Pat Shurmur on Eli Apple: We all know we need to get better

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Among the many negative turns that contributed to a miserable 2017 for the Giants was the one taken by cornerback Eli Apple.

The 2016 first-round pick didn’t play well and his off-field behavior caused problems throughout the year before Apple was suspended by the team for the final game of the regular season. That led some to wonder if the Giants would part ways with Apple before the 2018 season, but the message from the new regime has been about a fresh start.

General Manager Dave Gettleman said in January that Apple is getting a clean slate and head coach Pat Shurmur used the same phrase on Wednesday.

“Eli was in the building, so I had a chance to visit with him and this is a clean slate deal,” Shurmur said, via “So I think we all know that we need to get better. We had a great conversation. He’s eager to get started when we do get started and we’re going to put the ball out there and let it rip. As I get to know him better and we start to develop those relationships that are necessary for a player and a coach and an organization, we’re sort of starting at ground zero with that. So I’m looking forward to that.”

If the Giants do decide to move on from Apple, they’d surely prefer trading him to releasing him. That gives them no reason to do anything but talk up his chances of remaining with the team as long as he’s still a member of the team.

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    There’s too much water over the dam to repair this relationship. It would be best for both parties to move on. There’s no shortage of teams needing secondary help who might want to give a second chance.

  2. The Giants may have to cut DRC and possibly Jenkins as well to free up space. Jenkins is unlikely but DRC is very likely. With that said, the Giants cant really afford to be throwing away young, cheap, talented CB’s.

    If it turns out that the kid is beyond repair then I understand them booting him…..but they need to give him every chance before they do that.

  3. Guy says….”we” need to get better. Typical. Leaders say, “I” need to get better. And if 53 guys around you think about it that way you actually got yourself a team.

  4. 2007 1st round pick: Aaron Ross, supposed to be the next great cover corner for the Giants.

    2011 1st round pick: Prince Amukamara, supposed to be the next great cover corner for the Giants.

    2016 1st round pick: Eli Apple, supposed to be the next great cover corner for the Giants.

    See a pattern here? The Giants haven’t drafted a great cover corner since Jason Sehorn. And Eli Apple is not it.

  5. Good DB’s can be found in every round and even as undrafted free agents. There is no need to draft one early but also no need to keep a troublemaker like Apple. So Gettleman & Schurmer are sending a message to the team they’ll let things stay as they were.
    The Giants are only a general manager, head coach and quarterback away from getting back on track……….

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