Robbery charge against Marlon Humphrey dismissed

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A judge dismissed a felony robbery charge against Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey on Friday, Jamison Hensley of ESPN reports.

An Uber driver accused Humphrey of stealing a phone charger in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, but Judge Joanne Jannik found no probable cause after hearing evidence Thursday.

“We are happy for Marlon and the entire Humphrey family,” Humphrey’s attorney, Paul Patterson, told ESPN. “The evidence was overwhelming that the Uber driver was the aggressor and escalated a situation that could have been resolved without wasting the time and resources of our local law enforcement. Marlon can now continue on the path of success in the NFL. As I stated in the beginning, Marlon has 11 million reasons why not to steal a three dollar phone charger.”

Humphrey signed a four-year, $11.8 million deal after the Ravens made him the 16th overall pick last spring.

6 responses to “Robbery charge against Marlon Humphrey dismissed

  1. As I stated on the day of his arrest, the responding officers should have just said “give it back and give him a healthy tip”. End of story. Any smart street cop knows BS and egos and booze should not lead to a robbery arrest. I know, I was one.

    Had these scenarios all the time but some people are forced (these days) to play it by the book because everyone is either being recorded or video taped. Not sure if this was the case here but even if I were being recorded and video taped, I still would have just ‘made things right’. It’s what we do, day in and out. Most people have no idea how many arrests are ‘thrown back’ as we like to call them, every day.

    The arrest takes the cop off the street for the rest of the night, off the street for his court appearance the next day and off the street at the evidence hearing. I would have gotten screamed at if I brought this in as a Rob arrest.

    You wade through the BS and fix it for what’s best for everyone involved. People think we arrest everything that moves when in reality we ‘throw back’ about 4 to 5 times as many as we actually arrest.

  2. They guys get taught first thing to avoid these “ambulance chasers”, as even if they are in the right, it’s a losing situation. All to all those that chastised Humphrey for stealing a $15 charger. Due process will use you as an example….

  3. Even though I think he ought to get a swift kick in the butt just for being stupid, how in the heck does sealing a phone charger warrant a felony?

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