Report: Seahawks talking about Michael Bennett trade

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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll answered questions on a variety of topics during a media session on Thursday and defensive end Michael Bennett’s status was on the list.

Bennett said at the end of the season that he did not expect to be back with the Seahawks in 2018 and Carroll said Thursday that he hasn’t spoken to Bennett for a while. He said there are “conversations going in all directions” regarding Bennett and it appears a trade is one of the directions.

Brady Henderson of ESPN reports that the Seahawks are talking to other teams about a trade involving Bennett. There’s no word on which teams have been on the other end of the line.

Bennett had 8.5 sacks for the Seahawks in 2017 and has three years left on the deal he signed in 2016. His cap number for 2018 is just under $7.4 million and Seattle would have over $5 million in dead money left if they were to part ways with Bennett this offseason.

62 responses to “Report: Seahawks talking about Michael Bennett trade

  1. Arizona will give Seattle an 8th round pick for him, but only if Seattle picks up his entire salary.

  2. Being that he is starting to decline and becoming a bit injury prone as he he ages SEA is looking to trade him because if they cannot they will cut him anyway. Whatever they get for 33yr old Bennett wont be much, a 6th or 7th at the most. The Seahawks defense is going to look radically different in 2018 and the pass-rush likely wont be to good in 2018 with the loss of Avril, Sheldon Richardson and Michael Bennett, and thats not even including the secondary guys they will and could lose.

  3. Not worth the drama.. Hope they cut him and he ends up like Kaep and cant find a team bc he wanted to be an outspoken rich athlete instead of just a rich athlete.

  4. played hurt last year and it showed. and defense, especially, is a young man’s game.

    with all the negativity in the comments, you’d think he’d personally harmed people on here. what i know as a fan – is that he’s been a stalwart on a very good defense for the last 5 years. transition time for that version of the Hawks.

  5. .
    A few years back Seahawks fans thought they were destined to win a half dozen Super Bowls in a row. Now they’re finding out how difficult it is to be competitive year in and year out. Age, injuries and free agency can derail a team in a hurry.

  6. alfredogarciashead says:
    March 1, 2018 at 6:49 pm
    Wonder what a SJW will bring in trade?

    A used snowblower

  7. won’t be surprised if no team would trade for him. They may be hoping that Seattle will just release him and they can sign him for less than what he is currently being paid.

  8. What are the odds that 2 of the biggest jerks in the NFL are brothers? Just horrible human beings off the field. Definitely wouldn’t give anything for either. How horrible of a mother cannons woman be?

  9. Let’s see, my team didn’t have enough offsides penalties last year. Let’s pull the trigger on this trade.

  10. Who would be interested in bringing in this guy? The Browns don’t even want to deal with this guys bs.

  11. tylawspick6 says:

    cap hell
    is real, folks

    schneider has himself in quite the pickle
    They’re just trying to get rid of the off-field distractions. This has nothing to do with the cap. The Seahawks can easily clear $40 million in cap if they want to for this year and have over $70 million for 2019. Try talking about things you know something about.

  12. Bennett is a clown.
    Will never be signed unless it’s for the league minimum.

  13. They tried to dump Sherman last year and nobody was interested. Now they are trying to trade Bennett and I doubt anyone will be interested in him either–even if they tried to give him away for a cup of coffee.

    Legion of Cya.

  14. 8.5 sacks out of a 32 yr old player is hardly pedestrian. Funny how value is based off opinions of character. I guess since he speaks his mind he cant rush the passer or be productive on the field.

  15. Maybe if he admitted to lying about the LV shooting things might be different about the cops

  16. If they are talking openly about trading him, it probably means that they already called other teams but there is no interest. Part of the reason is that teams in red states may not want an anthem protester. The other reasons are his age and his expensive contract.

  17. It really shows how big of a piece of crap Michael Bennett is thru this comment section. Around 50 comments on the article and just about every single one has the same message… It’s very rare to see that many people in these times agree on something.

  18. He is still a very good player and one that has a lot of respect in the locker room. Don’t confuse his support of political issues and his outspoken nature as something that will keep him from being considered by other teams. Business will win out in this case. He is worth taking a look at. I suspect that he will be traded before the draft. If nothing develops, he will not be cut and Seahawks will look to restructure his contract to help with the cap.

  19. This guy is a cancer in the locker room. That Las Vegas incident proved how dense this guy really is.

  20. It’s not about his play. He’s arguably the 3rd best D-Linemen in the league. It’s about his big mouth. I’m a Chiefs fan. We just went through this with Peters. I hated to see him go, but the kid didn’t want to be in KC….and had an opinion that didn’t fit here(in redneckville). I’m thinking that Peters was traded for the same reasons the Chiefs won’t make a play for Bennett. It seems like the Chiefs front office is more worried about their image, than they are about bwinning a Super Bowl.

  21. This guy is a POS. I truly believe that there is a lot of good guys in the league. It’s just too bad dirt bags like him get the attention. Hoping him and his brother both get booted out of the league.

  22. Trade or cut?

    As for those besmirching his brother. Martellus has been nothing but a good teammate and a hard worker in NE. This may not be true in GB or other teams, but it seems that with the right coach and structure, he can thrive. I for one hope the Pats bring him back and we get to see both him and Gronk healthy. As for Michael, who knows, maybe a change of scenery would be good for him too. He still has talent so some team will pick him up.

  23. I’ve noticed that Bennett gets so winded during pre-game warm-ups that he can’t even stand for the National Anthem.

  24. I love when teams need to get rid of a high salary, underperforming malcontent talk about the prospects of a trade.

    It’s called wishful thinking, it might sound attractive to the team stuck with the player but the other 31 teams are smart enough to wait for the cut when they can negotiate a more reasonable salary while saving their draft picks for their own team.

    I should say the other 30 teams, the Vikings have proven to be great trade partners when you want to get rid of Hershel Walker or Sam Bradford.

  25. thudsp says:
    March 2, 2018 at 11:08 am
    The talent/distraction ratio is at a point where he may be joining Kap on the couch.


    Not even close. Here is the difference: Kaep stinks and Bennett is one of the best at his position. If Kaep were actually any good, he would still be playing too.

  26. You couldn’t pay me to take that locker room cancer and anti-American distraction! Even if you gave me a 2nd rounder to take him off of your hands like the Texans did with the Browns.

  27. Perhaps the Raiders?? I mean he is familiar with Las Vegas & their PD. Won’t even have to visit his new hometown.

  28. skawh says:
    March 3, 2018 at 10:30 pm
    Michael Bennett has a beautiful home in Hawaii. You don’t. Get over it!

    He’ll be broke 2 years after retiring because stupid people like him can’t manage money. Then the bank will own that beautiful home in Hawaii.

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