Sean Payton expects a Drew Brees deal soon

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It’s been six weeks and four days since the season ended for the Saints, and since quarterback Drew Brees first said he’ll return to the team in 2018. Now, thirteen days away from his first crack at unrestricted free agency since signing with New Orleans, some wonder whether he’ll end up moving on.

Saints coach Sean Payton does not. Payton told PFT Live on Thursday that he expects a deal to be done soon, a deal that will keep Brees in New Orleans.

Payton expressed confidence that agent Tom Condon and G.M. Mickey Loomis will get the situation worked out, which will put Brees under contract for a 13th season in New Orleans.

Payton also had plenty of other interesting things to say, including his methods for dealing with a sudden loss in the divisional round, whether he prefers a heartbreaker to a blowout, and how he’ll remember the Minneapolis Miracle during his final days in the nursing home.

11 responses to “Sean Payton expects a Drew Brees deal soon

  1. Payton and Brees are linked at the hip. Definitely the best coach QB relationship in the league. These two are likely to share a few beers together at a bar.

  2. But I thought you said Brees was hoping the Saints would make an insulting offer and the Saints would oblige, allowing him to walk off in a huff and sign with somebody else?

  3. Hopefully he doesn’t aim for the team crippling contract. He should have plenty in the bank at this point.

  4. Brees must really not want to win a superbowl if he plans on going back to nola lol

  5. Bikes could give Brees 60 mill but nobody wants to play in that icebox at the end of their HOF career. Look at what happened to Farve.

  6. It’s hilarious to see all of the Vikings fans clamoring over Drew Brees after all of the vitriol hurled at the Saints all these many years. And yeah, Drew got a lot of that venom spewed at him, too. I might need an explanation at this point.

  7. I can’t recall a single comment about Brees himself being hurled. We don’t like Payton, we don’t like the rest of the bounty gate staffand maybe there’s some hard feelings about the Saints defensive players who participated in bounty gate, but there’s no issues with Brees himself. He’s a talented QB and loyal guy it seems so if NOLA doesn’t step up, he’s definitely worth a 2 year deal while the Vikes have the rest of the pieces in place.

  8. You’re both wrong. Favre played inside in the Dome. And funny you bring up Favre in this article about the saints, considering he had his best season with Minnesota, as did Cunningham, as did Bradford, as did Keenum…seeing the pattern? Favre would have gotten another Superbowl win with the Vikings if not for the saints cheating.

    But yeah, we have a newer stadium for whatever that’s worth.

  9. Brees is my #1 option though chances appear bleak to none. Id take McCarron or Bridgewater over cousins, unless he costs the same, then maybe. But he’s not worth the circus surrounding his offseason. Keenum was good but not goos enough to carry a team. Bridgewater MAY have that ability with our newly imprpved offe sive line and improved skill positions, but we can’t know unless he starts.

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