Aguayos and the Blair Walsh’s of the world. Missing just one FG is pretty good, and frankly with few exceptions the kicking game may be a year to year thing. Go with the hot leg – and he currently has a hot leg.

  3. A little annoyed that Gettleman seems determined to create Panthers North.

    Gettleman’s Carolina team made it to one SB, got smoked and has since gone back in its shell.

    Let’s pump the breaks on the idea that everyone he knew on the Panthers is worthy of a gig with NYG.

  4. The Panthers did their best to try and trade Gano last year so they could keep Butker. They even went as far as keeping both Gano and Butker on the roster into the regular season. They could not find a trade partner and needed the roster spot so they tried to stash Butker on the practice squad. Injuries to other kickers around the league messed that plan up so now they have to try and keep Gano and/or draft another kicker.

  5. Gettleman isnt trying to make the Panthers North. Giants had a below average line to begin with and are likely losing the two best pieces of it to free agency. Our rookie kicker was not good at all.

    Norwell is one of the best guards in the game and Gano, while certainly not consistently great over his career, is a huge upgrade over what we had.

    Gettleman going after maybe TWO Panthers, not 10 of them.

  6. Seems like Gettleman is just out to try and wreak havoc against the Panthers wherever he can. He just wants to stir the pot and either force the Panthers to tag Gano or drive the price up on the Panthers on a long term contract with Gano.

    As far as Gano goes, the Panthers did this to themselves when they chose Gano over Butker. Bad decision.

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