Quenton Nelson tweaks hamstring, won’t run 40 at Scouting Combine

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Notre Dame guard Quenton Nelson won’t be running the 40 at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

Kimberly Jones of NFL Media reports that Nelson tweaked his hamstring while warming up for the sprint on Friday and will not run as a result. Nelson is expected to take part in other drills as the offensive linemen get put through their paces.

Nelson is generally regarded as the top offensive lineman in the draft and could buck the trend that’s seen teams shy away from guards at the top of the first round. He said this week that he considers himself a “nasty player” who is well suited to win battles with the top interior defensive linemen in the league.

A hamstring tweak shouldn’t change Nelson’s outlook for April as he’ll have a chance to run at Notre Dame’s Pro Day and hours of tape to show how good he can be on the field.

7 responses to “Quenton Nelson tweaks hamstring, won’t run 40 at Scouting Combine

  1. I am absolutely not drafting an Offensive Lineman without knowing his 40 time. There has never been a better indicator of success on the O-Line than straight ahead speed.

  2. No lineman will hurt their NFL career by not participating in these silly activities. They might slip from a bad team to a good team, but that would actually help their careers. So run the 40 yard dash and impress the Browns, or don’t run and end up with a playoff team.

  3. Unless you want to get a good laugh (Andre Smith 2009) why do they make offensive lineman run the 40 at all? The agility and bench press I get but how essential is it for a big hoss to be able to break 5.2 40 time? I guess its an overall indicator on a players athleticism but I can’t imagine coaching staffs are salivating with their hand helds waiting for these guys to run.

  4. Some drills may not be important however I’m not drafting anyone who can’t make it out of the Combine or their Pro Day without a “tweak” or worse.

  5. Akaodoyle: forgive me. I checked thumbs down on your comment indicating the 40 speed was primary to assessing success of a NFL O-lineman. I now see that since so many others are giving a thumbs up to the comment that they saw your attempt to point it out as an absurd factor and that bench press, agility in drills and tape are much more important.

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