Saquon Barkley: Would be awesome to be part of “something bigger than you”

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Running back Saquon Barkley doesn’t foresee fit being a problem wherever he winds up being drafted in April.

Barkley met the media at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis on Thursday and said he thinks any team “would be a good fit” for the player widely considered to be the top back in this year’s draft. Barkley also made it clear that he’s not put off by the prospect of going to a team that’s been stuck in a rut when he was asked about the prospect of being drafted by the Browns.

“That’d be awesome,” Barkley said. “Something bigger than you. If you go to a team like that, obviously, they’ve had some rough years. But I think they’re just a couple of pieces away. They do have a lot of young talent. They’ve brought in a new offensive coordinator. They only won one game, but they were in a lot of games. You want to be a part of something like that. Something that’s bigger than yourself. Something that will leave a legacy. Being a part of something special.”

If the Browns do take Barkley, that would likely mean he’s drafted with either the first or fourth overall pick. Barkley said he’s competitive, but will “come in with my head low ready to work” regardless of where he comes off the board. Whether it’s Cleveland or someone else, that’s likely to be pretty early in the first round.

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  1. If the Browns want him, they have to take him #1. The Giants won’t pass at#2.

    Browns would be smart to draft their QB at #4. Unless they are so in love with someone they are afraid someone will trade up to #2 or #3.

    Each QB in this draft has a huge ‘wart’. So the Browns should just draft this guy and live with the ‘wart’ they’re stuck with at #4. Could be the guy who they were going to draft at #1 anyway.

  2. If the Browns could convince any competent starting QB (Case Keenum or Sam Bradford, for example) to come play for them, they could use their #1 pick on Barkley and their #4 pick on a stud defender.

    They could then fill out their starters with three more second round picks, and still have the rest of their draft + free agent dollars to shore up their depth across the board.

    All of this is contingent on getting a decent quarterback out of the free agent pile. Can they find that QB?

  3. He may end up being a great player
    picking a Running Back in the first round is still a waste in the long run.

    They end up having relatively short careers
    and teams have consistently found talent in later rounds.

    Corey Clement was an UDFA.

  4. I’m sure it would be great to get drafted by the Patriots.

    Sadly, 1 of the other 31 teams will be selecting you, none of which fit that description….

  5. There’s one thing the Browns need more than a QB right now. What they need are “sure things”. They’ve squandered too many draft picks on oddly speculative choices.

    None of the top QBs in this draft are sure things. Barkley seems to be a certified sure thing, a real-deal offensive difference-maker.

    If I’m them, I take Barkley #1, Quenton Nelson #4, then either the best QB available at the top of the 2nd round, or use some of their 2nd/3rd picks to trade up into the second half of the 1st round if the QB they want is available there.

    If they do all this and make a few smart moves in free agency (for example, I would vote for bringing Terrell Pryor back), they’re going to look a heck of a lot better on opening week.

  6. The browns should trade their entire collection of picks for Aaron Rodgers. They would be immediate favorites in their division, maybe even conference if they spent some money on FA.

  7. stoolerz says:

    Come on Browns,he’s worth a #1

    And then naturally everyone will bash the Browns for taking a RB at #1.

  8. As a running back getting drafted by a terrible team is the best option as money is likely not locked up at qb. Go to Patriots and you get run into ground, benched for unknown reasons, aND then traded.

  9. Barkley is a stud and a great kid to boot. He’s the surest #1 talent in this draft. Powerful runner, great receiver out of the backfield, good blocker in pass protection and he can return kick-offs if needed. Watched every game of his in college, many in person. Teams last year had 4-5 defenders keying on him. If he stays heathy, easily will be rookie of the year. He’s that good.

  10. And then naturally everyone will bash the Browns for taking a RB at #1.

    Deservedly so. If the Browns keep swinging for the fences with their top pick, they’ve learned nothing.

    Build the lines. Bolster your depth. Trade down and gain more picks.

    It’s not like they’re a running back away from greatness.

  11. How many super bowls has LT won? How about AP? What round were the eagles RBs drafted in? What about the rushing leader last year? How about the year before?

    Not hating on the guy at all, but even hall of fame RBs don’t win championships. Good QB play is worth so much more. I don’t care if the QBs at the top have flaws, it’s a QB league and either you have one or you don’t. We’re people talking about how Fournette got them to the playoffs or that Bortles held them back?

  12. Take him Cleveland so I don’t have to hear my fellow idiot fans say we should burn a #2 pick on him when our starting QB is 37 going on 38 and we can get another 15 year QB of our choice.

  13. I think the Giants take Barkley or trade out because of what Gettleman has said since he’s been in Indy, “player worthy of #2 in any draft” and “HOF material”. If he happens to still be there at #3 Irsay has already said he wants his next Edgerin James.

  14. Tell me that the Browns lining up with McCarron, Barkley, Gordon, Pryor, and Quenton Nelson wouldn’t be an impressive sight. Instant credibility.

  15. He is the best talent in this draft. If Cleveland passes at #1 they will regret it like all their other draft failures (Wentz). This kid gave away his high school track medal to a girl on the other team because he felt she was slighted on a false start. He has all tools plus humility to boot. Cleveland will probably blow it rather than get Jim Brown 2.0.

  16. I’m sure this kid is good, but the hype train needs to slow down. Too many people are fitting him for a gold jacket and I don’t see him taking over games against goodcompetition in college.

    From MMQB

    The recent history of rookie running backs suggests to me that picking Barkley, the Penn State star and very highly rated running back, in the top five would be … well, I won’t call it a mistake. Because a great player is a great player. But I am saying the history of this position shows a team might be much better off solving its needs at another position and getting the back later in the draft. 

    2017: Offensive rookie of the year Alvin Kamara was the 67th overall pick, the fifth back selected. NFL rushing champion Kareem Hunt was the 86th overall pick, the sixth back taken.

    2016: Jordan Howard, the 10th back chosen and 150th overall pick, finished second in rushing as a rookie. The 13th back picked, Alex Collins, has developed into the Ravens’ number one and a stalwart back.

    2015: Seventh running back picked: David Johnson (86th overall), who led the NFL in yards from scrimmage in 2016 with 2,118 … Thirteenth running back picked: Jay Ajayi, 149th overall.
    2014: Devonta Freeman (ninth back picked, 103rd overall) is the Falcons’ franchise back.

    And so on.

    ESPN’s Todd McShay has Barkley as his highest-rated player in the draft. “Adrian Peterson is the last back I gave a higher grade to,” McShay told me. “But I hear you. The question I would ask is, say I needed a pass-rusher—really needed one. Would I pass on [North Carolina State’s] Bradley Chubb to take Barkley in the top five, then try to get a rusher near the top of the second round? If you’re picking 33, 35, 38 [overall], I can tell you that you’ll have a chance to get a running back with a first-round grade who will be very productive for you. But the pass-rushers may be gone by then.”
    I’m not ignoring the greatness of Ezekiel Elliott, Leonard Fournette and Todd Gurley, all of whom were top-10 picks and have played great. But the average overall pick for Kamara, Hunt and David Johnson—each of whom are either franchise backs or verging on that title—was number 80. I just think smart teams can solve franchise-player needs high in the first round elsewhere, and get a very good back down the line. History backs it up.”

  17. Barkley wants to play for the team you root for, and will give your team a big discount just for the honor.

  18. kevpft says:
    March 1, 2018 at 8:47 pm
    Tell me that the Browns lining up with McCarron, Barkley, Gordon, Pryor, and Quenton Nelson wouldn’t be an impressive sight. Instant credibility.

    credibility is earned by winning games – not just showing up on paper.

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