Cowboys extend personnel man Will McClay

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Other teams have shown interest in Will McClay in the past, but the Cowboys took a formal step to keep him around.

According to Todd Archer of, the Cowboys have given their vice president of player personnel a two-year contract extension.

There were reports of interest in McClay from the Texans earlier this year, but he never interviewed. The Texans eventually hired Brian Gaine as General Manager.

McClay has been with the team since 2002, and last year they gave him his current title, after he worked his way up to running their pro and college scouting departments. While there’s a ceiling on how high he can rise as long as Jerry Jones is the owner/G.M., they’ve at least compensated him now.

9 responses to “Cowboys extend personnel man Will McClay

  1. Those who follow Dallas understand how important McClay has been in reshaping the roster. They have done a (mostly) good job of turning an old team into a decent young one over the last 5 years.

  2. He’s the GM in all but the title. I’m certain his new contract pays him more than most GMs.

  3. footballtruthteller says:
    If 5 Super Bowl wins, and an appearance in 15% of all Super Bowls payed is ‘mediocre’, how does the rest of the league stick up?

    That’s terrific. but we’re nearly two decades into the 21st Century now. What does ancient history have to do with current events?
    Living in the past is no way to live at all, son.

  4. dregonspengler says:

    It tells you that a lot of teams have not won this century and that at least the Cowboys have some history. Velvet is a Iggles fan. 1 trophy in 57 years is also somewhat mediocre.

  5. I’m really the first one to make a Tyler Perry or Madea joke? Really?
    Yall slipping… 😉

  6. I’m a Cowboys fan, and upset with the way Jerry has ran it for the last 22 years, but as far as what Will McClay has done, if Jerry was smart, he would let him be GM so if he messed up, he could fire him and take the GM job back. Prove that to all us haters that he isn’t doing such a bad job if he thinks he is doing so good, but what I bet is he knows that Will McClay would do good as GM and he couldn’t fire him for a good reason and he would be right back with the Jimmy situation. But it would at least get the league off his back long enough to build the Cowboys brand so he doesn’t have to be GM and brand builder at the same time. Granted he has done a great job of building the brand, but take a break and let someone else be GM for a while.

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