Did teams ask Lamar Jackson to do receiver drills, or didn’t they?


A bizarre conflict has emerged at the Scouting Combine, with multiple reports from NFL Network suggesting that teams asked quarterback Lamar Jackson to participate in receiver drills — and Jackson saying that never happened.

The NFLN reports come from unnamed sources. Jackson, the ultimate source, says it never happened. Given that Jackson represents himself, it’s not as if the request was made to someone else and not related to Jackson.

So what’s going on here? The potential explanations are these: (1) the NFLN reports are incorrect; (2) Jackson is lying; or (3) the unnamed sources relied on by NFLN are lying.

Whatever the reason(s) for this, it’s a prime example of why Jackson needs to hire an agent. Because this is precisely the kind of thing that a good agent can deal with, calling the NFLN reporters and pressuring them to unring the bell (in lieu of circling the wagons), calling other reporters to get Jackson’s version out there, and otherwise doing whatever has to be done to keep this episode from reflecting negatively on Jackson and, ideally, finding a way to make it reflect on him favorably.

Here’s the real question: Why would Jackson lie about this? He said he hasn’t been asked to work out as a receiver and wouldn’t if he were. If the requests have been made, why not simply say, “Some of them asked me to do it, and I told them no.”

At its core, this could simply be nothing more than an effort by an agent who represents another quarterback vying to be taken as early as possible in the draft. What better way to do that than to raise questions about Jackson’s draft fortunes, either by stoking the “he should play receiver” fire or by creating the impression that he’s not being honest?

It also could be #fakenews planted by a team that would like to see Jackson plunge, just far enough so that that team can draft him.

Either way, Jackson needs someone on his side who knows how to put out this weird little fire quickly. It’s the last thing Jackson should be trying to handle personally.

16 responses to “Did teams ask Lamar Jackson to do receiver drills, or didn’t they?

  1. More like he’s squashing it where it is by saying it didn’t happen even if it did. By just throwing, he’s let anyone who sees him as a receiver, which is ridiculous, know not to draft him, and he’s not making it a thing. If you don’t want me as a QB, take me off your board. This isn’t rocket science, and if we didn’t look to these idiots to breathlessly report everything some of these gossipy front office people tell us, we’d all be better off.

  2. The kid is similar to Pryor. More athletic than skilled as a QB.
    He’ll have more options as a receiver.

  3. Or teams were considering asking him to do WR workouts and never did. Or there was chatter among some scouts that they’d like to see him do the drills and “purple monkey dishwasher” later (old Simpsons reference just incase you had no clue what i’m talking about haha) it becomes the report. Or teams did ask Lamar and he doesn’t want to admit it because he just wants this chatter to go away and it kind of embarrasses him to acknowledge.

    Long story short: who knows, who cares. He’s probably not good enough to play either position in the NFL anyways, and this storm of stupidity that was started by people giving Bill Polian the time of day with his senile ramblings really means nothing to begin with. He would have faded into obscurity 20 years ago if not for Peyton Manning, so why are people still taking him seriously?

  4. I’m sorry, but if teams didn’t make Michael Vick try out as a receiver, they shouldn’t make Jackson. Jackson is a much better passer than Vick ever was.

  5. Amazing how a guy like Jackson wants to show you what he’s about by shutting down the talk of him being a receiver by showing up to the combine to compete while darnold doesn’t want to show anything. Pretty easy to see what player a lockeroom would follow. And shame on the dirtbags who planted this fake news article to try and sabotage Jackson if that is what’s going on.

  6. well if you don’t know, and we don’t know, then no one may ever know.

    thanks for the interesting questions though.

  7. “it’s a prime example of why Jackson needs to hire an agent. ”

    Maybe the unknown source was an agent trying to prove why he needs and agent … And you just furthered along their wicked agenda.

  8. Jackson doesn’t need an agent. He’s a QB. I think Saquon Barkley should work out as a tight end. Maybe Baker Mayfield should work out as a defensive tackle. Maybe Josh Allen should work out as a punter. Just because some dipstick makes a stupid request, doesn’t mean squat. Should Josh Allen change his mind about agents because I think he should work out as a punter? Please!

  9. Watching L.J. presser, I thought he handled the situation as well as it could possibly be handled. The kid is smart and humble, no amount of air brushing by paid pros will improve his comportment. It would only make him less than what he is.

  10. Jackson would be me pick at QB, not because he’s the best athlete but because he seems to have the strongest personality. The fact that he refuses to conform to type for the interview process underlines that. I think he did himself fat more help than harm by dressing himself for this occasion.

  11. I assume he didn’t watch the Superbowl as QB/Receivers (that can catch) are in demand.
    So doing both workouts will be the norm now.
    I hope that handles all the confusion on being asked.

  12. It’s joke folks. Jackson now represents the prototypical QB. He is more mainstream than the statues, everybody wants to preserve as the standard. There’s a clear bias that can’t stand. All you have to do is look at the turn taken by college, high school and even Pop Warner.

    The game has changed and the most dangerous & influential player on the field, is the QB. Common sense says you want the ball in his hands as much as possible, because of the multiplicity of things he can do.

    Forget about it. Dual threat QBs are here to stay. Jackson is the best out there.

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