Lamar Jackson: No team has asked me to try receiver, I’m a quarterback

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Lamar Jackson says he’s a quarterback, and as far as he knows no NFL team disagrees.

Asked about today’s report that NFL teams wanted him to do wide receiver drills at the Scouting Combine, Jackson dismissed it and said all he plays is quarterback.

“No team asked me to try out at wide receiver,” Jackson said. “I don’t know where that came from. I’m strictly a quarterback.”

Jackson said he has always played quarterback, since he first played youth football, and he thinks it’s “crazy” that anyone would suggest he needs to change positions after a Heisman Trophy-winning career as a quarterback at Louisville.

So that’s that. Lamar Jackson is playing quarterback in the NFL. If you’re a team that wants him to play wide receiver, don’t draft him.

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  1. WR’s are a dime a dozen. Good QB’s are rare. If you have any talent at all, and Jackson does, the NFL is much better off if he tries to make it as a QB. He can always try a different position.

  2. The story started with Peter Schrager of NFL Network and he claimed MULTIPLE teams had made the request. Wonder if Peter’s editor is asking to see his notes right about now.

  3. No you are not a quarterback. You think you are, but you are not. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can play a different position

  4. When they tried to move him to a different position at Louisville, his mom called the coaching staff and made them move him back to quarterback.. the rest is history. This kid is a quarterback, IDC how much athleticism he possesses, the kid can sling the ball and will be a good one in a few years.

  5. He’s the 4th best QB prospect in the class, behind Rosen, Rudolph, and Darnold. No reason to switch him to receiver. Especially since he’s already stated he can’t catch. Sort of important for a receiver to be able to do.

  6. Hate to make this uncomfortable but the nexus of the WR talk is that he has very dark skin. A white dude with his tape and measurables would not be asked to change off of QB.

  7. It’s amazing how many people still pay attention to Bill Polian.

    If it wasn’t for Peyton Manning, he would have faded into obscurity 20 years ago.

  8. Best case draft scenario for Jackson is to go to the Bills. He could learn to become a pro under the tutelage of Tyrod Taylor coupled with possessing much better passing skills than Taylor.

  9. As a late first, early second round pick, tell me how him trying out at the wide receiver position moves him any higher.

  10. Good for him. Why let a group of guys who know nothing about you except what they’ve seen on film decide your future? These are the same guys, by the way, who continually do such a poor job forecasting who the next franchise QBs are going to be in the first place.

  11. 23fandrew says:
    March 2, 2018 at 6:43 pm
    He’s no Tarvaris Jackson.
    Tarvaris Jackson earned just under $14 million over a 10 year career.

  12. This false narrative about Lamar Jackson has to stop. Lamar Jackson may actually be the steal of the draft as a late 1st Rnd or 2nd Rnd pick. This narrative that he is inaccurate is largely misleading. He played with some pretty inept receivers at Louisville. Some necessary stats one needs to consider;

    —His receivers at Louisville had a drop rate of 9%, that level of ineptitude is demonstrative, because it’s a MUCH higher percentage than any of the other QB’s in this draft class. If one adjusted his completion percentage to an average drop percentage he jumps to 73%+, which would rank him as the second most accurate passer in this draft.

    —Using the same idea, just an average drop rate, while under pressure, his percentage would jump to 66%+ . He would also boast a 91+ QB Rating outside the pocket, both of which would rank him again in the top 2 of this draft class.

    It’s very possible teams are intentionally doing what they’re doing in the hopes he drops in the draft so they can get him. He isn’t going to be the most accurate QB, but he has elite athleticism, a great arm and as I described is paying a price for inept play at receiver positions in college. Or it’s just the media being idiots and literally make stuff up for click bait.

  13. Chew on this.. College QB stats Completion Percentage for:

    Joe Montana 52%.. Dan Marino 57% .. Matthew Stafford 57% ..Tarkington 57% Matt Ryan 59%… Bart Starr 54%… Brett Favre 52%.. Warren Moon 48%.. Johnny Unitas 54% in NFL..

    Looks like HOF QB’s to me.. They can be coached up..

    Go for it Lamar don’t let anyone tell you you can not play QB in the NFL.. Listen to your coaches.. Believe in your self.. You will prove many naysayers wrong..

  14. That’s actually pretty racist.
    I saw a breakdown from a different expert and his stats are a lot better than a different top prospect. And it would be considered insane to move that prospect to WR

    Just like it’d be insane to more Lamar Jackson to WR

  15. I’m definitely pulling for Jackson to be successful as a QB. But Polian might’ve just been paid by a team who wants him to try and devalue his draft stock a little bit.

  16. Lamar – Sorry to break it to you but 75 year old Bill Polian has declared that if you want to play in the NFL it will be as a receiver and he has never ever been wrong.

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