Mike McCarthy: Brett Hundley “wasn’t ready,” but I still believe in him

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The Packers found themselves with Brett Hundley as their starting quarterback for much of the 2017 season due to Aaron Rodgers‘ broken collarbone and the results were not particularly good for the 2015 fifth-round pick.

Green Bay won three of the nine games Hundley started and two of the losses were shutouts at Lambeau Field as the team’s offense struggled to find any consistency with the backup quarterback at the helm. On Wednesday, Packers coach Mike McCarthy said that Hundley “wasn’t ready for what he needed to be ready for” and said the team as a whole “should’ve been better prepared for” life without Rodgers.

The coach added that the experience hasn’t shaken his belief in Hundley’s potential as a quarterback.

“I believe in Brett Hundley,” McCarthy said, via ESPN.com. “I do fully recognize that he has a lot of football in front of him. He has a big upside. Our structure and our coaching staff, we need to make sure we maximize that, but we also need to learn from the other parts of the offense that we didn’t do as good as we would have liked, and we’ll learn from that platform. I do believe Brett has a big upside, and looking forward to getting back to work with him.”

Hundley is entering the final year of his contract and McCarthy said the team “can’t have enough competition” at the position, so there may be some new faces in the mix as the offseason unfolds in Green Bay.

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  1. I guess three years isn’t enough time to get a quarterback ready to look competent. I recognize that the rest of the team is hot garbage, but he should have done a little bit better.

  2. “Wasn’t ready”? He’d been on the team for 3 years, but wasn’t ready to play? That sounds like a coaching issue to me.

    The Packers ““should’ve been better prepared for” life without Rodgers” by having a better back-up qb.

  3. Anyone who watched this kid play and knows football should immediately question the motive/intelligence behind such a ridiculous comment. This guy never looked comfortable under center. He was looking to run as soon as he snapped the ball. I have been a Packers fan since I knew what a football was. But this coach has me seeing red right now. After watching how bad the offense was with him in I would take a Vegas manziel over hundley.

  4. Two games in I was wondering why taysom Hill and Callahan were such non options. There is no excuse to watch an entire season fall apart and stick with this kid. McCarthy and Thompson have done nothing but hinder this team since day one. The bowl we one was pure heart by our team.

  5. McCarthy, it was YOUR JOB to make sure he was ready.

    And if he wasn’t ready, how come you didn’t know?

  6. That’s what John Gruden was complaining about. 2nd and 3rd string QBs get barely any snaps in limited practice/OTAs that they can’t improve.

    They should renegotiate the next CBA to allow players with less than 3 years experience to have full off-season coaching. Even better, open up to all players that played less than 20% of the previous year’s offensive/defensive snaps.

  7. Who could possibly be ready to follow Aaron Rodgers on THAT team? Rickety defense, shaky O-line? C’mon, the kid never had a chance.

  8. So…McCarthy is basically saying he didn’t do his job?! If your QB and team aren’t ready…Just sayin’.

  9. He didn’t seem like the problem in the games I saw. Rodgers hide many of the Packers issues so the drop off isn’t because the backup was bad…. he’s just not elite.

  10. With Rodgers out, and, that gawd-awful defense, the Pack made the Browns look at least competitive last year.

  11. McCarthy’s inability to design a plan around a player’s strengths was an issue. So Hundley “not being ready” feels more like “wasn’t ready to play exactly like Rodgers”.

  12. The miscalculation should’ve cost McCarthy his job. Hundley is terrible. There’s no putting lipstick on that pig.

  13. Hundleys problem was that MM called plays like he did when AR was still in there. His ego is that he can plug anyone into his system and carry on like normal.

    He should have played to his players strengths. Instead he called plays that put Hundley in a constant failure situation.

    The only reason I like Mumbles is because of his facial expressions when things are going bad, that and he isn’t a very good coach. I hope he stays for 10 more years.

  14. willycents says:
    March 1, 2018 at 11:47 am
    With Rodgers out, and, that gawd-awful defense, the Pack made the Browns look at least competitive last year.
    So did the Vikings, barely pulling one out in London.
    Two seasons ago the team on the field defied their coaches and called their own formations, ignoring calls from the sidelines.
    After being exposed both in scheme and character (frontrunners), this season will not be pretty. Zimmer is a great coach, but the players will cost him his job.

  15. Yeah. If I had to work and live in green bay I’d probably say stupid stuff too in an attempt to get fired.

  16. Bluestree says:
    March 1, 2018 at 1:07 pm

    willycents says:
    March 1, 2018 at 11:47 am

    With Rodgers out, and, that gawd-awful defense, the Pack made the Browns look at least competitive last year.
    So did the Vikings, barely pulling one out in London.

    Do you seriously consider a 33-16 win “barely pulling one out”?

    I guess that makes sense, since you probably consider that overtime win in Cleveland your team’s Super Bowl.

  17. It is funny that MM talks himself like somebody else! As MM said that Hundley was not ready yet and was not coached well past three years and it should be his coach’s responsibility – who is his coach? MM! Most of job place would fire you if you didn’t do very good job for three years. Packers keep MM in spite of his poor job. Why???

  18. But if Mcarthy is the “highly successful coach ” he proclaims himself to be,there would be no drop off …am I right? I hope Rodgers takes them to the cleaners for putting up with Mcmuffin,Thompson and Capers .

  19. Look, McCarthy does a decent job coaching, being better than 50% of the coaches out there is good. However when he says things like this makes me cringe. Hence why he isn’t a great coach. Still needs to make those tough decisions and he can’t. It’s like he’s a girl trying to hold on to that doll longer.

  20. Hundley should have been on the bench the whole time. Never was never will be.Calahan should have at least given a chance? If not Joe then bring in the 3rd stringer.

  21. Sounds like to me McCarthy did not put this kid in a system that was comfortable to his strengths. Classic bad move by the typical NFL coach. Philly and a few others now understand what many of us already knew. The position of the NFL QB is so fast paced there is no time to be thinking about things, they have to play with instinct and confidence. Thus the reason to put them in exactly that position. You don’t make him try to play like Aaron Rodgers.

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