Torrey Smith braces for possible free agency

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Eagles receiver Torrey Smith has said he hopes to remain with the team for 2018. But Smith and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, are bracing for the possibility of the Eagles choosing not to continue the relationship.

Rosenhaus explained during a Friday visit to PFT Live that Smith could indeed be released by the Eagles, who hold an option on the next two years of Smith’s contract. Due to pay Smith a $5 million salary in 2018, the Eagles could decide to cut the cord and find a cheaper replacement.

Smith appeared in 16 regular-season games with 14 starts, but he caught only 36 passes for 430 yards and two touchdowns. He started all three postseason games, generating 157 receiving yards and one touchdown reception, a 41-yard backbreaker in the NFC title game.

Primarily a deep threat, the Eagles would need to replace Smith with a speedster who can stretch the field. Given his total production, however, they may decide that they can fill his role without devoting $5 million to the position.

Still, they’ll need someone who can stretch the field even without catching the ball, an important commodity in an West Coast-style offense that relies on open throwing lanes closer to the line of scrimmage.

15 responses to “Torrey Smith braces for possible free agency

  1. The Eagles already have their Torrey Smith replacement on the roster in Mack Hollins. It’ll be his 2nd year and he showed flashes in limited roles. He was a big deep threat at UNC and made some nice plays this year for the Birds. Caught everything thrown his way too. Plus he’s on a cheap rookie contract. Torrey Smith was always going to be a one year deal the way the contract was structured. He was a pro and glad he got another ring out of the deal.

  2. Torrey is NOT coming back to The Eagles at $ 5 million a year. He had a good playoff run but too many drops during the regular season and 1 or 2 in the playoffs. However Torrey is a class guy and really great team player.

  3. Torrey did not have a great season but I think he stepped up in the playoffs. He wasn’t putting up big numbers but he definitely contributed and made some clutch catches. I don’t think he’ll be back next season though.

  4. Ryan Pace gave Marcus Wheaton 5 million a year for 3 catches. If they cut you Torrey for only catching 36 balls, you should go to Chicago and ask for 60 million a year!

  5. They have Mack Hollins who caught everything thrown to him and I believe led the league in YPC his last year in college. The kid is fast and was a great deep threat in college. I think they will be fine with him.

  6. Smith will not get 5 million on the open market, so he either returns to the Eagles for 1 million with lots of incentives (like not dropping ball), or moves on. Mack Hollins has the speed to possibly replace Smith, and Shelton Gibson is also a possibility.

  7. Wasn’t a big factor in SB despite Pats’ non-existent secondary. He’s gone if he don’t take a Pats-style paycut. So, welcome to staying atop in the Age of Parity, Eagles, who are finding out on top the mountain there’s an almost insurmountably capped wall defended by hordes of hungry agents with the sharpest of pens. Not to mention all the salt slingers the longer you cling on…

    I actually have a gut feeling they’ll do a bit better at staying relevant than many do, but it’s much harder to do since the mid-90s cap. Other than the Pats, the only team to repeat in the Cap Era were the Broncos who twice broke the then $57M cap by $29M each time.

  8. Since he’s a low tier talent he’s probably done. His SJW stances aren’t worth the trouble for any team. Then the 50 articles will start with the collusion themes and how Smith is better than half the receivers in the league.

  9. …and now that Hollins’ old coach from UNC coming to the birds as WR coach, I think it’s time Mack took that next step! He has shined in the limited time hes gotten! I think his time is about to grow substantially!

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