Report: Dolphins allow Jarvis Landry to seek trade

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As soon as the Dolphins applied the franchise tag to Jarvis Landry, all signs pointed toward a potential trade for the wide receiver. Sure enough, the team has given Landry permission to seek and facilitate a trade, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports.

Landry’s representatives, though, will have to find a trade partner. He reportedly seeks a four-year, $58 million deal.

Landry would make a projected $16.2 million for 2018 under the franchise tag.

Landry, 25, led the league in receptions with a single-season franchise-record 112 last season. He gained 987 yards and a career-best nine touchdowns.

He has more receptions than any other player in NFL history after four seasons (400).

51 responses to “Report: Dolphins allow Jarvis Landry to seek trade

  1. This guy is an absolute stud, and he’s done it without a QB. WR’s are always the most plentiful position in the draft, and it’s easy to find good ones in the late rounds, but if I was a team without good scouts, I’d be all over this guy. Great hands and no fear. That’s a good combination.

  2. Landry is a good WR with Special teams ability but if the reports are true about Crabtree. Teams would probably be better served going after him in free agency. They both are very similar. Crabtree would be cheaper and you don’t have to trade anything for his services.

  3. What was that rule you mentioned for Cousins regarding fighting the tag? Wasn’t it that if you can prove the team doesn’t want to sign a long term deal it gets thrown out?
    Surely that applies here

  4. Hmmmmm…..not a Bears fan…..but they’ll overpay for him, since they don’t have any WR on their roster and they gave up the Mother Lode in pics for their QB.

  5. I guess I haven’t been paying attention. If you would have given me those stats I don’t know how long it would have taken me to guess Jarvis Landry.

  6. This will atleast show himself that he doesn’t have the value that he believes he does, and when a team like Cleveland or Cincinatti come calling then you know what your true worth is. Stay in Miami and enjoy the weather. They will fold and pay you 10 to 12 mill a season. Otherwise i sure hope that grass is greener!

  7. Hopefully they get something good for him, definitely don’t want to spend that much money for him…..of course now he’ll become Wes Welker and win a bunch of championships.

  8. He’s not worth that much…. not for a slot wr who barley averages 10 yards a catch and hasn’t had a 10 td season. He wants #1 receiver money,but he’s not worth breaking the bank on. Good player just not worth what he thinks.

  9. Why am i not shocked to hear this. The Phins really didn’t want to deal with this guy and every other GM in the league already knows this. You now have no leverage…good luck.

  10. And, this is a prime example of why the Dolphins will not be relevant any time soon. They wasted 10 million on Cutler (that 10 million would have been added to this year’s cap, so its lost money), they pay Stills 8 million a year with nearly 20 million guaranteed, Suh gets nearly 17 million a year, Tannehill 17 million a year and Andre Branch 8 million a year. And then, the only player the Fins get to find excitement in with his performance, passion and grit is offered up to bidding. Absolute BS! Gase is an egomaniac who can’t stand dealing with strong personalities. As long as he is the head coach, the Fins will continue to be little more than mediocre.
    I am fully aware that not all blame can go onto Gase, but it is not OFTEN that a player is forced onto a coach by the GM. Say what you will, but this is a Gase decision to put Landry out there. All I can hope for as a Dolfan is that Landry does not end up with an AFC team. And, as a true fan of Landry’s play on the field, I sincerely wish him the best wherever he ends up. The fact that he has a relatively low ypc and TD ratio is more a condemnation of the play design and calling of Gase than it is of Landry’s ability to shine in those categories.
    I am truly sad to be a Fins fan today.

  11. Genius move, trading your best offensive weapon, especially when Tannenbaum is terrible at drafting. The fish rots from the head down, and with Loria out of the picture, hopefully he spotlight will shine bright on an almost equally inept owner. We miss you Joe Robbie.

  12. I’m a fan of the tag because it helps teams keep players, but this stupid. The dolphins never had any intention of keeping Landry and he will probably earn less money on whatever contract he signs because which ever team also has to give something up to get him. Goodell needs to kill this right now and remove the tag as it wasn’t obviously not applied in good faith or we will start to see this every year. I don’t have beef with the dolphins but this is pretty low class.

  13. All the people saying he isn’t worth what he’s asking, go ask Tom Brady how much of his own money he’d have given for Edelman to be on the field in the big game. Ask him how important Amendola is. Ask him how much Welker meant to his offense once upon a time.

    A guy doesn’t need to average 15-20 yards per catch to be a dominant WR. Landry is dominant, catches everything, finds space where few receivers can, is smart, tough, has great tenacity to fight for yards after the catch, and despite his shenanigans his football attitude is exactly what you want. Fiery, passionate, leading by example.

    If this rumor is true and we end up trading him, I won’t be surprised, but the disappointment will be great. Our entire passing game is going to suffer without him, and I have serious doubts that this front office has the slightest clue what to do going forward in terms of managing the cap, let alone replacing Landry’s production. Sad, sad, sad.

  14. Really good receiver but not a game changer. $58 is not going happen. Maybe $10 million a year for 4 years. He is better then 60% of the league receivers but he is not elite. A lot of meaningless catches I.E. Like Jordan Mathews in Philadelphia.

  15. I watched him carefully play at Kansas City from 20 rows back on Christmas Eve and that guy mailed it in to end the season. I wouldn’t open the vault for him, nor give up much in trade, even though he can ball. I just didn’t get a good feel for him; judgment from afar.

  16. His receiving numbers are like a running back, except some RBs have had better seasons with much higher yards per reception (like when Marshall Faulk went 80/1000 or Roger Craig 90/1000).

  17. it’s quite simple. if Jarvis stays on his current trajectory he will break the all-time record for most catches putting Him in the Hall of Fame. It’s asinine to even think of possibly trading this man. The front office really screwed up this time. They need to pay this man and keep them in Miami he’s a Hall of Fame type wide receiver.

  18. Id you had a crystal ball Andcould see if a player was going to be in the Hall of Fame wouldn’t you give up two first-round picks for him? Well Jarvis has basically given us that Glimpse by being the wde receiver with the most catches in his first four years.

  19. If 58 mil for four years is the goal, 16 mil guaranteed for year 1 is not a bad foundation. That franchise tag actually helps him with negotiations

  20. Just another perfect reminder why my fins can never seem to get to the next step. And just think- 2 seasons ago we went 10-6 in Gase’s first year as HC and expectations were sky high! Since then we traded or trying to trade our 2 most dynamic offensive weapons in Ajayi and now Landry. Hate to say it but this front office is not looking like it can get us out of mediocrity. 6-10 and one of the worst cap situations in the league……smh.

  21. Why did the Dolphins have such a low rated offense? Their time of possession was not there and at times they could not pick up a first down for an entire half. I guess Jarvis was just not that dominant. So many catches and so few total yards for the season is meaningful! Then Jarvis wants elite receiver money. The Dolphins see him as a diva who is good but not great! Wes Welker was a first down machine when he played for the Dolphins. We will see if any team signs Jarvis to a long term deal in the $14m per year range.

  22. Landry is betting on himself. If he can find a trade partner Landry will leave. If Landry can’t he can fall back on the $16m the fins are offering via the tag. This is just business as usual. Landry will be back at least one more season in a fins uniform more than likely.

  23. Miami cannot build a true contender with him on the roster at such a large cost. He also has not developed into a veteran player that needs to win; right now, he needs to get paid. No shade on the guy seeking the payday, but I’d be hard pressed to find a team that will give up significant draft capital AND pay him market #1 receiver money. The best situation for him would be to bet on himself with the tag in a winning program, put up numbers and win playoff games. He can then set himself up with a bite at UFA and get more guaranteed money than he’d get right now. He also must distance himself from the behavioral meltdowns he’s had in Miami.

  24. This is just the dolphins trying to get something for Jarvis. No one is going to take the bait. Jarvis would love to make 16 mill a year. All he has to do is just wait and, eventually, he will get his release. They are not going to pay him 16 million for one year.

  25. Gaze needs to suck it up and deal with Landry. He’s too good to let go and Tannehill needs all the help he can get.

  26. PresidentTrumpIsRightRespectYourCountryAndFlag says:
    March 1, 2018 at 9:59 pm
    Glorified slot receiver with numerous drops and penalties, good luck getting 58M.

    So what? Did they pass to him on every play? I just don’t think you can set his receptions record if you drop a lot of passes.

  27. ravissevens says:
    March 1, 2018 at 10:14 pm
    What was that rule you mentioned for Cousins regarding fighting the tag? Wasn’t it that if you can prove the team doesn’t want to sign a long term deal it gets thrown out?
    Surely that applies here
    Good luck with that. The CBA states you have to negotiate a long term contract in good faith. Also by practical matters only the player franchised could file a grievance since he’s the impacted party and the only one other than the team who knows if the negotiations were done in good faith. And even if he did file a grievance he would need something a little more concrete than the team allowing him to seek a trade since teams sometimes enter into negotiations looking to sign players in good faith then let them seek trades if they reach an impasse. With the Cousins case it’s different because 1. it was leaked that the Skins planned to franchise him and then seek a trade BEFORE the tag was applied (evidence 1), 2. And most importantly The team had already traded for and signed another QB to a large long term contract. (evidence 2). Even then Cousins would have to go before an arbitrator and present his case.

  28. Other than the Browns who have a gazillion draft picks, loads of money and really could use a WR like Landry, why would any other team trade for Landry, since he will likely be cut? Teams like the Bears and Ravens, who also need receivers, cannot afford to give up draft picks. They should just be patient and hope Landry doesn’t want to play for the Browns.

  29. Fins aren’t folding at 10 -12 million. That’s what they want to pay him. He wants 58 mill for 4 years. 14.5 a year is just to much for a slot receiver. The guy is no question one of if not the best slot receiver but but 50 for 4 is the max imo.

  30. In Teddy We Trust says:
    March 1, 2018 at 10:02 pm
    I’m sure there’s a big market for a wide receiver who catches 112 passes and can’t even reach 1,000 yards.
    He is what Sammy Watkins would have been without his speed… a very good Slot Receiver.

  31. This kid always comes to play against the Pats. I will be glad to have him out of the division. Some team will be getting themselves a decent player with a chip on his shoulder.

  32. When the Dolphins traded Ajayi he went on to win a Super Bowl so maybe Landry will do the same.

  33. Applying the tag was stupid. I think they should have just made him an offer and asked him to test free agency and get back with them. Both sides would have been happy, no trade talks would have been necessary and he would have been paid true market value. If not in Miami, they could have gotten a comp pick. Now, both sides are angry and they need to find a trade partner willing to compensate Miami while overpaying Landry.

    Last year they didn’t do a long term deal because they wanted him to mature on the field. While productive on catches he had more drops, occasionally ran the ‘wrong’ option on routes, had limited yardage, gained a good number of first downs and absolutely had a couple meltdowns on the field that cost the team. I’m not sure how that is considered stepping up or improving. I love his fire but he needs to reign it in. He is a valuable asset to the Dolphins but he is not worth the money he thinks he deserves. Bad scenario all around but the reason they seem confused isn’t really due to Landry. It’s due to Parker. If Parker would have done what he was expected to do, Landry wouldn’t have been tagged. Parker under-performed again and now the Dolphins are worried about filling the void if Landry isn’t kept. I say rescind the tag, let him test the market and if he wants to be in Miami he can tell them what he is finding. If he does leave, Grant is an extremely explosive weapon that can be used in the slot.

  34. Is it within the realm of possibility that the Dolphins allowed Jarvis to go out and do this because they know he’s not going to find a team willing to sign him at that pricetag, thus bringing him back down to earth to sign a more sensible, team-friendly deal? Based on all of the reports, it sounds like Tannenbaum has already shopped him to the league, so this could get interesting… Sounds like talks between the parties have at least been amicable, so I’d still give Miami a 15-20% chance to sign him long term.

  35. In Teddy We Trust says:
    March 1, 2018 at 10:02 pm
    I’m sure there’s a big market for a wide receiver who catches 112 passes and can’t even reach 1,000 yards.


    112 completed passes for 1000 yards would be a career year for Teddy Bridgewater!

  36. charliecharger says:
    March 1, 2018 at 9:55 pm

    WR’s are always the most plentiful position in the draft, and it’s easy to find good ones in the late rounds, but if I was a team without good scouts, I’d be all over this guy.

    If you were a team “without good scouts” wouldn’t you be better off being “all over” getting better scouts? Or is scouting a big part of Landry’s skill set?

  37. I love Landry but feel he is overplaying his hand. He is a slot recvr, although a very good one,he made records by catching passes behind the line of scrimmage or 3yrds out he is not a 16mil td game changer in the lines of julio jones, obj, antonio brown that spreads out the field opening it up for the rest of the offense. Overpaying a slot because fans love him only to not have the cap money to fill voids keeps us in the mid to upper draft. Our offer of 13mil is more than fair for a slot and his demands of 16mill is greedy.

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