Seahawks had Texas punter Michael Dickson do “staring contest”

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Teams ask all kinds of wacky questions during their 15-minute interviews with prospects at the Scouting Combine, but Texas punter Michael Dickson offered a new one.

Dickson said the Seahawks asked him to do a “staring contest.”

“I had to see how long I could stare without blinking,” Dickson said. “I had a couple of attempts. I tried a few techniques, looking away from the light, trying to block any sort of wind coming into the eyes. That was a weird process.”

Surely, the contest had something to do with punting, but even Dickson wasn’t sure what it proved to the scouts.

Dickson, won the Ray Guy Award and was MVP of the Texas Bowl, said he needed three attempts before passing the test.

“The first time I did terrible,” Dickson said. “I only lasted for 14 seconds, but my third time I had figured out a technique to look around the room just to get your eyes a little watery, I guess.”

13 responses to “Seahawks had Texas punter Michael Dickson do “staring contest”

  1. Wow. You would think the Seahawks would take their interviews at the combine a little more serious than this.

  2. It’s just one of their taught techniques with their players. Learn to stare down the refs, even from the sideline, when they start in with all the PI and Defensive Holding penalty calls.

  3. 14 seconds is terrible? I’m having a hard time making it to 10 seconds.

    Don’t act like you’re not trying it right now…

  4. I guess they want to make sure you don’t have to blink while the ball is being snapped to you, so it doesn’t hit you in the face. Seems like that would take less than 14 seconds, though.

  5. It’s more than likely a mental agility thing. There are different techniques you can use to blink less, but you probably have to be relatively intelligent to think them through. That, or it was like that scene from Super Troopers where they see how many times they can say meow

  6. So few draft picks, so little salary cap space and so many holes to fill. It all adds up to another year out of the playoffs. Hiring new coaches to try to turn sow’s ears into silk purses is pure hallucination. The Super Bowl window is shut and it is made of shatter proof gorilla glass. Long live the one “win” (made possible by no calls on defensie holding) dynasty. Seattle has as much chance of making the playoffs in 2018 as Russell Wilson has of reaching first base with a base hit.

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