NFL teams asking Lamar Jackson to work out as a wide receiver

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Lamar Jackson was a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback at Louisville, but some teams think he’ll be better off changing positions in the NFL.

That’s why Jackson has been asked to work out both as a quarterback and as a wide receiver at the Scouting Combine, according to Peter Schrager of NFL Network.

Multiple teams have made that request, but it’s unclear whether Jackson will comply.

Jackson wants to play quarterback, but the question is whether some team could convince him he’d be a higher pick at wide receiver. Matt Jones, who played quarterback at Arkansas, worked out at wide receiver at the Scouting Combine and put on a show, and he ended up going in the first round of the 2005 NFL draft.

But Jackson was a much better college quarterback than Jones was, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Jackson takes the position that he’s done enough as a passer that he doesn’t need to consider changing positions — even if that stance hurts his draft stock, in some teams’ eyes.

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  1. Being a higher pick right now means little compared with long term earnings quarterbacks get. Some pretty average quarterbacks are making $18 million per year and WRs don’t make that.

  2. I could see Jackson getting his back up a little about this. He apparently WAS the Louisville offense, and improved every year. It will be interesting to see what decision he makes if teams want him to play WR?
    Terrelle Pryor waited to make the switch from QB to WR, which he should have done earlier. However, Jackson throws the ball much better than Pryor did.

  3. he’s extremely athletic but not on par to be a NFL starting QB. if you draft him he’s going to hold the clipboard his entire career

  4. pastabelly says:

    March 2, 2018 at 9:03 am

    Being a higher pick right now means little compared with long term earnings quarterbacks get. Some pretty average quarterbacks are making $18 million per year and WRs don’t make that.
    That’s a very good point. Kirk Cousins will probably make $75 million over the course of his career than Antonio Brown. Let that sink in.

  5. The fact that QB’s make more money than WR’s is really unimportant if your prospective employers dont want to offer you a job as a QB.

  6. These scouts and analytics people are just trying to get cute to display ”out of the box” thinking for promotions. The fridge Perry was a great running back.. If you needed 1 yard.

  7. He’s the same exact size (Weight/height) as A.Dalton…maybe ask him to move to WR as well…havn’t we learned the lesson through Warrenn Moon, R.Wilson, etc…give him a chance

  8. If I truly wanted to play NFL football, I would not hesitate to try every position at the combine. The more applications you put in when looking for a job, the better chances you have of finding one.

  9. I would not be opposed to the Vikings taking him at the end of the first. Or trade back into top of 2nd to draft him. Then bring back Bradford for not crazy money (if he is healthy). Heard this morning Bradford went skiing with Kyle Rudolph, his knee must not be that bad…

  10. Chris Simms on the Dan Patrick show yesterday morning said he was hands down the best QB in this year’s draft and was adamant about it. I can’t wait to see what he’s capable of.

  11. Man, I remember when people, on this very website, vehemently argued that Matt Jones was going to be the next superstar WR. They called anyone with a dissenting opinion by a lot of rude names, because they were so sure about how great he would be. Just goes to show that a combine superhero doesn’t necessarily turn into an actual great player.

  12. terripet says:
    March 2, 2018 at 9:35 am
    Never be a starting nfl quarterback

    Have you seen that long list of Browns QBs through their years? Some really dreadful names. Never say anyone couldn’t get a start or two at QB (which would technically make them a starting QB).

  13. QB convert, Michael Robinson, nailed this on NFLN. The only reason to work out at other positions is if there’s a good chance nobody will draft you as a QB. Even then, you work out at your pro-day where you can control the drills.

    Jackson is going to get drafted as a QB. Anyone taking him with another position in mind is going to select him after the teams that see him as a QB.

  14. I would not listen to those teams if I were Jackson. I’d workout as a QB. I’d get drafted as a QB. I’d sign as a QB. I’d give it 3 or 4 years as a QB. Most QB’s take 3-4 years to develop anyway, some longer. If Jackson gets 3-4 years, he has a higher ceiling than most. He can always tryout as WR if the QB thing doesn’t work out.

  15. Seeing as how NFL teams regularly have a difficult time drafting QBs Jackson shouldn’t let a few teams convince him to not even try to play QB. He needs to do his best to ensure he gets drafted by a team serious about giving him this chance not a team thinking oh well we can just make him a receiver.

  16. Lamar has terrible mechanics but he gets the ball where it needs to be. His potential is extremely high especially for a team that will try to utilize the RPO/ mobile QB aspect of the game. TBH he reminds me of Vick, but could also be a Tim Tebow at the QB level. By showing he can also be a weapon/ WR it just increases his value and would also likely be able to extend his career if he does in fact transition into more of the Tebow type. Either way, teams apparently aren’t sleeping on his abilities and want to gauge his total talent abilities which i think is pretty awesome.

  17. NFL and quarterbacks is the most perplexing thing in sports. Take the Vikings…not satisfied so they’re going to bring in someone new. The list is long of teams that have been searching 10+ years for a starting QB. I think some teams wouldn’t know a starting QB if the kid walked up and introduced himself “Hi, I’m your starting QB”.

    This league proves that being a 1st round pick is prerequisite to being a great starting QB.

  18. The kid is a QB. He will just be 21 next season. He needs to go to a team that has a QB in place so he can watch and learn.

    After his Heisman season if he, hypothetically speaking, came out, there would be no doubt he is a QB. A good portion of his team graduated and he no longer has as good a team around him but still played outstanding.

  19. Problem with his stellar college career is that NFL scouts and evaluators don’t know if he is Russell Wilson or Tim Tebow. Draft him as a QB and see if his game translates, if not, maybe his incredible athleticism allows for a position switch.

  20. It’s a crap shoot picking who’s going to make it as an NFL QB even for the experts but some of this stuff is so comical: Jackson succeeds at QB in college, completes a good percentage (particularly when you take the drops out of the equation) and is a tremendous athlete. A Josh Allen struggles to complete passes even in a second-tier conference not known AT ALL for great defenses and he’s a hot commodity who can throw it over mountains and break down walls with his passes. Maybe if Jackson’s hands were as big as Allen’s?

  21. ninetysixer says:
    March 2, 2018 at 9:01 am

    Antonio Brown 2.0


    Are you saying he’ll be good like Brown, or are you saying Brown was a QB? Because I don’t think either are accurate.

  22. So Deshaun Watson wasn’t proof enough that if you are a big time talent at QB in college you should at least be given a chance to play QB at the NFL level. None of these guys are guaranteed to pan out but if you were tops in college at the position there is no need to switch positions immediately.

  23. Lamar’s going to be a heckuva quarterback. No reason to waste any time at wide receiver, anybody who suggests he switch positions hasn’t watched enough film.

  24. There is a reason why teams are asking him to do this. Sometimes you just have to put your feelings aside and do what’s necessary. It’s all about increasing your draft status. Millions of dollars are on the line. If you don’t get it now you may not get it later.

  25. Ha, ha….this is ludicrous to even bring up such a thought….Lamar, stick to your guns and your dream….Most of the so called talking heads still don’t know cover 1 from cover 2 defenses.

  26. On one hand, I like the idea of trying out at any position teams want to increase my odds of being drafted and having an NFL career. On the other hand, if you workout as a WR, and get drafted as a WR, you’re never going to get a chance to show you can be a QB. There’s no chance this guy isn’t drafted and no chance he’s not at least on an opening day roster as a backup QB somewhere, so I’d stick to QB only for now. If a team needed a backup QB now, with an eye on a starter for the future, I’d be all over this guy. Draft him and you’ll know in a year or two if he can be an NFL QB, and if he can’t you make him a WR. It’s almost a can’t-bust proposition. Maybe he won’t earn his draft value that way, but he’ll be better than a typical bust QB.

  27. Maybe he could be used the same way Kordell Stewart was. He put aside his ego of wanting to be a QB, unlike a certain other prideful QB who is now a carnival sideshow in baseball. Stewart was used all over the field and enjoyed a lengthy career.

  28. For all those down voting comments that are negative towards Jackson as a QB – would you really put your money where your mouth is? I know, not a chance. He has no chance of succeeding at QB if anyone here actually watched him play. He is a RB plain and simple.

    He absolutely deserves a chance to fail at QB, he has earned that right. But he has no chance. Have to love all the hypocrites on this site.

  29. Top level wide receivers max out at about $15 million per year. Mediocre back up level quarterbacks can make $15-20M per year.

    Any questions?

  30. If I was him I would refuse! He was a solid college QB and Heisman trophy winner! I know that doesn’t always transfer to the NFL, (see Tebow, Tim), but give the guy a shot at his chosen position before you ask him to make a switch!

  31. Seems to be no win situation for him. If he says “no, I’m a QB” then he is painted as selfish and not a team player. If he says “sure, I will try out as a WR”, then teams may wonder if he has the confidence to play QB and will question his ability at QB.

    I think he should say no, but he has to think about how to word this properly.

  32. This kid can play QB, I’ve seen him 5-6 times over the past two seasons (his was Louisville’s whole offense) and he just got better. His mechanics were a tiny bit off, he can gain some muscle and may take some time to adjust to NFL defenses….who cares?! He is a quarterback, a talented one that can excel in today’s NFL, with all the “RPOs” offensive coordinators like to run.

    If I was a GM, him sticking to his guns would impress me; it would show he doesn’t fold under pressure and believes in his own ability….switching to WR…ehh it would drop him at least 3 rounds…he will be drafted as a QB and has a chance to be really good.

  33. geofferypeterson says:
    March 2, 2018 at 11:28 am
    Top level wide receivers max out at about $15 million per year. Mediocre back up level quarterbacks can make $15-20M per year.
    Further, quarterbacks have longer and potentially healthier careers.

  34. Lamar Jackson ran way too much in college for me to truly evaluate his QB skill at the professional level, but the money doesn’t lie. This dude will make much more money and probably have a longer career as a QB.

    I would stay at QB if I were Lamar and take the hit in draft stock. At worst, he would be Tyrod Taylor 2.0. If he is better than predicted, he will be a steal if he goes late 1st or even early 2nd round.

  35. He’s perfect for Buffalo. Strong arm to whip it through the wind, and a threat on the ground when the weather takes passing game away. He can sit behind Tyrod for a year gaining weight and experience and they don’t have to change their offense for him. Although I think he’s great for the Browns as well. He improved a LOT between last year and this year, and he’ll keep getting better.

  36. +1 on the Michael Robinson comment. I saw the segment on NFL Network and his point was clear; we would’ve never heard of him again had he not worked out at other positions. Lamar doesn’t have that problem.

  37. Heisman Trophy-winning QB being asked to work out as a wideout? Seriously? We endured “Jimmy The Greek” when just a few weeks later, DOUG WILLIAMS comes along and bests John Elway/Broncos for a Super Bowl win/MVP, and here we are, in the NFL years later, still practicing what is essentially a form of racial steering. If Jackson won the Heisman, as a Quarterback, then that means that Jackson is a quarterback.

    It is putrid of Bill Polian to have created this moronic episode just because Lamar Jackson happens to be “black.” Teddy Bridgewater ain’t never won no Heisman, and he’s a product of the same school (pronounced: Lou-a-vull). Chile, pleeze… SMH

  38. Be funny if Lamar had another sport and just dropped the mic on football all together. I’d get some sound advice from someone I trust and goo 100% forward with whatever you want to be. There are a million WRs out there, but only so many QBs.

  39. Unless he is grading out as a 1st/2nd round wide receiver I wouldn’t consider it unless he was out of options at qb. As soon as he concedes to playing wr he will never be a qb again. Sorry, but if I were Lamar I wouldn’t compromise and make the NFL tell me that there is no chance any of the 32 were going to give me a shot at qb before I would consider the transition to wr.

  40. Nothing against him personally and definitely nothing to do with race. Just wondering if these same scouts asking Baker Mayfield to play RB??

  41. wallabear says:
    March 2, 2018 at 1:28 pm
    Heisman Trophy-winning QB being asked to work out as a wideout?

    Most Heisman QB winners are busts or just average in the NFL.

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