Baker Mayfield thinks he can turn around the Cleveland Browns

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We already knew Baker Mayfield was confident.

We may not have known he plans on being a miracle worker.

The Oklahoma quarterback wasn’t shying away from his reputation at the Scouting Combine, even expressing confidence in his abilities if he’s picked first overall.

“If anyone is going to turnaround the Cleveland Browns, it’s going to be me,” Mayfield said, immediately establishing that he didn’t come to Indianapolis to tell people what they wanted to hear.

He defended his approach, saying “I don’t think I’m cocky, just confident.”

“I’m not going to go in [the locker room] and act like I’ve got it all figured out,” he said.

Asked how he’d approach things if he was drafted by a team with an entrenched starter (specifically the Giants), he replied: “First things first, whichever team I go to, I’m not going to settle for a backup job.”

But throughout the interview, there was the confidence he’s expressed throughout his career, sometimes more exuberantly than others. He said his plan when talking to teams was to express himself with “brutal honesty,” and referred to himself as “the most accurate quarterback in this draft, by far.”

And while there have been negative comparisons to Johnny Manziel, he also pointed out that Manziel was also a talented player at one time. It’s not a comparison he particularly likes because of the way things have transpired off the field for his fellow Heisman winner, but Mayfield’s certainly not going to shy away from the expectations.

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  1. I appreciate that attitude, it’s refreshing, as to many times you see these young talented kid let teams know “don’t draft me” I want to play somewhere else. I love his confidence, and now I’m rooting for him to be a Brown and turn the franchise around.

  2. Brown’s will take Barkley #1 and Mayfield #4, Mark Andrews #33…. man what an offensive powerhouse they can be! But alas, it’s the Browns, they’ll figure out a way to screw up this draft. lol

  3. For a guy that hasn’t used a playbook, played under center or in 15 degree temps, he might not be able to turnaround his pick up truck in Cleveland snow drift!

  4. I think he’s trying to convince the Browns to take a position player at 1 and then him at 4. If I’m the Browns I welcome the attitude. But there are lots of QB options to consider (stay with Kizer, bring in a free agent, make a trade, draft a player) and they simply have to get this decision right.

  5. Johnny 2.0

    Browns should draft a big, solid QB with a strong arm and good decision-making to overcome the weather and history of bad decisions in Cleveland.

    Of course, until a bum near the stadium gives his input anything is possible.

  6. The odds of the Browns drafting the next elite QB are very low. They have loads of picks and tons of cap space. Just buy or trade for a proven QB and move on.

  7. As much as I don’t care for Baker’s personality I don’t see how it’s fair to compare him to Johnny Manziel. In fact I see very little similarities of any sort.

  8. Another similarity to Manziel. At least he did not say “He’d wreck the league”

  9. Ah yes…the ole draft best player available no matter if it’s a position you already have depth…

    The Lions tried this strategy picking 3 or 4 WRs back to back etc…worked out great for them…

    Or how bout the Jets drafting the bpa Leonard Williams when they already had 2 stud DTs….or drafting 2 safeties (Adams and Maye) after investing in a first round safety 2 years earlier…

    Yea that whole Best Player Available regardless of position strategy is really great…ya know…if only GMs could actually identify who the best player available is… because if they could, late round gems wouldn’t exist…

  10. All of Cleveland awaits the guy who told haslam to take Manziel next pick…

  11. He’s saying all the right things, and, he knows the Browns won’t pick him anyway. They absolutely have to go with a higher percentage choice at QB, either an experienced vet like Cousins or a “safer” choice like Darnold. Then, they’ll regret it when he comes back as a Jet, Saint, Charger, or Bill and dismantles their secondary.

  12. I think he’d be a good choice for the Browns to make. But I’d still want them to take Barkley #1, Quenton Nelson #4, and whichever QB they can get after that.

    Probably best for them to sign McCarron, make the above draft picks, then trade their 2nd/3rd picks to get up higher to get Mayfield or someone comparable.

  13. But do the BROWNS think that Mayfield can turn them around?

    [Note to Browns…draft Josh Allen instead.]

  14. The Browns are going to trade out of the 1st round for picks in the 2020..2021…2022….2023….2024….2025….2026 draft. The Browns owner has no intention of fielding a competative team and paying high salaries. The Browns are like 60 million under the cap. He has NO business owning a NFL team.

  15. I like it. One thing that needs to be considered. Who never QB leads the Browns to a Super Bowl win will be on par with Lebron and may even pass him as a Cleveland legend.

  16. I hope they take Barkley at #1 and Mayfield at #4. Barkley is a freak of nature. I can only imagine how good he and Duke Johnson would be! Put Mayfield at QB and they all the sudden the Browns have an exciting offense! PLEASE DON’T SCREW THIS UP BROWNS!

  17. He doesn’t have to worry about being drafted by the Giants. Gettleman has a love affair with size.

    They wouldn’t draft him if he was sitting there with the 34th pick.

  18. Cleveland needs to rebuild the o-line, before they get these early draft picks killed. . In the past few years, they’ve been getting rid of their pro bowl linemen. Joe Thomas is all they have left and he’s close to retirement.

  19. Manziel won more games in this final year than any other QB on the Browns team that year, and his win total for that final year is bigger than the number of wins the Browns have for the past 2 seasons combined. They did not get rid of Manziel because he was not talented.

  20. If history is any indication, the Browns are more likely to turn around the confident and optimistic Mayfield than he is to turn them around.

  21. Face it…this kid wants to be #1 overall (which I understand). That’s all there is to it. It’s more about him being selected and paid at #1 than turning around the Browns.

  22. If they draft a qb and fire Hue next year it will just be the same dog chasing its tail it’s always been. The new coach won’t have “his guy” They need to draft the best 2 available at 1-4 and Ride Kizer for one more year. He’s a 2nd round pick who Hue picked and showed a few flashes he can do the job outside of red zone ints.

  23. I think it’s kind of sad that there are people on here that are comparing him to Manziel. Manziel really really messed up and you don’t see guys with as disastrous a personal life come along very often. Mayfield is a hardworking youngster – was a walk on a division 1 school and took his team to the college playoffs. I don’t think it’s fair to compare anyone who hasn’t even been drafted yet to Manziel. In college, he got busted for drunken disorderly – so what, get over it. You should have been arrested for drunken disorderly tons of times in college and that doesn’t make you Johnny Manziel.

  24. I just don’t get why teams continue to downgrade QB’s because of their height. Didn’t they learn anything from the Russell Wilson situation?

    Give me a short, accurate guy ANY day over a tall guy that can throw the ball 70 yards from his knees but can’t consistently hit a crossing route target.

    This kid should be the first QB off the board imo.

    Rosen is not very likable (say his teammates and coaches), and if that rings true in the NFL he’ll never gain the respect of the vets.

    Darnold turns the ball over way too much and it’s not the picks. It’s the fumbles that will kill him in the NFL. Strip sack scoop and TD for the defense. And he has confidence issues that will only grow if he doesn’t have immediate success. Call him a late 1st round project QB in my book.

    Allen – Tall, strong and the good ends there. If you can’t hot 60% of your passes in Div 2, then I don’t care how strong your arm is, the receivers are not going to catch it.

    Jackson – Another that can’t hit 60% of his passes. But he is a natural leader…Super, super athletic talent and has the speed to be the next great running QB, but he has to really work on and improve his accuracy.

    Rudolph – Another one that lacks the accuracy to fit the ball into the tiny NFL windows. Throws a good seam ball, but anything crossing the field and it can get ugly fast.

    Mayfield – Short by the so-called NFL “standards”. His arm strength is good, not great. But he has out of this world anticipation. He can put the ball on a dime on any route you want. Pre-snap reads are solid and given the right learning progression in the NFL he could be HOF material some day. Players want to play for this kid. Tremendous leader with a little bit of Favre in him. That can be good or bad, depending on how he uses that “skill”.

  25. Knowing the Browns, they will draft a pass rusher or a RB instead and watch another team get Mayfield.

  26. If he were to turn the team around and beat Brady in the AFC championship game, that would make Brady the W.O.A.T.. ‘W’ stands for . . .

  27. No one can turn that team around as long as con man Haslam owns the team.

  28. For any player, it’s all about what they do when given an opportunity.

    Jimmy G turned 2 starts into a starting job on SF and 5 more starts into the biggest contract in league history. Nothing he said or did not say publicly had an impact. Just his play.

    It’s fine to be confident and it is a bit refreshing to hear that level of honesty, but it’s not important if it doesn’t parlay to excellence on the field.

  29. Somebody give him a drug test quick. Don’t care what he says he is praying on the inside he goes anywhere but Cleveland. Where Qb’s and all other positions go to die

  30. I just hope I’m wrong about this kid. He’s so darn exciting, but when he’s forced to win with his arm, I don’t see it. His legs are fine, but that doesn’t work in pro football. He’ll have a lot to learn, so there’s quite a bit of projecting going on. He’s easy to like, so I hope he succeeds. Even Steve Young didn’t enjoy success with Tampa Bay, the team that drafted him. It wasn’t until later on when Mike Shanahan got a hold of him that Young finally learned how to be an NFL QB. Young had a great arm, but he was such an awesome runner, I think it actually hurt his development. He could run for 25 yards anytime he needed to. It’s tough to survive like that.

  31. Say whatever you want, but his teammates will bleed out kill for him. He’s Bart Simpson in cleats and you want to go to war with this guy. (TRANSLATION: the Brown will pass on him and draft some west coast pretty boy QB who can’t learn the playbook). MAYFIELD IS A LEADER OF MEN. Someone may grab him who doesn’t even need a QB but the Giants are going to have to replace the great Eli soon so he isn’t going to stay on the board long.

  32. The best QB in the draft in my opinion! Maybe this guy doesn’t have the size that experts want him to be but the dude can ball and that’s all that matters to me. Not a browns fan but would love to see him go there and prove everyone wrong and be the guy they need.

  33. I have to say Cleveland has not exactly exemplified itself with it’s draft picks or coaching hires, I’m a Denver fan and I don’t wish anymore horror shows for Cleveland and their fans. They are definitely due something. JMO

  34. Tell you what, anybody who enjoys football, plays football or wants a nice paying job would jump at the chance to be a quarterback in the NFL regardless of the location. Dudes say they won’t play somewhere? There are only a few available slots for your position and fewer as a starter. Cleveland, New York, it doesn’t matter. You get the opportunity to do it, take it. You see Manziel, Leaf, Russell and so on with the flameout QBs who regret blowing their chances.

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