Sam Darnold won’t change his throwing motion

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Sam Darnold won’t be throwing in Indianapolis at the Scouting Combine this weekend, which means that scouts won’t get a chance to see his throwing motion until USC’s Pro Day workout.

When they do get a look at Darnold putting the ball in the air, the motion is going to look a lot like the one he used throughout his time with the Trojans. Darnold’s motion is a little longer than some scouts would like, but he said on Friday that he’s not planning to change it.

“The motion I have is what got me to this point, and I really haven’t gotten into trouble with it,” Darnold said, via “It doesn’t change how fast I get the ball out. If I need to shorten up and get the ball in right now, I’m able to shorten my release and get it to them,” he said. “But if I need to throw it downfield, I’ve had a tendency of really cocking back and trying to let it go, where I just have to get my hip through more. That’s something I’ve been working on, but I don’t think it’s changing. My throwing motion is fine.”

Darnold’s wind-up hasn’t kept him from climbing to the top of the quarterback rankings in this year’s draft, so it seems unlikely that it will cause him to drop at this point. His next team may want him to work on it down the road, although taking him at the top of the first round would be a pretty good sign that they like the package as it is right now.

9 responses to “Sam Darnold won’t change his throwing motion

  1. Man the red flags keep piling up on this guy: inconsistent play(last season at USC), shrinks from completion(combine), uncoachable(this story).

    We might be looking at the Next Ryan Leaf.

  2. His motion is fine. Tom Brady still works every off-season trying to improve every aspect of his game. Darnold will do the same, as he already is doing. His split-second decision making is what might need the most work, but he’ll get there. Other than that (and that’s a pretty big thing), he’s a perfect QB. I’m not a bit worried about anything physical with this kid. Most NFL scouts wouldn’t know a QB if he came up and bit him on the a–. Why should Darnold put on a clown show for these guys. He’s probably hoping to turn off some of the bad teams that seem to pick early every year.

  3. Sounds like he thinks he doesn’t need NFL level coaching to improve his game. That’s a serious red flag

  4. Everyone here is so quick to tell us how bad QBs are when you have no idea. The team’s don’t even have an idea, so you might want to give it a rest on regurgitating what draft guru X put into your mind.

    Last year I heard forever and a day that it was the worst class anyone had seen in forever, and yet Watson came out and looked like Joe Montana Jr. before he got hurt, and Patrick Mahomes didn’t look like he’s going to suck in this league from the limited sample size. The year before that, the 2 “mediocre” prospects have just both led their teams to the playoffs, in year 2 with Wentz leading his team 85% of the way to a Super Bowl. So yeah, everyone who keeps getting this wrong with all of your definitive statements about a position you obviously have no clue on what you’re seeing might want to give it a rest. Unless it’s about Josh Allen. That guy can’t play, lol.

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