Matt Nagy understands Tarik Cohen/Tyreek Hill comparisons

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Before his rookie season, Bears running back Tarik Cohen said that he compared himself to Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill due to his ability to make plays as a runner, receiver and returner.

Cohen spent much of that rookie season making those plays and he repeated the comparison in a recent interview while noting that Matt Nagy is now Chicago’s head coach after a stint as the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator. Cohen said that gives him a chance to “live up to that” comparison.

Nagy said that he didn’t think it was fair to make a comparison between the two players, but that he understands why Cohen and others have connected those dots.

“Well, No. 1, size-wise you see that and you say, ‘OK, they’re pretty similar, right?'” Nagy said, via “And then you have the speed, the shiftiness, the moves, everything that they do. They’re similar in the fact that you can move them around and do different things. As you see on tape, the one thing if you go back and look at simple numbers, you’re going to see that Cohen can run the ball a little bit more from the backfield. Not that Tyreek can’t.”

Hill took a step forward as a receiver in his second season to become an even bigger part of the offense in Kansas City. Cohen averaged just under nine offensive touches a game during his rookie season and an uptick in the early part of the year will be a pretty good sign that Nagy has a similar plan in mind this time around.

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  1. Cohen was drastically under utilized last year. Hopefully Nagy can make good use of his skills and actually use game plans with him in it.

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