Jerry Jones will testify Monday in NFL’s effort to force him to pay legal fees

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The man who is being pursued for more than $2 million in legal fees will get his chance to tell his side of the story in the quasi-legal proceeding arising from the effort to make him pay.

Via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said at the Scouting Combine that he will testify on Monday in the appeal hearing arising from the seven-figure assessment imposed by the league office. Hill notes that Jones will testify before Commissioner Roger Goodell, which means that Goodell has not opted to exercise his authority to designate the appeal to someone else.

Goodell should. Even if Goodell can claim (perhaps with a straight face) that he holds no ill will toward Jones for what was, at its core, an effort to overthrow the Commissioner, the appearance of a conflict of interest compels Goodell to step aside.

Jones has strong arguments against the effort supposedly instigated not by Goodell but by other owners to make Jones pay for his disruptive behavior in 2017. The resolution that permits fee-shifting does not expressly apply to threats of litigation, which allows Jones and the Cowboys to claim that the team stopped short of triggering the obligation to compensate the NFL and its other member clubs for the letter-writing campaign that culminated in Jones not following through on a possible plan to sue.

Jones will have a harder time proving that, as to the Ezekiel Elliott suspension, the team did not provide “substantial assistance” to Elliott, given the submission of at least one sworn declaration by Cowboys general counsel Jason Cohen.

Resolution FC-6 gives the Commissioner final and binding power to resolve the amount of legal fees to be paid. The resolution, however, does not expressly grant Goodell the authority to answer the threshold question of whether club behavior triggered a repayment obligation. Goodell presumably will take the position that he has final say in that regard, too.

However it plays out, this entire escapade highlights one of the concerns Jones raised when pushing back against Goodell’s extension: The Commissioner has too much power, and common sense suggests that the power is about to be exercised in a manner that at least in part reflects a desire to extract a pound of flesh from Jones.

23 responses to “Jerry Jones will testify Monday in NFL’s effort to force him to pay legal fees

  1. NFL, please do all longtime Cowboys a favor and make this goofball owner and his family sell the team. Thx in advance….

  2. Jerry Jones, one of the few owners to be inducted into both the Hall of Fame and the Hall of Shame. How about that Jerreh!

  3. Goodell’s performance as commissioner has been awful. He’s totally ‘political correctness.’ He’s ruining the league by allowing teams like the Chargers, the Raiders and soon the Bills to ‘relocate’ thus betraying decades old fan bases. Because Mr. Jones protested the fat contract given to Goodell, team owners are after him. What they’re saying is ‘no protests allowed.’ The NFL is becoming a dictatorship. Fans are fed up with all this PC from Goodell. He thinks he’s above it all with his big shot Augusta National Golf Club membership. He’s a phony.

  4. The league will dismiss the fine, their explanation….Jerry Dak Prescott is your QB that’s punishment enough

  5. How can Goodell avoid a conflict of interest in passing judgment on Jones when he would not do it for Brady? The NFL’s kangaroo court needs to be consistently applied.

  6. I don’t understand why these owners have bestowed so much power and prestige on to Roger Goodell – he thinks he’s bigger than them, now…Jerry is right to fight back, but he and the other owners should have never allowed it to come to this

  7. Too many fans will comment on this out of nothing but hatred for Jerry with no consideration or knowledge of what Jerry has done for the NFL. There’s been many influential owners over the years who impacted the whole game, not just the league, but Jerry is still up there wether you 1 ring Eagle fans or you Goodell and Lisa Friel cover for your team Giant fans like it or not. Jerry never took the NFL or other owners to court so what legal fees did the NFL owe any court system for that case? It’s not up to Jerry to pay the NFL’s lawyers for legal advice as the money the Cowboys generate each season for the league is more than enough anyways. And why is the Zeke case even being brought up as a potential reason? First off he was within his right to battle it on his own just as the NFL was within their right to ignore any findings that didn’t support their predetermined outcome and even if the Cowboys as an organization did do something to warrant payment for the Zeke case how exactly does the NFL intend to prove it? Or is the only reason Roger wants to arbitrate because they can’t prove it and he just wants to blow the dust off another old rule to get his way? From Article 46 to Resolution FC-6 Roger will find a way to impose his unjustified will

  8. At some point, the idiocy surpasses the need for reporting. Another chapter in the “gang that can’t shoot straight” saga that is the NFL though. So Roger Goodell (a commissioner that lacks the credentials to function as an arbitrator and has proven it on many occasions) will be residing over an appeal from an owner (Goodell’s boss) who challenged the appropriateness of Goodell’s (his employee) contract extension before it was signed.

    What could possibly go wrong with this process? If history repeats itself, Roger Goodell is probably spending his weekend proofreading his ruling on the appeal (before the appeal is even heard)!!

  9. With Goodell hearing the case, doubt he can be objective. It’s so stupid, the NFL needs an independent arbitrator, not hand picked by Goodell to hear all the cases.

  10. He should have sold before they gave Roger that extension.

    It was like giving the Captain of the Titanic another vessel to control after his arrogance and incompetence caused him to crash the first one into an iceberg.

  11. “Jerry is still up there wether you 1 ring Eagle “ (I’m guessing you never wom a spelling bee)
    If you count the Dallas Championships from the last century you may as well count the Eagles Championships….they have 4.. But the current one is the best

  12. Jerry is more about his team being in the news than quality on the field. Deep down, every cowboy fan knows that with him in total control, cowboys cannot succeed.

  13. When are you people going to understand that Goodell is doing exactly what the owners want him to? Why do you think he loves it so much when the fans boo him at the draft? Dude has the best job ever. Make more money per year than any player, take a few hits in the press and get a contract extension by unanimous vote (at the time) from the owners. Not to mention take down the NFLPA at almost every turn and make the NFL the biggest sport in history. Best commissioner the NFL has ever had.

  14. “If you count the Dallas Championships from the last century you may as well count the Eagles Championships….they have 4.. But the current one is the best”

    I don’t believe in erasing history just because the name of the championship game game and the format and competition to get there changed so yeah I’ll count all 4. And Dallas has 5 all of which occured in half the time it took Philly to win a 4th and 3 of those occured in a 4 year span. You know 53 years less than it took Philly to win another one but good for y’all that you finally have something to celebrate now judging by history it can hold y’all over for another 57 years. And yea I actually have won a spelling bee in 2nd grade in 1994 which coincidentally was the year before Dallas won their 3rd championship in 4 years or as you Eagle fans may remember it 34 years since Philly won their last

  15. I dont like Jerry Jones, but I agree’d with his battle against Goodell. Goodell has too much power over the players, and the owners apparently. Most of his scandal responses were garbage. He fined the Redskins and Cowboys for breaking the cap IN AN UNCAPPED YEAR!!! Come on. Also Deflategate was a farce. Bountygate was a farce. Martin is a snake, Incognito even released texts showing that they hung out together.

    Then he gave Ray Rice(video) and Josh Brown(Plenty of evidence, even at the pro bowl) 1-2 game suspensions, when those should have been longer. And then Elliot a 6 game suspension, off of testimony from a witness who contemplated blackmailing Elliot.

  16. The NFL must already have some “full Time” lawyers working for them and probably additional ones on “retainer”. So how do they explain this cost them additional legal fees?

  17. The Cowboys lost whatever charisma they had last year :

    A loud mouth Qb who talked enough for 5 joe namaths and absolutely stunk it up
    A RB who is teetering between jim brown and lawrence phillips
    The owner taking a freakin knee along with his clueless team
    Sean lee and witten becoming nothing more than company men, yes jerry, yes jason
    This team is a rudderless ship with zero direction, they have become irrelevant

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